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Top 10 Best Cycling Trips in the World [Guest Post]

By Christopher G. Aiello Cycling is a simple and brilliant way of engaging intensely with your destination. Imagine yourself cycling through the world’s richest historical landscapes enjoying picturesque  and spectacular sceneries. Cycling, as the antithesis of the modern trend of flying, provides a slower way of meandering your surroundings. Every ride, regardless of the destination, […]


How to Soften Your Bike Seat

A Guide to Softening Your Bike Seat Did you just get a new bike? All your excitement and optimism could come to an abrupt end, if your bike seat doesn’t offer the comfort you desire. Many riders would think of softening their bike seats if they are not as comfortable as expected. However, the reverse […]


How to Use a Chain Whip

A bike is an excellent machine for exercise and leisure. From time to time, you may notice that some part of your bike has been damaged. Your bike can wear out due to improper maintenance, since it is easy to overlook certain parts. If you only clean your bike partially, it may become discolored. Dirt […]


How To Adjust Bontrager Brakes

Introduction Due to its direct mount standard and settings, the Bontrager brake caliper offers an unbeatable braking power for a rim brake. The brake is ultra-light as it only weighs around 116g, but is extremely strong. These brakes are compatible with . Although Bontrager brakes have an integrated brake caliper to ensure that the braking […]


How to Get Bike Grease Out of Carpet

Overview- How to Get Bike Grease Out of Carpet Bike grease is one of the toughest stains for any surface. For anyone who owns a bike, it can be very difficult to remove a grease stain­–especially from your carpet. Fortunately, this type of stubborn stain can be removed through a few different methods. But regardless […]


How to Use the SRAM Red eTap Dongle

It’s always nice to find ways to improve your performance as a rider. Whether it is on a racing or road bike, we’re constantly looking for ways to make our last ride look worse than our next one. That’s why SRAM developed the . What Is the SRAM Red Groupset and Dongle? Just as its […]


How To Get A Bike Tire Back On Its Rim

Introduction- How to Get Bike Tire Back on Rim? Getting tires back to a rim is not as complicated as it looks, and even a complete beginner can do it. However, getting the last tight section on can be problematic for even an expert. , which can cause rim, tube, and tire damage. One way […]


5 Reasons for Using Bike Bells

By Rebecca White Bike bells are undoubtedly a useful tool to have when cycling. If you are a kid, they also seem like lots of fun! Instead of shouting to warn others that you are coming, to nearby pedestrians. Needless to say, bike bells offer lots of benefits to bikers. Here are five main reasons […]


How to Remove Metal Zip Ties

Metal zip ties, also known as , are metal tags used to hold things together or attach to a cylindrical surface. Due to their accessibility and low cost, they can be used for a variety of purposes. Metal zip ties offer bikers, from mountain bikers to road racers, a quick fix when a bike breaks […]


How to Use a Bike Repair Stand

A bike repair stand is a crucial piece of maintenance equipment. Using a repair stand is extremely helpful when working on your bike. It offers a method of securing your bike while you perform maintenance. It also frees up both of your hands because you do not have to worry about your bike losing balance. […]

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