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Best MTB Grips for Small Hands

Best MTB Grips for Small Hands

Introduction- Best MTB Grips for Small Hands

Although it may seem hard to find suitable grips when your hands are small, many mountain bike handlebar grips these days cover a big range of sizes.

Manufacturers understand the need for well-fitting MTB grips. If you have small hands, it is wise to choose ergonomic grips since they are easy to customize.

It would help if you considered grips with a non-slip rubber material that locks on both sides. The soft rubber provides protection from shocks, hence minimizing the chances of you experiencing pain and finger and palm paralysis.

It is also a good idea to choose a grip with a universal fit, in case you wish to change bikes in the near future.

Here’s our round-up of top MTB grips for those with small hands!

Threadless Fork on a Threaded Frame

Top MTB Grips for Small Hands

1. Onedayshop 607 Bike Hand Grips

The Onedayshop 607 Bike Hand Grips are made of TPR non-slip rubber material with a lock on both sides, making it soft and comfortable to touch. They are shockproof and are suitable for bike riders of all ages.

It will not slip from the riders’ hands as its handle grip is made of little convex anti-skid material that is designed to withstand sweat and rain.

Riding a mountain bike can be tedious, and this grip reduces fatigue in your hands on long mountainous rides. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and can last for a long time, but you might have to avoid consistent exposure to prolonged use to avoid tears.

The grip has a 5-inch length, a 0.2-inch outer diameter, and a 0.87-inch inner diameter. It comes with an aluminum locking ring; a pair can weigh 0.31 lb (141 g), and it fits mountain bikes with 22mm handlebars.


• The non-slip rubber is excellent for riders on rough terrains

• They are easy to clean and can last for a long time with proper care


• The design is quite basic and not fully ergonomic


2. Cute Star Handlebar Grips

Cute Star Handlebar Grips have a shock-absorbing, attractive design. Its rubber is soft and durable with antibacterial properties, ensuring you would not get an infection even if you perspire easily and your hand gets lots of sweat.

This model has strong wearability and is excellent for all types of riding, including mountain biking. The grip has a custom anatomic raised surface that provides traction and maximum control, offering a non-slip grip that is easy to grip and release.

These handlebar grips are 4.72 inches long with a 0.86-inch outer diameter. Some bikers commented that the grips may be a little loose for smaller handlebars, but applying some hairspray to the handlebar when installing should help it stick.


• The grips can fit small hands well

• Has customized anatomic raised surface which provides maximum traction

• Easy to install


• May not stick easily to smaller handlebars


3. Planet Bike Happy Hands Dura Cork Handlebar Grips

These hand grips are suitable for mountain bikes as you clamp them on to the handlebar. They come in an ergonomic shape for increased comfort when riding in rocky terrain or wet weather. The soft texture helps dampen any vibration while riding.

Additionally, this MTB grip offers a secure fastening method whereby you could fix the metal clamp on the collar and fasten the bolts. The set includes a hex wrench, and even comes in recyclable, sustainable packaging with little plastic used.

These grips are designed for bike handlebars with an outer diameter between 0.79-0.86 inches (20-22mm). While we liked the sandy feeling of this product, not every biker might feel the same way.


• Offers a secure clamp mechanism and comes with a hex wrench

• Ergonomic shape and soft texture


• The sandy feeling may not be for everyone


4. GPMTER Bike Handlebar Grip

The GPMTER Bike Handlebar Grip is made of high-quality non-slip rubber for durability and has a single aluminum alloy lock-on system. It comes with an extra gel layer for soft touch and comfort.

These grips are perfect for most bikes due to their universal fit. Specifically, they are designed to fit handlebars which are 0.87 inches (22.2mm) in diameter.

Users commented that this model would not fit on bikes with grip shifters. Furthermore, the patterned design starts to come apart after continued use.

Nevertheless, we liked the lock-on system with screws and found this to be an affordable, value-for-money option.


• Has extra gel for soft and comfortable touch

• Universal fit; can be used for most bikes

• Good value


• The rubber pattern might come apart due to high friction

• Does not fit on bikes with grip shifters


5. Choose Mountain Bike Grips

The Choose MTB Bike Grips have a comfortable touch and are developed to withstand shocks.

Its raised patterns give a pleasant feel in your hands. Riders commented that this is great for endurance or mountain biking. They are easy to install, though you would need a hex wrench which is not included in the product.

Choose Mountain Bike Grips also offer a six-month warranty for peace of mind.

One differentiating feature is their generous choice of four colors – you may choose from black or bright shades of blue, green and red, which would really make them stand out!

The raised skulls in its design are a polarizing feature- some bikers loved them, while others found them uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, these grips are meant to fit handlebars of about 0.87 inches (22mm) diameter.


• The grips come in a good choice of colors

• Easy to install


• The raised skulls may not be comfortable for some riders


Our Verdict

In our opinion, the Planet Bike Happy Hands Dura Cork Handlebar Grips are the best choice due to their ergonomic shape, soft feeling and secure installation. However, those who have budget concerns may go for the Cute Star Handlebar Grips, as they offer great traction and easy installation too.