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How to Transport a Tandem Bike

Can you transport a tandem bike across long distances? Tandem bikes are a great way of getting exercise while spending time with a friend or loved one. However, if you plan to travel somewhere further away for a leisurely ride, trying to figure out how to transport your bike might be a confusing experience. can […]


How to Adjust RockShox Reba Suspension Forks

Why do I need to adjust my Suspension Fork? If riding is causing your spring rate to leave you feeling deflated or that you can’t rebound fast enough, your bike’s suspension may not be set up correctly. While having a correctly tuned suspension makes riding feel great, a poor set up will make every ride […]


How to Clean Bike Helmet Straps

How to Clean Bike Helmet Straps- A Brief Overview. Bike helmets play a vital role in protecting riders in a crash and act as an insulator under different weather conditions. It contains three distinct components: the shell, liner, and strap. Each of these components performs a specific function. Bike helmet straps are made principally of […]


How to Remove Chainring Bolts

How to Identify a Worn Out Chainring? Chainrings are a piece of gear of vital importance in our rides. Thus, it is of high relevance to know when they are not working properly and need to be replaced. However, some symptoms may be confusing, as they can happen without entirely being caused by this. Chain […]


How to Polish Pitted Aluminum

Which Bike Parts Are Made of Aluminum? Nowadays, there’s quite a competition between aluminum, steel, and carbon when deciding which is the best for bike materials. The first aluminum bikes date back to over 120 years ago. Not as advanced as they are now, this material proved to be -as it still does now- lighter […]


How to Keep Bike Chain from Rusting

Biking is among the best ways to exercise and commute. It’s good for the heart, good for the Earth, and provides a sense of freedom. But that freedom can be quickly limited by a frustrating rusty bike chain. Sometimes, no matter how you keep it, your chain will find ways to rust. This article provides […]


How to Strap Your Bike to A Roof Rack

The benefits of a mountain bike as a means of transportation and as a form of exercise are well known. However, there exist some moments of adventure where you will need to carry your bike on a car roof to get from one location to the next. The following are some helpful tips to secure […]


How to Remove Lithium Grease from Clothing

How to Remove Lithium Grease from Your Clothing If you do your own maintenance or oil changes on your bike, at some point you will get lithium grease on your clothes. Getting lithium grease off of your clothes immediately is important, or else your clothes will quickly stain and become ruined. What is Lithium Grease? […]


How to Cut Aluminum Handlebars

Why and How to Cut Bike Handlebars Do you experience numbness or tingling in your hands when you ride your bike? Does cycling hurt or tire out your arms, shoulders, and wrists? Is it a challenge to properly grip your handlebars while you ride? If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, then it […]


How to Recover From “Bonking”

Introduction- How to Recover From “Bonking” Before your mind wanders to more colorful topics, the word “bonk” in sports refers to “hitting the wall” or reaching the limits of your physical ability. For endurance athletes, it is an immediate and overwhelming feeling of lack of energy. You were running or climbing what appeared to be […]

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