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Best Electric Bikes for Climbing Steep Hills [Guest Post]

By Trevor Fenner Electric bikes have been around for a while now, gaining popularity from all parts of the world. One of the most common usages of electric bikes is for commuting purposes, but we all know that there’s more to e-bikes than just being a basic mode of transportation. People nowadays prefer e-bikes to […]


6 Major Benefits of An Electric Bicycle [Guest Post]

By Oliva Wilson If you are concerned about global warming and want to help reduce carbon emissions, one of the things you should do is opt for more environmentally-friendly vehicles – such as electric bicycles. Instead of using automobiles that run on fossil fuels, biking to work with an E-bike is a greener option. offer […]


E-Bike Conversion Kit: Tools You Need to Upgrade Your Ride [Guest Post]

By Jordan McDowell You look forward to biking to a local shop in the evening or to work in the morning, but in the back of your mind, you wonder whether you’ll ever get too tired to keep pedaling. Or, perhaps you’re worried about suddenly becoming stuck on a hill. What then? The good news? […]


Why is My Electric Bike Cutting Out? [Guest Post]

By Emily Drinks It’s every electric bike rider’s worst nightmare. You’re making your way up a steep hill when suddenly the motor cuts out, and you’re left trying to make up the slack as you power up the hill on your own. Why would your electric bike cut out on you while you’re riding it, […]


Electric Bike 24v or 36v – What Voltage Should I Get? [Guest Post]

By Emma Lewis Electric bikes are a means of transportation that are becoming more popular with time. The many benefits are contributing to this rise in popularity. Among the usual questions about electric bikes, many people frequently ask about the . To understand how e-bike batteries are rated, you need to know the concepts of […]

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