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Best Cycling Shorts for Big Thighs

Best Cycling Shorts for Big Thighs

Cycling shorts are designed to be comfortable during your bike rides. A good pair of cycling shorts typically comes with padding at the areas that need them most, and are made of breathable and flexible material, such as Lycra and spandex.

Besides breathability, bike shorts should also reduce heat absorption, distribute road vibration, and prevent chaffing.

One problem faced by some bike riders is the sizing of bike shorts. Specifically, those with big thighs usually have to buy cycling shorts that are one or two sizes larger, resulting in a looser waist.

On the other hand, some bikers prefer to wear cycling shorts that fit snugly around the waist, even if they end up being a little too tight around the thighs.

Thankfully, some bike clothing manufacturers produce bike shorts that are a little more generous in the thigh department. Here’s a look at some of the top picks!

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Best Cycling Shorts for Large Thighs

1. XGC Men’s Cycling Shorts and Cycling Underwear

These cycling shorts and underwear are from the reputable XGC brand. They are known for producing exercise wear using advanced technologies and processes, as well as high-quality fabric.

XGC strives to offer excellent performance and a fun riding experience. Hence, the shorts are designed to be breathable and absorb moisture readily, thus keeping the rider comfortable and dry.

The fabric is soft enough to protect sensitive areas, and the quality stitching ensures comfort and durability. It features anatomic design for body-hugging comfort. Either machine or hand wash will work well with these shorts.

Also, the memory padding can distribute the rider’s body pressure equally, hence protecting your cycling posture. It is especially suitable for long countryside rides.

One downside is its stitching may irritate riders with sensitive skin. Having said that, this is still a decent buy at the price point.


  • The shorts are easy to maintain as they are washable by both hand and machine
  • Breathable design maximizes comfort by absorbing moisture
  • The padding is quite thick


  • The fabric material is quite inexpensive and not high-quality as advertised
  • The stitches are not perfectly sewn and may be irritating, especially during long rides

2. BALEAF Men’s Bike Cycling Underwear Shorts

BALEAF cycling underwear shorts are made of lightweight and quick-dry fabric to keep you refreshed and cool throughout. The long-lasting, breathable chamois features a gradient 3D cushion design that delivers vital protection when riding. It is thus a favorite for many cyclists.

The ‘underwear’ design makes it possible for a rider to rock any outfit they would like when riding, yet maintain excellent performance.

The short’s gel padding anti-pressure feature ensures reduced vibration during long rides. Besides, its broad and elastic flat waistband maintains excellent comfort by reducing irritation. BALEAF’s cycling shorts is suitable for riding motorcycles, mountain biking, and even horse riding.

The main area of improvement for BALEAF is in their sizing- you may need to order a size larger if you are used to North American sizes.


  • Excellent padding that keeps you dry and comfortable throughout your rides.
  • The fabric is entirely breathable and high-quality.
  • Cyclists can wear them under regular shorts or other outfits.


  • You need to be keen when selecting the correct size. It seems the short sizes don’t match the standard American men’s innerwear.
  • They do not have leg grippers; hence, they are not comfortable during strolls after a ride, thus forcing one to change into an extra piece of clothing.

3. BALEAF Women’s High Waist Biker Shorts

These stretchy women’s bike shorts by BALEAF come in an impressive range of colors and inseam lengths. For those who want to have more compression, choose the 8” inseam length. The shorts will go above your waist, concealing your belly button and even the tummy.

BALEAF has designed this product with multiple uses in mind- it claims that this pair is suitable for fitness workouts, casual wear and of course, biking. It can even be worn under skirts or dresses, and contains a gusseted crotch area which allows for more free movement.

One outstanding feature is the large pockets. The shorts have an internal waistband pocket, and two large leg pockets which could easily fit your smartphone. The shorts’ seams are also designed to be chafe-free, while the shorts’ material is perfectly non-transparent.

For those with big thighs, the manufacturer recommends ordering one size larger than you are used to wearing.


  • Comes in various colors and lengths
  • Goes above the waist and belly button
  • Side pocket fits a phone
  • May be used for other activities including yoga and running


  • Causes fabric marks at the thigh area
  • Waistband may stretch after washing

4. Beroy Women’s Bike Shorts

The anatomically-shaped Beroy women’s bike shorts creates an excellent interface between your body and saddle during riding. It comes with 3D gel padding, and is specially designed for removing abrasion and chafing. The soft microfiber top maximizes fit and comfort. It avoids thigh sores and protects the rider from infection with its cushioning layer.

The shorts’ design features a multi-density foam, having a varying thickness to maximize comfort. Reflective logos ensure excellent visibility, and you can hand or machine wash after every ride. Beroy women’s bike shorts are suitable for shorter rides. In case you are out for a long ride, you need to frequently apply anti-chafe cream.


  • Have thick and excellent padding to avoid chaffing and abrasion.
  • Shorts are quite long and comfortable to walk around in after riding.
  • The reflective logos, though transparent, allow easy visibility.


  • These shorts cannot be worn with an underwear-Beroy needs to work on that so that riders can be free to rock some extra outfits
  • Inconsistent sizing

5. Sportneer Men’s Cycling Shorts

Sportneer men’s cycling shorts are an excellent 4D Coolmax biker pants. The breathable material fabric and sculpted support make them the most comfortable of all. The skin-fit feature allows for saddle support. These shorts are engineered in Spandex/ Nylon material so that they can dry faster.

Sportneer’s flatlock seams maximize flexibility and stretch to give you the riding freedom every cyclist wants. The short’s multi-layer inner padding provides excellent support on your upper thigh. It removes the strain resulting from sit bone- saddle pressure, thus working well for long rides of over 20 miles, including road cycling, mountain biking, and more.


  • Made of high-quality and breathable fabric
  • The inner-layer padding and 4D cushioning sponge enhance comfort


  • The padding is thick but not soft as compared to other shorts


The list above reviews some of the top cycling shorts for those with larger thighs. Generally, these shorts are all safe picks. However, our top choice for men’s bike shorts would have to be the Sportneer Men’s Cycling Shorts. This pair boasts a high-density 4D cushioning sponge, which maximizes comfort for long rides. It is also inexpensive, although its padding is a little harder than desired.

The better choice for women’s cycling shorts is the BALEAF Women’s High Waist Biker Shorts. This product boasts a choice of many colors and inseam lengths, and also comes with large pockets on the legs and inside the waistband. Another advantage is it could be worn under skirts and dresses, and may even have a compression effect.