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Best Kids Bike Helmet for 2023

Best Kids' Bike Helmets

What is the Best Kids Bike Helmet?

You love it when your children play outside, being active. Kids need exercise. One of the best activities for your kids is riding a bike. It’s fun because they can race each other and learn stunts, as well as get from one place to another. Bike riding is also healthy because of the cardiovascular benefits.

However, bike riding can also be dangerous. You can’t stop your kids from performing bike stunts, but you can help them avoid serious injuries if a stunt goes wrong. These kids bike helmets are the best in protecting heads from injuries. Take a look at these six and decide which one is the best kids bike helmet!

Bern Unlimited Jr. Nino Summer Helmet with Visor

Bern Unlimited is smart to design separate helmets for boys and girls. The Jr. Nino under review fits most boys with its 20 1/4 -21 1/2’’ base. The helmet is available in four generic sizes:

  • Extra small to a small to medium 48-51.5cm circumference
  • Extra small
  • Small to medium
  • Medium 51.5-54.4cm circumference

Because of flexibility, there is a high chance that whatever size you pick will still fit. If you can’t find an exact size, you can adjust the closest matching helmet with the two custom fit goggle clips.

The helmet is durable and safe to use as it meets all safety certification requirements of:

  • ASTM 2040
  • CPSC and EN1078

The zip-mold liquid foam technology offers a thinner profile compared to the standard EPS grey foam commonly used. This gives you a much smaller helmet shape. The impact-softening construction ensures your kid won’t be too hurt, if ever he or she has a crash.

The helmet is available in five colors and designs that suit any boy’s style. These include:

  • Matte black
  • Gloss yellow
  • Matte blue
  • Navy blue zig zag
  • Satin grey flying tiger

The Jr. Nino Helmet has a passive ventilation system to keep your child’s head cool and comfortable, especially in the midst of summer.

The helmet also sports a flip visor. The flip visor deflects any dirt and reduces the sun’s reflection seen on the road. These increase children’s chances to see clearly where they ride and be more vigilant to avoid crashes.


  • Children can see well through the visors
  • The helmet covers the forehead and back of the head for extra security
  • The helmet is lightweight and comfortable yet it can withstand harsh impacts


  • The marketed colors and actual hues are mismatched
  • The sun can cause the coating to bubble which makes it age faster
  • The helmet can stain easily

Melon Decent Double Urban Active Helmet

Melon Helmets are perfect if you have more than one child or different gender children around the same age who like to share. The range of colors include:

  • Glossy green and pink
  • Glossy orange and black
  • Glossy pink and white
  • Glossy white and red
  • Matte double black
  • Matte double green
  • Matte double grey
  • Matte double purple
  • Matte orange and blue

While your children love the colors, you’ll love how the rest of the helmet protects your child’s head. The extra strong polycarbonate and three inner pads withstand hard impacts from crashes for ultra-protection.

The EPS inner shell protects the head from the shocks felt during a crash. It features an integrated strap anchor with a high tearing strength.

The Hygienic Coolmax® padding is made with extra soft foam and absorb any moisture, keeping the inner helmet dry. The pads also provide a comfortable fit and serve as cushions if ever your kid hits their head.

The helmet also incorporates MACS™ Melon® air flow channel system. There are 12 ventilation holes in the system for an added cooling function. The ergonomic ventilation holes help your kid with optimal Venturi effect in a speed or commute position.

The pads and the adjustment system allow your child to fix the helmet better for a more secure and comfortable fit. The patented Fidlock anti-pinch magnetic buckle makes it easy for your kid to adjust the straps. The adjustments can be made with one hand.

The helmet is 30% lighter compared to others. It’s comfortable and not too heavy so it can be worn for hours. This increases the possibility your child will wear the helmet the entire time they ride the bike.

Your child’s eyes are also protected with the Melon® Vista Visor. The transparent visor offers UV400 protection for the eyes and skin. The visor also features an impact blocker and is available in different colors.


  • The straps can be easily adjusted for a more secure fit
  • Some parts are easy to replace and fit into the helmet easily and securely even after exchanging them
  • The helmet is hard and can take a beating


  • The plastic lining that holds the strap wears off quickly
  • The front of the helmet is shaped unsymmetrically which doesn’t provide full protection. It can also lead to discomfort when worn
  • The adjustment strap doesn’t stay in place inside the helmet

Kali Protectives 2017 Chakra Child Mountain Bike Helmet

Kali Protectives is a mountain bike accessories company and understands which items are important for mountain biking. A helmet designed specifically for mountain biking is perfect as the materials can withstand the impact of the different terrains found on most trails.

The Chakra helmet is made of an in molded polycarbonate shell with an EPS lining. Mountain bikers highly recommend the in-mold design because it makes the helmet lightweight and more comfortable to wear. This is ideal for your kid when he or she goes mountain biking for hours.

The helmets can fit children’s head circumferences between 48cm and 54cm. The various sizes fit most kids between the age of 2 and 8. If the size is too small, there are helmets available for older kids.

The ventilation holes ensure a cooling system that prevents inner perspiration. When your child takes off the helmet after the activity, their hair will be dry. The cooling system makes it bearable for your child to bike in the hot sun.

The helmet is available in four colored designs:

  • Fairies white and pink
  • Superhero green and blue
  • Pow blue and red
  • Pow green and black

All helmets are CPSC certified.


  • The visor protects eyes from dirt or sun’s reflection
  • The universal fit ring makes fitting easier
  • The inner padding is soft and comfortable


  • The chin strap moves around easily which can cause it to loosen
  • The helmet lacks the multi directional impact protection system
  • The straps are hard to adjust

Giro GH26112 Kids’ Raze Helmet UNIV-Y

Your child’s head needs the best protection which is why the Giro GH261112 helmet is in-mold made. This construction design bonds the shell to the helmet so it’s lightweight and durable.

The lightweight and comfortable feel of the helmet won’t make your child feel exhausted if wearing it for hours. The fun colors also make children not want to take off the helmet as they know they look “cool.” There are 13 fun and vibrant colors to pick from which are mostly in these shades:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • White and grey

The helmet has 22 air vents which act as a cooling system so your child does not feel hot. When children feel hot under the helmet, they’re more tempted to remove it and continue riding; this increases the risk of injury.

Other protective features include:

  • A full coverage shell which protects the forehead and the upper back of the neck
  • Snap fit visor protects against the elements and the sun’s reflection. The visor has reinforced anchor points
  • Reflective rear decal

The Giro GH261112 helmet has an Acu Dial™ fit system with a few advantages:

  • It makes single-handed fit tension adjustments easier
  • It has a full 360° band for a quick and stable fit
  • The helmet is ponytail compatible for riders with long hair


  • The helmet straps can adjust to fit heads better
  • Fits over the back of the head well
  • The helmet can take a beating from severe falls


  • The rim can snap off easily without much force
  • The visor is flimsy and can easily detach from the helmet
  • The adjustment clasp can pinch a child’s chin

Uvex 2015 Quatro Junior Bicycle Helmet

Children with small heads probably need the most amount of protection. The Uvex FAS strap system in combination of the IAS sizing makes it possible to find and fit the helmet onto any child’s head.

The helmet features a monomatic button press adjustment. This allows you to tighten and release the chin strap with just a touch of a button. You only need one hand to operate the strap. The anatomically designed strap sits well and comfortably under the chin.

The Fast Adapting System(FAS) webbing can be continuously tailored to the exact shape of your child’s head. The FAS system ensures the helmet stays in place no matter how it moves with your child.

The outer shell is made with an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell. The inner shell is injected with EPS foam. The in mold design creates a light and very stable construction. There are pads fitted into the helmet for a more comfortable fit.

The colors of the helmet are bright and eye catching; you can spot your child in a crowd immediately. The colors include:

  • Pink and white
  • Green and white
  • Blue and white
  • Green, black and grey
  • Red, black and grey
  • White
  • Black

There are nine ventilation holes around the entire helmet. The ventilation creates a cooling system felt around the whole head.

The helmet features a removable visor which protects your child’s eyes and skin. There is also a plug-in LED to help your children see better in dimly lit areas.


  • The helmet doesn’t wobble
  • It accommodates a ponytail
  • The helmet is light to wear comfortably for hours


  • The helmet doesn’t cover the whole head
  • Children can still get hot and sweat under the helmet
  • The chin strap can pinch

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

With each adrenaline sport, your child needs a helmet that caters to the activity. The Razor V-17 Youth is perfect for your children to wear during these activities:

  • Biking
  • Mountain biking
  • Quad biking
  • Skiing
  • Skating
  • Snowboarding
  • And any other activity where a helmet is required.

The helmet’s shell is made of a strong impact-resistant material. There is extra padding fitted inside for comfort and cushioning if your child should crash.

The blade V design of the strap helps it secure fast. There are 17 alter points which ensure all children find a tight fit best suited for them. The helmets are available in a variety of size dimensions between 21.5” and 23’’.

There are 11 vent holes around the head. The vents keep a cool air flow to prevent unbearable heat and sweating for your child.

The construction and design of the helmet comply with TCPSC standards for persons aged 5 and older.


  • The helmet can withstand harsh impact while protecting the head
  • The back of the head and the neck are fully covered
  • The helmet is lightweight and cool to wear for long hours even in the sun


  • The helmet sizes are better suited for age 8 and above
  • The helmet doesn’t cover the forehead
  • The helmet wobbles even if its strapped on the tightest adjustment


As a parent who wants your children to be safe, you need a helmet that offers all-around protection. The Bern Unlimited is a good option to look at- It’s among the safest and most secure helmet, and your child deserves the best.