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Cycling Safety Guide: What You Need to Know [Guest Infographics]

Whether you cycle for fun on the weekends or as part of your daily commute, it’s critical that you have a good understanding of cycling safety. This infographic guide from Hussey Fraser outlines some health and safety essentials to help cyclists stay safe on the road. By Derek Eastwood/ Hussey Fraser Cyclists Are Among The […]


What Are Mountain Bike Helmets Made Of?

We all know that mountain bike helmets form an important layer of protection for your head. Mountain biking is a sport that has its risks, especially if you crash and tumble down a steep slope. However, even if you only stick to road cycling, you would still risk colliding with other road users, or falling […]


Bike Size Chart Guide [Guest Infographics]

Today, we have  a special guest blogger – actually, more like guest infographics. Mayo is the Co-Founder of Rinasclta Bicycle Components, a manufacturer of carbon fiber bicycle frames, wheels and components. Read on to learn something from the beautiful infographics! By Mayo Zhang Purchasing a bike online is becoming more and more popular, but at […]


Buying a Road Bike- It Should Feel Good [Guest Post]

By Vaishali There will never be a better time to purchase a new road bike. In case you are thinking of purchasing a new bike or you have just started exploring road bikes, we have some valuable tips here to make your purchasing decision easier.   Bike Material With regards to road bikes, there are […]


Winter Road Cycling: What You Need to Know [Guest Post]

By Paul East For most people, bad weather is the primary reason why one should stay under their thick, warm duvets or sip hot cocoa in their pyjamas. Going out for a bike ride against the elements is the last thing on their mind. But, if you’ve embraced and developed the discipline to mentally negotiate […]


Tips To Take On Board Before Buying A Gift For Cyclists [Guest Post]

By Sara Whitehouse Every cycling fanatic, or even a beginner, will require the gear for cycling. But what are the best and worst gifts you can buy for a cyclist? We have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best and potentially worst gifts you can buy for a cycling fanatic. From bike locks […]


Biking Gear Every Mountain Biker Should Possess [Guest Post]

By Tonya Carroll The word “biking” gives you a sense of workout exercise, a growing sport, and a mode of transport. But as it is gaining popularity for being an ideal thrilling sport, there are many things to consider before opting for it.  This sport is all about pedaling and balancing. It needs full concentration […]


Most Striking Cycling Jerseys for Women

Last time we did a post on the most striking cycling jerseys for men, so today we’ll round up the most striking cycling jerseys for women. As we all know, staying visible on the roads and biking trails is very important, and wearing bright clothing is one way to warn others that we’re around. Instead […]

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