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5 Reasons for Using Bike Bells

By Rebecca White Bike bells are undoubtedly a useful tool to have when cycling. If you are a kid, they also seem like lots of fun! Instead of shouting to warn others that you are coming, to nearby pedestrians. Needless to say, bike bells offer lots of benefits to bikers. Here are five main reasons […]


E-Bike Conversion Kit: Tools You Need to Upgrade Your Ride [Guest Post]

By Jordan McDowell You look forward to biking to a local shop in the evening or to work in the morning, but in the back of your mind, you wonder whether you’ll ever get too tired to keep pedaling. Or, perhaps you’re worried about suddenly becoming stuck on a hill. What then? The good news? […]


How to Get a Loop Out of a Bike Chain, and Other Problems

Picture yourself during a ride when you suddenly face an issue. Let’s say, for example, a punctured rear tire. You take your bike to the side of the road and solve the problem. But once you’ve tackled this obstacle, feeling all MacGuyver-ish, you see a new one has appeared, and it seems to bring your […]


How to Get Oil Off Brake Pads

Introduction- How to Get Oil Off Your Brake Pads Do your brakes struggle to work properly? If your bike’s brakes aren’t working as they should and you are sure that the brake pads are not worn out, then there’s a high chance that the brake pads are dirty. You should always be able rely on […]


How to Make Gorilla Glue Dry Faster

What is Gorilla Glue Used for in Bikes and At Home? , from metal to glass. Most people love Gorilla Glue because of its availability, versatility, and its magnificent bonding properties. You can use Gorilla Glue for most household projects and even for bike repairs. However, the major drawback of Gorilla Glue is that it […]


How to Fix a Cracked Bike Tire

Have you ever noticed that your bike tires have little cracks along the side? If you have, you need, or will eventually need, to do something about it. Ride through this article to see what a cracked tire means, what to do about it, and even ways to prevent them from cracking. Why Do Tires […]


How to Fix Ghost Shifting

What is Ghost Shifting? Ghost shifting or phantom shifting, as it is also sometimes referred to, is a spooky way to describe what may look as an equally spooky condition you may experience in your bike. In short, your bike will shift gears without your consent. Strange? Not that much, actually. You may notice ghost […]


How to Lace a Brooks Saddle

Introduction Biking is more fun if you are riding a bike that has a comfortable saddle. If you find that the saddle that comes with your bike is not comfortable, . Brooks is an established brand, and their saddles are made of leather. A unique thing about Brooks saddles is that it has holes in […]


How to Make a Beach Cruiser Faster

Do you own a beach cruiser and wish to optimize its performance? In this article, we will discuss simple ways in which you can make your beach bike go faster – and get more out of your ride. Introduction Although beach cruisers first gained prominence in the United States, their popularity has since spread across […]


How to Take Handlebar Grips Off [Guest Post]

By Nick Mark Whether it’s a bike for small kids or the bike you bought for yourself, there comes a time when it’s a must to replace the handlebar grips of your bike. But how do you know that it’s the right time to replace the old ones? You must have noticed that when grips […]

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