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Best Cycling Shorts for Big Thighs

Cycling shorts are designed to be comfortable during your bike rides. A good pair of cycling shorts typically comes with padding at the areas that need them most, and are made of breathable and flexible material, such as Lycra and spandex. Besides breathability, , distribute road vibration, and prevent chaffing. One problem faced by some […]


How to Remove Lithium Grease from Clothing

How to Remove Lithium Grease from Your Clothing If you do your own maintenance or oil changes on your bike, at some point you will get lithium grease on your clothes. Getting lithium grease off of your clothes immediately is important, or else your clothes will quickly stain and become ruined. What is Lithium Grease? […]


3 Stylish Alternatives to Lycra Cycling Shorts [Guest Post]

By Peter Reynolds As practical as they may be, Lycra shorts aren’t exactly flattering. Don’t get me wrong; Lycra exists for a reason. If you’re smashing up the Tour de France or you like to ride as quickly as possible over the weekend, then wearing high-performance cycling gear like Lycra shorts can absolutely make sense. […]


Can You Swim In Cycling Shorts?

Can You Wear Bike Shorts Swimming? Cycling and swimming are two distinct sports that usually do not intertwine. An exception to that would be triathlons.  A triathlon is a multi-sport race with three segments, with most common triathlons including swimming, cycling, and running. But with athletes trying different methods to reduce their times, one might question […]


Most Striking Cycling Jerseys for Women

Last time we did a post on the most striking cycling jerseys for men, so today we’ll round up the most striking cycling jerseys for women. As we all know, staying visible on the roads and biking trails is very important, and wearing bright clothing is one way to warn others that we’re around. Instead […]


Most Striking Cycling Jerseys for Men

We all know that it’s important to stay visible whenever we go cycling or mountain biking. This includes wearing bright colored clothing, especially if we are going to cycle on the road. This helps warn drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists that we’re around, so they could avoid us. However, it can get pretty boring to […]

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