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Bell Sanction BMX/ Downhill Mountain Bike Helmet Review

Bell Sanction BMX/ Downhill Mountain Bike Helmet Review

When it comes to purchasing a sports gear that will protect you in case of a road causality or a misadventure, the most important equipment is undoubtedly a comfortable and protective helmet. With so many brands, styles and designs in the market, choosing a right helmet may often seem a bit intimidating. To guide you throughout the selection process, we have featured in this article one of the most hyped helmets in recent times, Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet by popular helmet manufacturing company, Bell Helmets, who have been designing best-quality helmets for nearly fifty years.

If you are new to bicycling or want to invest in a more protective helmet, Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill can come to your rescue as it is one of the best-selling gears of Bell, containing some of the most sought features in a good helmet. It is a unisex, light-weight and great looking helmet made especially for bicycle motocross, an all-mountain riding and super-D. Unlike its predecessors, this helmet focuses on smaller sizes fit for youngsters interesting in bicycling.


  • Lightweight and Sturdy: As Bell Sanction BMX is designed with the junior riders in mind, it specializes in keeping the helmet lightweight and sturdy at the same time. It has a low-profile design with a hand laminated fiberglass shell for the base to keep the weight as less as possible along with maintaining the solid structure. The whole gear weights just about 950 grams / 33.5 ounces, making it easier to wear and endure even in a long journey.


  • Moto-inspired Design: Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill helmet has a youthful and trendy moto-inspired visual which is displayed through its bright grid lines and eye-catching graphics. Due to its unique and contemporary design, you can always go with the one that matches your ride or your personality and use it both for riding in a bicycle or a motorcycle. Instead of traditional hard Styrofoam paddings in the bike helmets, it has a cloth covered compressible foam padding which is quite similar to a standard motocross helmet. The design of the padding does not only add to the comfort of the user but also tends to fit more accurately with longer usage. The chin clip is also modified in this helmet unlike the typical D rings featured in most helmets. The overall design is outdoor-friendly and suited for all users regardless of age.


  • Sized for Junior Riders: Even though many adults may be benefited from Bell Sanction BMX, you need to keep on mind that Bell has designed this sportswear for younger and junior riders. The helmet is available in four sizes, X-Small, Small, Medium and Large so that it can be used by an adult or even a two-year-old child. However, the official size chart provided by the manufacturer contains measurements suitable for the young riders which often causes confusion and results in an ill-fitted helmet if it ordered for an adult user. In order to provide maximum flexibility, the helmet features a simplistic adjustment system which requires putting on and off straps as per the user’s need.  It also has a modifiable buckle and sturdy side straps which are guaranteed to stay secured once they are adjusted well.With a right measurement, you can also have additional space for your goggles or glasses. Even though most users find the item fitted as expected, you can change the size after delivery if it’s not fitted right.


  • Full Head/Face Protection: The helmet offers a legitimate head and face protective design as it is constructed of fiberglass as a shell and heavy padding inside. In case of an accident or a collision, it promises to secure the user from any heavy injury in the head and the face.


  • Adjustable Visor: Unlike many other bike helmets, Bell Sanction BMX has an adjustable visor which is an additional feature of this product. People who have a soft corner for trendy motorcycle helmets, may love this helmet for this very reason. Even though the visor can be kept upwards during regular uses, it is advisable to make the best use of it while going through a particularly rocky or dangerous track.


  • Wide Range of Colors: Bell Sanction BMX sports a modern and vibrant outlook with an attractive design. Its multiple color combination of black, blue, red and lime let you remain safe in style. The helmet sports seven assorted colors varying from Matte Black/Retina Sear, Gloss Force Blue/Retina Sear Assassin, Gloss Black/Hibiscus, Gloss Smoke/Pear Reperation, Black/Titanium/Retina Sear, Hibiscus/Smoke and White/Black/Red. As it is a unisex helmet, you can choose any of these colors based on your preference.  Moreover, if you are someone who’s into Instagram or Pinterest, Bell Sanction BMX will put up a smile on your face as it glossy and colorful designs will look great in any background.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: As the helmet is made for enduring heavy blows and impacts while protecting its user, it can be stated that it is durable and lasts a long time. Users of this helmet have mentioned this factor in many reviews and chances of this helmet being useless might occur if the young user outgrow it. In case of any damage or flawed activity in the warranty period, you can contact the seller and get a preferred compensation.


  • Good Ventilation System: The Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet has an excellent ventilation design that focuses on optimum air flow inside the helmet. It claims to be fully-ventilated and has installed 15 vent points from the top of the helmet to the front and the sides so that the air can always pass through, keeping the user’s head cool and well-conditioned. Having an adjustable visor also comes in handy in this case if you are cycling on a hot summer day.


Bell Sanction BMX/ Downhill Mountain Bike Helmet Review


As mentioned above, Bell’s downhill helmet is a well-balanced combination of look, style and safety. For further assistance, we have gathered some of the key points of this helmet which you may consider while placing order.


  • Suitable for children, even very young ones.
  • Compatible with adult users with a smaller head/thinner face.
  • Easily adjustable straps which can be put on and off quickly.
  • Aerodynamic ventilation system.
  • Features an adjustable visor for multifunctional purposes.
  • Proven to resist heavy impact and collision.
  • Lightweight and sits easily on the user’s head.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Shipping charge is free within U.S.
  • CE EN1078, CPSC Bicycle certified.


! Not eligible for international shipping.

! Size chart is not 100% accurate or helpful.


Bell Sanction BMX is a pretty decent helmet compared to the price and even though it is specially designed and built for all-mountain riding, you can use it for urban riding too. The only let down side is the fitting system which may often prove to be unhelpful, particularly for the older users. If you have a small head or consider buying a helmet for a young rider, you can get a Bell Sanction BMX Helmet as a gift or for personal use as it is one of the best helmets out there within this price range. Moreover, the key factors you need to consider before buying any helmet is the safety, comfort and durability, and Bell Sanction BMX is a helmet which fulfills all these necessary requirements.

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Thanks for the review, it’s a nice helmet to look at!

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