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Best Bike Helmets Under $100 in 2021

Best Bike Helmets Under $100

What are the Best Bike Helmets Under $100?

Safety is important, especially when you’re on a bike which doesn’t have sheltered sides like a car. Wearing a helmet is something you can’t decide not to do. And don’t say it is too expensive. While you may associate a high price with a better quality, you’ll also love the options you find in lower price ranges.

If you need to replace your helmet, consider these six best bike helmets under $100. These brands don’t neglect to use the hard materials needed to keep your head protected. This is why these helmets are listed as the best within their price bracket.

PRO-TEC Classic Helmet

The company has spent years listening to the opinions of its end users. With the rider in mind, Pro-Tec has constructed ranges of helmets that offer great protection.

The outer shell is made with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene commonly referred to as ABS. The impact resistance and toughness elements are the best advantages to this helmet. No matter the severity of your crash, you can feel assured your skull is protected.

The inner shell is lined with expanded polystyrene (EPS). This material conforms to the type of impact you experience. The EPS foaming stiffens on a hard impact. This prevents serious injuries to your skull such as concussions. For a lighter fall, the EPS foam feels slightly softer. It creates an almost cushioning effect for your head not to feel the effects of an impact.

The newly added crown pad keeps your head comfortable and makes the helmet light to wear for hours. The Dri Lex wrapped foam creates a soft layer between your head and the helmet for better comfort.

If you play a series of sports such as skating the helmet is also suitable to wear. You only need one helmet for all sports which in the long run saves you money.

The Pro-Tec helmet also features a Nylex lamination interior. This forms a soft layer between the foam and your head.

The helmet has 11 open vents around it. The vents are small but are effective in creating a cooling circulation effect around your entire head. In the hot sun, you’re kept cool.


  • All sized helmets have an almost perfect fit to all riders’ heads
  • Your head is very well guarded
  • The helmet is almost weightless


  • The helmet is best suited for skateboarding use rather than cycling
  • The EPS foam isn’t covered with a thick padding which can be felt and can be uncomfortable
  • The helmet is not certified to safety requirements

Team Obsidian Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet

The airflow bike helmet is a perfect blend of style and ultra-protection. The helmet features high-quality materials for toughness and matte finish for a sophisticated look. The oval shaped case fits well to the rider’s head.

The helmet has an integrated reinforced ABS skeleton. The in-mold technology and the reinforced skeleton were strategically designed to absorb any shocks and shield the head from impacts.

The helmet is also built for comfort through the

  • Air circulation vents
  • Adjustable straps

The helmet has 22 massive vents to produce an excellent air flow across the entire head. The circulation hits all the right places on your head which are prone to get hot when you wear a helmet for a long period.

The helmet was also designed to fit almost anybody. There are two sizes to select from:

  • Small
  • Medium to large.

What helps you achieve a better fit are the adjustable straps. You can adjust the straps vertically or horizontally for a tighter and snugger fit.

The helmet has two guarantees:

  • The lifetime guarantee warrants against defects you can experience over the helmet’s lifespan
  • The perfect fit guarantee ensures that if the sizing was incorrect you can replace the helmet

Completing the helmet are the detachable visors, a washable pad and cushioned chin straps. You have all-around convenience, comfort and best of all, security. The helmet is available in a standard matte black or white.


  • The helmet is very comfortable to wear
  • The skeleton is very strong and won’t crack under pressure too easily
  • The helmet stays in a fixed position while you move


  • The visor has a potentially dangerous serrated edge
  • Too tightly fitted helmets can cause tension headaches
  • The sizing is inaccurate. A medium to large is smaller than the specified size bracket

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Giro Trinity Helmet

Giro is a well-respected brand that incorporates the best helmet features. The Giro Trinity has the simplest design, yet it provides you with the best protection. This helmet is said to be perfect for those riders who don’t want to compromise on comfort and effectiveness.

The outer shell shelters your head because it’s made with in-mold polycarbonate. You’ll find this material is very light, and therefore may be skeptical of its protective ability. You can feel at ease knowing your head is fully protected.

The shell is fused with EPS foam. This provides structural integrity and it absorbs any impact if ever you hit the pavement.

The helmet’s ventilation system keeps you cool and your hair dry when you cycle. This is achieved by the 22 well-placed vents. These vents form a perfect system where the breeze is felt throughout your entire head. Spots that are never covered with other helmet’s air vents will be with the Giro Trinity.

The Trinity helmet is also embedded with the Acu Dial Fit system. This lets you adjust the straps with only one hand. The straps stay in one comfortable position and keeps the helmet in place even when you move a lot or fast.

The helmet’s full coverage shell guards your entire head leaving no place open for injuries. The reflective rear decal makes you easier to spot by car drivers especially in dimly lit areas.


  • The air vents cool your entire head
  • The helmet stays secured around your head when you move
  • The helmet is comfortable and doesn’t give you tension headaches


  • The helmet has a rough finish and the vents aren’t carved smoothly
  • The “one size fits all” is untrue as most riders can’t adjust the helmet to their heads
  • The helmet feels bulky

Ultralight Stable Road/Mountain Men’s and Women’s Bike Helmet

For a helmet to cater to both road and mountain conditions, it needs to have the strongest construction materials.

The shell is made with a combination of polyvinyl chloride and polycarbonate. These are the best materials for helmets as they’re impact resistant and tough. The hard helmet will protect your head from hitting the ground hard after a crash.

Your brain is also very important. Your skull can heal if it has a crack or is slightly bruised. However, if anything happens to your brain it can cause long-term problems.

This hard helmet almost creates a protective shell around your skull and brain. This prevents any serious injuries. The inside of the helmet is also lined with an EPS foam which you need to boost your head’s safety.

EPS foam absorbs any shock from impact keeping your head still and secure during a crash.

Three items are removable for easy clean up:

  • The protective pad liner
  • Sweat chin pad
  • Visor

The helmet’s straps have tight binding elements. When you adjust the straps to make the helmet fit better, there won’t be any gaps at your ears. This secures the helmet in place and your whole head is covered. Most men and women’s heads can fit into this helmet.


  • There are air vents around the helmet which keep your whole head cool
  • The straps are easy to adjust making it possible for the helmet to fit almost anybody
  • The helmet is very hard and doesn’t crack under pressure


  • The adjustment straps can loosen when you move your head
  • The visor doesn’t stay in place
  • The helmet is uncomfortable

Vinciph Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

Vinciph understands that when you are on a bike your skull must have the maximum amount of safety. This is why the helmet is made with both PVC and PC materials. These strong materials found in heavy-duty helmets are best because they absorb shock.

The EPS inner foam material also plays a huge role in protecting your head from nasty bumps during an accident. The foam also absorbs any shocks normally felt during a crash. As your head is secured and protected, there will be minimal external and internal injuries.

The helmet features an aerodynamic and ventilation design. There are multiple air vents in the helmet; air will cycle through your head effectively to keep you cool. The aerodynamic design helps you build up cycling speed.

The liner is comfortable and can be removed for a convenient clean up.

The sun visor is also detachable. This is perfect to keep on during the day as it protects your eyes from the sun. When you cycle during the day the sun’s reflection on the ground can skew your vision. The visor minimizes any reflection to help you see better.

The Vinciph helmets are made for both men and women and the colors are unisex. You have an option between green and black.

The two adjustable straps make it easier for you to find the perfect fit. There is a strap at the back and the other is the comfortable chin strap.


  • The helmet fits tightly on the head and won’t fall out of place
  • The inner lining and chin straps are comfortable
  • The helmet can be adjusted well to any size head


  • The foam layer is very thin
  • It can be difficult to release the straps with one hand
  • The helmet doesn’t cover the full head

Schwinn Intercept Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet

If you purchase this product you can feel confident Schwinn manufactures helmets in the quality you need to protect your head.

The shell is made with the same hardened materials as other helmets for toughness and durability. For all the years you wear the helmet you’re assured your head is protected.

The helmet is lightweight and it can hold a firm grip on your head. When you move a lot when you cycle the helmet stays in place.

What contributes to this guaranteed firm fit is the Dial Fit system. You can adjust the helmet to an exact fit by turning the dial at the back of the helmet. You don’t need any extra layers of foam to make the fit better for your head.

The comfortable chin strap also assists you in finding a fit perfect for your head. The chin strap lays comfortably on your chin and the clasps won’t pinch your skin.

There are 10 contoured air vents which help air flow better around your head. The inside of the helmet is also fitted with heat-sealed pads. Although the vents keep your head cool, there is a chance you will still sweat. These pads help control the buildup of perspiration; your hair will stay dry.

The detachable visor keeps sunlight away from your eyes which will help you to see and steer better.


  • The helmet can withstand hard hits to protect your head
  • The helmet can still be used if it’s slightly damaged
  • The helmet covers your entire head and the back of your neck


  • The helmet is too narrow which doesn’t fit well around the ears
  • The helmet can fall apart easily within a couple of uses
  • The finish around the outer shell can get sun damage


For the best protection choose the highest-ranking helmet. The Vinciph Adult Cycling Bike Helmet has the perfect touches of style, comfort and all round protection. The quality and price mean it’s an ideal combination for both men and women cyclists. Why miss out on such a great deal?