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Bike Accessories Every Cyclist Should Have

Bike Accessories Every Cyclist Should Have

What Bike Accessories Should You Carry?

Have you ever been riding and thought you forgot something important? A flashlight, a basket or anything else that makes you want to rush back home? Well, you’re not alone in this.

There are 11 vital items every cyclist should have. You may think it’s a lot but when you understand the reasons, you’ll be glad you purchased these items.

This list can help you pack and carry every accessory you need to optimize your ride. Whether you’re a professional or amateur this list will be handy. Always remember to check off the list before you cycle.

A helmet

Ask yourself this: “Is my safety important?” The answer should be yes!

A helmet is the one accessory that is truly lifesaving. You must make a rule that whenever you get on a bike you have a helmet on. Even if you’re cycling down the road, one bad move can affect how you land and crash.

Although helmets come in vibrant and funky colors, you need to be smart about the one you buy. It’s always best and safer for you to buy bright yellow or orange. Motorists will easily spot you.

Nothing should stop you from wearing a helmet. Even tough biker gangs wear helmets as they understand the safety importance of them.

Protective eyewear

Imagine you’re cycling fast down a road and all of a sudden, a strong wind lifts the dust. You could cycle right into this sand mini-cloud. If you don’t have protective eyewear then the dust can go into your eyes.

This eyewear protects your eyes from dust and dirt. The sun’s rays will also be kept at bay so your eyes don’t hurt and your riding capabilities aren’t impacted.

Good quality protective eyewear keeps everything away from your eyes. This also boosts your safety.

Reflective jackets and decals

Reflective jackets and decals are additional safety accessories you have to own. It makes others aware of your presence. These are perfect for:

  • Night cycling
  • Heavy rains
  • Foggy areas

A car’s headlights will reflect off these accessories making you easy to spot.

Purchase a luminous yellow or orange vest. The bright colors contrast well with dark surroundings.

A headlight

How many times have you been cycling and all of a sudden, the sun disappears? In that moment, there is one item you wish you had: a headlight.

This is probably the most important accessory you should have mounted on your bike. Best of all, it’s fixed onto your bike so you’ll never forget it.

A phone mount

Everything you need is on your phone:

  • The time
  • The weather
  • An app that tracks your cycling activity

A phone mount is not there to keep you entertained while you cycle. There is actually a very important reason for owning this accessory.

Have you ever taken the wrong turn and realized minutes after? Roads start to look unfamiliar and you can’t figure out the way back home.

Use your smartphone’s map to guide you on your excursion. If ever you take the wrong turn, the map will reroute the journey, so you can safely make it to your destination.

A horn

This is another accessory you can mount on your bike. Instead of shouting at pedestrians to move out of the way, just honk the horn.

Alternatively, you can opt for a bell. It all depends on the roads you cycle on and if they’re congested or not.

A bell may be too quiet for the city, whereas the horn may be too loud and disruptive for the suburbs.

Cycling gloves that double as turn signals

The world is evolving and you must be in on the trends. Imagine you don’t have to extend your arms out to signal where you’re turning. No more near accidents because of a motorist almost knocking you down simply because he or she didn’t pay attention to your signals.

These problems will be off your shoulders now. With a push of a button you can inform drivers in front and behind you where you’re turning.

A backpack

A backpack can carry multiple accessories. You can’t predict the journey. What if you need these extremely helpful items:

  • A first aid kit with bandage, Band-Aids and a cleaning solution
  • Tools such as a bike pump or a chain to secure your bike

You can keep other items in your bag too such as:

  • ID
  • Wallet or purse
  • A change of clothes
  • Chargers and other electronics

Don’t forget to keep your water in the backpack too. You must stay hydrated when cycling, especially in the hot sun.

A bike carry handle

This accessory is perfect if you constantly move up and down stairs. The carry handle attaches to the steel frame which allows you to have a better grip while carrying the bike. No more slipping or awkward hand movements trying to carry your bike. The handle is not large at all and can fit inside your backpack.

Wireless headphones

As motorists are encouraged to use handsets to answer phone calls, you must too. Purchase a hands-free headset when you get your bike.

You’ll see how easy it is to answer calls while still being attentive to the road. The risks of accidents are significantly reduced when you use a wireless headphone.


Mount a camera such as a Go Pro or anything similar to your helmet. You can record everything around you. The benefit of this is it’s great for evidence.

If there were a hit and run accident, your camera can record what exactly happened and capture the guilty party’s license plate number. You can be the hero when you submit the video to authorities.

The camera and the Bluetooth headsets come in handy. You can phone the relevant authorities while recording the incident.


Can you see why these items are quite important to carry when you cycle? Don’t be caught without these 11 items. They all serve unique purposes that help make biking more fun, while also bringing you and others safety.

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