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The Best Apps for Finding Cycling Routes

The Best Apps for Finding Cycling Routes- Introduction Guest contribution by Kris Cook There are many ways to discover cycling routes both near you and in other areas. You can either join many cycling-based communities and get tips from members, go off on your own without a plan, or download one of the many cycling-based […]


How to Prepare For a Triathlon

How to prepare for a triathlon- Introduction Guest contribution by Deniz Gokce, CycleSimply Are you interested in pushing yourself to the limit? You should try a triathlon, a multidisciplinary sport that involves swimming, cycling, and walking in the same race. With nearly 3 million competitors worldwide, triathlons focus more on personal goals instead of competing […]


How Do Disc Brakes Work on an E-bike? A Small Device with Big Power

Introduction- How Do Disc Brakes Work on an Ebike? Guest contribution by Salman Bhati The use of the ebike for transportation has significantly risen over the years, for its introduction solves most of the problems around traditional bikes. Electric bikes are gaining popularity daily, and more and more people buy these practical and efficient bikes. […]


How to Mountain Bike with a Dog

How to Mountain Bike with a Dog – Introduction By Jeffery Kuck In this lonely world, having a better partner for a leisurely ride than your preferred pooch could be a challenge! If you’re planning to experience cycling with a dog, know that dogs are always passionate regardless of the length of that ride, the […]


Fat Tire vs. Regular Tire E-bike: Are Fat Tire E-bikes Good for Commuting?

Introduction- Fat Tire vs. Regular Tire E-bikes Guess contribution by Redwan Cycling has become one of the most popular means of transport among people who wish to become independent of public transportation schedules and like to exercise while commuting. And one of the convenient ways to do that is to get an e-bike, especially one […]


How to Choose a Road Bike Chain

How to Choose a Road Bike Chain- Introduction Guest contribution by Redwan Bicycle chains are one of the core elements of your ride. As you become a more experienced cyclist, you might want to get a better chain to enhance your riding experience and performance. But how should you choose a suitable bike chain for […]


How To Charge An E-Bike Battery Without a Charger

Introduction- How To Charge An E-Bike Battery Without a Charger Guest Contribution by Joe Marino Electric bikes are fast becoming a great option to get around town. They are usually fast, perfect for short commutes, and easy to ride. One of the biggest challenges that most bike owners face is how to charge their e-bike. […]


How to Choose An Electric Cargo Bike

How to Choose An Electric Cargo Bike- Introduction  Guest Contribution by Victor Nicholson Electric cargo bikes are an increasingly utilized tool by people who need to transport goods from point A to point B. However, there are several misconceptions about their use, which seem to limit their reach. As an example, cargo bikes are helpful […]


The Best Mountain Bike Trails for Beginners in the US

Guest Contribution By Aric Johnson Finding the perfect mountain bike trail isn’t tricky; it all comes down to the type of terrain and distance you’re searching for. As a rider, some obstacles you should be aware of include slippery terrain, wet hills, and bridges. For beginner bikers or those who lack fitness ability, bike trails […]


How To Balance A Motorcycle Tire At Home – A Step-By-Step Guide

Guest Contribution By John, Motorcycle wheels should always be balanced to ensure the rider’s safety. An unbalanced set of tires affects your motorcycle’s performance and can eventually lead to major accidents when ignored. Balancing the tires is not a difficult process but may require a substantial length of time.  If you do not wish […]

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