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How to defog a bike helmet visor [Guest Post]

How to defog a bike helmet visor- Introduction By Ryan Watling A helmet has become an essential part of your safety while riding on the road. It ensures the safety of your head, which is the most critical part of your body. However, many riders face fogging issues on the helmet visor during cold weather […]


Can You Use a Bike Helmet for Snowboarding?

Introduction- Can You Use a Bike Helmet for Snowboarding? Master one sport, and it may be easier for you to pick up skills in many others. When it comes to equipment, it might seem that many sports have some things in common. However, it is also true that each outdoor activity requires its own specific […]


How to Avoid Helmet Hair (for Guys)

Many of us know that it is important to wear helmets when we ride our bikes. Bike helmets are a safety device designed to protect our heads in the event of an accident. They are also required by law in some countries and states. However, a consequence of wearing helmets is the discomfort of helmet […]


Best Cooling Helmet Liner for Mountain Bikers

Mountain biking is a rigorous activity that is guaranteed to make you sweat. That’s expected, considering that it’s basically a form of exercise. When it comes to biking, you might have a sweaty head due to the need for wearing a safety helmet. That’s where helmet liners come into play. What are bike helmet liners […]


What Are Mountain Bike Helmets Made Of?

We all know that mountain bike helmets form an important layer of protection for your head. Mountain biking is a sport that has its risks, especially if you crash and tumble down a steep slope. However, even if you only stick to road cycling, you would still risk colliding with other road users, or falling […]


Who Needs Commuter Bike Helmets?

UPDATE: The Pro-Viz Mars, Bell Presidio and Specialized Propero II helmets are sometimes out of stock. Make sure to check the product links for availability! Commuting has become more and more popular as people are more aware of the advantages that come with commuting by bike. Bike commuting deserves all the profound attention it has […]


Bike Helmet Styles

Bike helmets seem like such a trivial thing while setting up for a ride right? The adrenaline rush that takes over seems to be the only thing that matters at the moment! We aren’t here to bore you with the “safety first” lecture but there are certain specifications to your helmets that you should be […]


How Tight Should a Bike Helmet Be?

Just How Tight Should a Bike Helmet Be? When you get a bike helmet, the top reason is for safety purposes. After all, if you could ride without a helmet and guarantee that you never have an accident, who would even wear a helmet? However, reality tells us that this will not be the case […]


Mountain Bike Helmet Brands

Popular and Famous Mountain Bike Helmet Brands Mountain biking is an adrenaline-filled sport. The different terrains, hills and obstacles make the sport challenging, yet fun. It’s a complete thrill. With great fun comes responsibility. You must wear all the necessary protective gear, and you need to familiarize yourself with all the mountain biking brands that […]


How Often Should You Replace Your Bicycle Helmet?

Why do you need a helmet? What should you consider when selecting a helmet? Which brands sell the best helmets? Almost everyone can answer these questions. However, most people don’t know how often to replace their bicycle helmet. It’s a confusing and difficult question given the fact that helmets don’t usually come with an expiry […]

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