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How to Lace a Brooks Saddle

Introduction Biking is more fun if you are riding a bike that has a comfortable saddle. If you find that the saddle that comes with your bike is not comfortable, . Brooks is an established brand, and their saddles are made of leather. A unique thing about Brooks saddles is that it has holes in […]


How to Make a Beach Cruiser Faster

Do you own a beach cruiser and wish to optimize its performance? In this article, we will discuss simple ways in which you can make your beach bike go faster – and get more out of your ride. Introduction Although beach cruisers first gained prominence in the United States, their popularity has since spread across […]


How to Take Handlebar Grips Off [Guest Post]

By Nick Mark Whether it’s a bike for small kids or the bike you bought for yourself, there comes a time when it’s a must to replace the handlebar grips of your bike. But how do you know that it’s the right time to replace the old ones? You must have noticed that when grips […]


How To Remove Valve Stem Core

Tire valve stems are valves located on the wheel of a vehicle, from which the tires are inflated. They contain a spring-loaded valve core, which is sealed by the air pressure inside the tire. Over time, valve stems can age, break, become brittle, or start to leak, causing severe tire problems and impairing the driving/ […]


Road Bike to Hybrid Conversion

Introduction- Road Bike to Hybrid Conversion Hybrid bikes are bikes used every day for a wide range of activities. Hybrid bikes are a suitable bike for you if you want to ride on paved roads, bike paths, city and landscaped paths, and so on. This is why hybrid bikes are generally more comfortable than road […]


How to Paint a Bike without Spray Paint

Introduction- How to Paint a Bike without Spray Paint Are you a biker who is in need of an alternative paint other than the conventional spray paint to coat your bike? Do you wish to optimize and give your bike a new look that is more attractive? Then this article is meant for you. Over […]


How to Tape Bullhorn Handlebars

Introduction- What Are Bullhorn Handlebars? There is a wide range of handlebars that you can fit on your bike based on your personal preference. you will find in the market. They have a racy and upright feel, and usually come in black, silver, and gold color. As the name suggests, it is called bullhorn due […]


How to Adjust RockShox Reba Suspension Forks

Why do I need to adjust my Suspension Fork? If riding is causing your spring rate to leave you feeling deflated or that you can’t rebound fast enough, your bike’s suspension may not be set up correctly. While having a correctly tuned suspension makes riding feel great, a poor set up will make every ride […]


How to Clean Bike Helmet Straps

How to Clean Bike Helmet Straps- A Brief Overview. Bike helmets play a vital role in protecting riders in a crash and act as an insulator under different weather conditions. It contains three distinct components: the shell, liner, and strap. Each of these components performs a specific function. Bike helmet straps are made principally of […]


How to Remove Chainring Bolts

How to Identify a Worn Out Chainring? Chainrings are a piece of gear of vital importance in our rides. Thus, it is of high relevance to know when they are not working properly and need to be replaced. However, some symptoms may be confusing, as they can happen without entirely being caused by this. Chain […]

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