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Best Commuter Bike Helmet for 2023

Best Commuter Bike Helmet

Best Commuter Bike Helmet

Good for you if you have made the conscious decision of wearing a helmet when on a fast-moving bike. The safety is enough to save your life. Throughout your commutes, you need a helmet that offers the greatest amount of protection. If you feel your helmet falls short of that, it’s time to replace it.

Look at these best commuter bike helmets and choose one based on your needs for daily travels and experiences.

Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

The Giro Road Bike Helmet is in-mold made with polycarbonate. The outer shell serves the greatest amount of protection against bumps. The in-mold design makes the helmet lightweight to wear. It won’t weigh you down when you make difficult uphill commutes.

There are plenty of colors to pick from to match your style or bike. The colors include:

  • Red/black
  • Matte black/white
  • Matte dark red
  • Matte titanium
  • Matte vermillion/flame red
  • White/black which is available in matte too
  • Yellow

This Savant helmet is said to be a perfect fit for bikers who enjoy routes at swift paces. There are four unique features of this helmet.

The first feature is the Roc Loc 5 fit system which is the industry’s benchmark of comfort, stability, adjustability and weight reduction. The Roc Loc system allows you to adjust the fit tension and the fore-aft tilt of the helmet quickly with one hand only.

The propriety super fit sizing system is based on human scale factors data and over 25 years of handcrafting helmets. The years of handcrafting has lead Giro to manufacture helmets that match the natural form of the human head.

The helmet is lighter and provides a better fit compared to others. The helmet is best in hugging your skull for better comfort and security.

The helmet features a wind ventilation system. The design combines 25 active vents in the shell with exhaust channels inside the helmet. This leads to a fresh cool wind circulation over your head while forcing heat and stale air out. The in-mold design also helps with a better ventilation system.


  • The strap is easy to adjust
  • The helmet is well ventilated which makes it perfect to wear while commuting
  • The helmet can take a beating while protecting your head


  • There is exposed foam at the rim of the helmet which can easily wear out
  • The chin strap doesn’t lie flat on the face
  • The helmet doesn’t have an MIPS lining

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Schwinn Thrasher Helmet

This helmet presents all the features necessary to make it comfortable for you to wear on each commute.

The hardened outer shell material protects your head if ever you crash or get hit by a vehicle. It may crack on impact but your head will be safe. The inner foam pads make the Thrasher comfortable to wear. They also act as a cushioned barricade between your head and the hardened shell.

The dual fit strap on the back of the helmet allows any rider to adjust the size for a better and secure placement. The helmet offers 360° adjustability for the perfect custom fit. All riders will find a fit well suited to them. Different head sizes won’t create any adjustment limitations.

Inner heat felt during a commute is practically nonexistent. There are 21 ventilation holes designed around the entire helmet. An extensive ventilation system offers you a full-coverage cooling system. The inner pads absorb any moisture. When you take off the helmet, your hair will be dry.

With one hand, you can adjust the chin strap of the helmet. The ease and comfort of the helmet are also presented in the chin strap. With one hand, you can unlock the helmet. No more fighting with the clasp to open.

It’s true that when you’re constantly in the sun it can have an effect on your skin. The built-in visor protects your eyes and skin from the sun’s rays. The increased shade while you ride helps you to see and steer better.

The helmet is designed to fit a rider’s head with the circumference of 22 7/8-24’’. It’s also designed in three unisex colors which are:

  • Carbon
  • Green
  • Red


  • The helmet is highly effective in protecting the rider’s head n severe impact
  • The helmet stays fixed in place no matter how much you move
  • The helmet is lightweight to wear during any long commutes


  • The chin strap can unexpectedly break off
  • The shell can separate from the inner components
  • It’s difficult to loosen the strap

Giro Sutton Helmet

The Sutton helmet has a low profile design yet all the features that give you the most out of your ride. These features most importantly boost your safety while you ride the bike.

The helmet’s shell is full wrap in-mold polycarbonate. This is a hardened material for extra safety, yet it also creates a lightweight feel. The helmet won’t weigh you down tempting you to remove it.

The inside of the helmet is lined with EPS foam. This lining is quite versatile as it’s stiff on hard impacts while softer on lighter crashes. It’s also light and easy to ventilate.

There is also ultra-suede padding inside the shell. The padding presents a soft barricade between your head and the hard helmet. You’ll hardly feel the effects of the crash.

The Sutton helmet also features a Roc Loc City fit system. It incorporates a rubberized dial for easy size adjustments by the chin strap. This leads you to obtain a better fit. The system also includes large plush pads for ultimate comfort and stability. The system is made of durable and flexible materials for long-term durability.

There is also an integrated light clip at the back of the helmet. Snap your light onto the clip for enhanced visibility in dimly lit areas.

You can lock your helmet to the bike with the reinforced U-lock. The port lock is durable and won’t rust due to weather changes.


  • The helmet is comfortable to wear
  • The helmet can fit most heads
  • The removable sun visor provides extra shade


  • The helmet is heavy to wear
  • The buckle can detach from the strap
  • The venting system doesn’t allow cool air to pass around the entire head

JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

When you purchase a bike helmet, your number one priority to seek is the impact-resistant element. You’ll find this important characteristic in this JBM cycling helmet.

The materials used to make the helmet consist of tough and durable PVC and PC. The EPS foam found inside the helmet absorbs shock and protects your head during a crash.

Any rider can feel safe with this helmet as it can adjust to most head sizes. This nutcase-shape helmet is equipped with an easy-to-use dial system and side straps. The helmet is suitable to be worn by both men and women.

The materials are also light which make the helmet bearable to wear during the entire time you ride the bike. There are 18 designs to choose from. Some helmets have a combination of two colors.

The ventilation system keeps your head cool even when riding in the hot sun. The adopted specialized aerodynamic and ventilated design also helps you increase cycling speed. The cooling system is felt around your entire head which keeps your hair dry.

The inner pads are completely breathable which contribute immensely to an effective cooling system.


  • The straps are easy to adjust with one hand
  • The belt is well ventilated
  • There is a snap on visor


  • The straps don’t stay in place, which can tilt the helmet sideways while you’re in transit
  • The straps can easily break off
  • The straps are very short, making the helmet suitable for people with very small heads

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Giro 2014 Revel Cycling Helmet

The Giro Revel Cycling helmet has the best features you’ll love. The Revel helmet gives you style, confidence and most importantly, protection you need during accidents.

The full coverage shell is in-mold polycarbonate made. This design technology and material give you a shell that is strong and protects your head from impact. The shell is light so it doesn’t weigh you down when you cycle.

The inner lining is expanded polystyrene (EPS). The foam endures the impact while protecting your head. It stiffens on hard impact, however softens on lighter ones. This ensures accurate protection based on the hardness of the crash.

The ventilation system is well thought out and presented in most of the brand’s helmets. It’s very effective because of the 22 vents air vent design. Cool air enters while the warmer air is forced out. The cooling system also ensures your hair is kept dry from the moment you put on the helmet to taking it off.

The Giro helmet has an Acu Dial fit system. The system combines an easy single-handed fit tension adjustment with a full 360° fit band. This combination provides a quick and stable fit for all universal fit helmets.

The Acu Dial fit system is also ponytail compatible; riders with long hair can easily put on the helmet.


  • You can adjust the visor to get the best possible shade
  • The helmet doesn’t move when you do
  • The straps are easy to adjust


  • The inner shell is slightly hard and uncomfortable
  • Riders with bigger heads will battle to find a suitable size helmet
  • You can’t add more padding for extra comfort

Zacro Lightweight Cycle/Bike Helmet

This Zacro helmet is made of both polyvinyl chloride and polycarbonate. These two materials are tough and durable and best for all-around head protection. The inner shell has an EPS foam material which absorbs impact and protects your head during a crash.

The construction materials also contribute to a lightweight product. The helmet only weighs 225g, which won’t cause a weight burden when you cycle. You can keep your helmet on for long commutes and be tension free.

The helmet has an aerodynamic and ventilated design. There are large ventilated holes that surround the entire helmet. These holes ensure a cool breeze is felt on your skull to keep your head cool and your hair dry.

The helmet is suited for men and women with head circumferences between 54cm and 67cm. There are two adjustable straps. One is a rear dial strap and the other is located by the chin to keep the helmet in place.

The visor protects your skin and eyes from the sun by offering greater shade. It also protects your eyes from dust or blowing debris.

The sun visor and the inner lining are detachable for a convenient clean up. This easy maintenance improves the durability and lifespan of the helmet.


  • The helmet is light to wear
  • The ventilation system is very effective
  • Most people can adjust the helmet for a perfect and secure fit


  • The helmet isn’t shaped according to the natural form of a head which can make it feel uncomfortable
  • The straps can break apart from the helmet
  • The two straps only adjust the front and back whereas the sides remain loose
Best Commuter Bike Helmet

There are many good commuter bike helmets around


You’ve learned about six well-crafted and purposeful helmets. If you’re still stuck on making a final decision, take another look at the Giro 2014 Revel Cycling Helmet. It’s perfectly crafted to offer you the best protection. Though the inner padding is thin, it’s actually best because the expanded polystyrene padding helps the helmet protect your head better.

Your safety is important. Purchasing a helmet with strong materials and a protective inner layer is sufficient in keeping your head protected from impacts. A helmet is crucial to staying alive, so never bike without one.