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Attaching Wald Basket to the Front Rack

Attaching Wald Basket to the Front Rack

Introduction- How to Attach a Wald Basket to Your Bike’s Front Rack

Bicycle baskets and racks provide a great deal of functionality for bikers. Bike baskets are simple to install, and it helps bikers carry more stuff while pedaling around. It helps to keep the hands where they belong while you balance and pedal around without stress.

What Is A Wald Basket?

Wald baskets are a perfect addition to your bike set up. They usually come with struts, nuts, and bolts for mounting the basket to the bars and fork. You may also use zip ties to attach the basket to your bike’s rack for additional support and stiffness.

What are Wald Baskets Used for?

Wald baskets are easy to install, and it makes carrying loads fast and easy. Wald baskets are perfect for carrying light loads like notebooks, boxes, or other small items that lie flat.

You can also use them to carry medium-weight loads ranging from beer and groceries to a pet and picnic lunches!

How to Attach a Wald Basket to Your Front Rack

How to Attach a Lift-Off Wald Basket

In this video, you will see how to attach a lift-off wald basket (courtesy: BikemanforU):

The wald basket comes with a bracket that you can use to fit it on your bike.

  • Fit the bracket tightly on your bike and ensure that the cables are at the bracket’s back. You should also ensure the cables are out of the way.
  • Attach your basket. You will need to attach your basket with the Lock end facing the bracket.
  • Hook the bottom of the basket to the bottom of the bracket in the center.
  • Then carry the basket up and make sure that the lock end receives it into the bracket.
  • You can fold the handle down, and your basket will be safely attached.
  • You can then remove the basket by taking the handle up and removing the lock end from the bracket.

How To Install Wald 137 Front Basket

Here is a video showing how to install the Wald 137 Front Basket (courtesy: HACK AND RIDE BIKES):

  • Fasten the basket to the handlebar with clamps with larger diameter long screws loosely.
  • Attach the top leg sections to the leg mounting brackets on the basket’s bottom with small diameter screws and hex nuts. Tighten them loosely.
  • Adjust the legs to the required length to make the top of the basket fairly level. Then put the top leg on the outside and connect the top and bottom legs together with smaller diameter screws and hex nuts.
  • Mount the basket legs to the axle one leg at a time.
  • After you have installed the legs, adjust the handlebar brackets, so the basket does not rub the tire or fender, and the top of the basket is fairly level.
  • Completely tighten all the screws and nuts to hold it firmly.

Note: You will need a wrench and screwdriver to tighten all nuts and screws fully.


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