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Definition of Enduro Mountain Biking

What is Enduro Mountain Biking? Competitive mountain biking is an industry with two very different types of race formats: , and . Each one of these formats presents a unique set of challenges. However, there is one race format that combines elements from cross-country and downhill races as well as bringing many new challenges to […]


Physical Benefits of Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Benefits There are a lot of benefits when it comes to most forms of exercising. Mountain biking is no exception – is great for your health. According to the British Medical Journal, those who choose to commute either partially or fully by biking on a daily basis can lower their risk of suffering […]


The 5 Best Cycling Events In The US [Guest Post]

The United States is one of the world’s largest countries and has a massive cycling community that grows each year. Bicycling has become the second most popular outdoor activity among youth in America, and the fourth most popular among adults. Millions of people attend cycling events in the United States every year, from amateur cyclists to international […]


Mountain Bike Jumping for Beginners

Mountain bike jumping is a technique used to launch your mountain bike off a ramp. Often times, as you ride the mountain bike trails, you will encounter mounds of dirt shaped like ramps. Being able to perform a jump is a good way of improving your speed and clearing obstacles. That said, it is important […]


How Can Cyclists Keep Skin Healthy and Hydrated? [Guest Post]

By Jackie Smee The main cause of skin cancer is exposure to UV radiation, according to, and since cyclists spend so many hours outdoors, protection against UV rays is key. Of course, skin cancer is just one of many issues faced by committed athletes. The heat, wind, and of course, dehydration can take its toll on […]


10 Guidelines for Kids Riding a Bike with Gears [Guest Post]

By Zara Safety is essential when it comes to kids riding a bike with gears. While getting a new gear bike for your kid, you have to consider certain factors like comfort and proper conditioning. Get your kid a gear bike only after a lot of practice on various terrain. Here are a few factors […]


5 Accident-Prone Areas in California [Guest Post]

By Hazel Ann Westco Every year, over 32,000 people in California die due to auto accidents. Sadly, the state also has a high number of accidents per year. There are over 10,000 regular cyclists in at least two cities. In 2015, there were 129 deaths due to bicycle accidents in the state, which was higher […]


Why Mountain Bikers Should Take Up Motorcycling [Guest Post]

Open the Door to a New World of Adventures with Motorcycling By Patrick, The sweet smell of adventure wafting on the gentle breeze as it runs through your hair and the adrenaline rush of speeding through an open road, is what makes motorbikes so alluringly thrilling. For the most part, many of us tend […]


Benefits Of Cycling As You Get Older [Guest Post]

By Jackie Smee Regular exercise is vital to staying healthy as you age. Physical activity has been proven to improve seniors’ quality of life in more ways than one, and cycling is ideal for older adults who are looking for a great low-impact workout. Cycling doesn’t just improve seniors’ physical health, but has all-around benefits […]


Cycling Safety Guide: What You Need to Know [Guest Infographics]

Whether you cycle for fun on the weekends or as part of your daily commute, it’s critical that you have a good understanding of cycling safety. This infographic guide from Hussey Fraser outlines some health and safety essentials to help cyclists stay safe on the road. By Derek Eastwood/ Hussey Fraser Cyclists Are Among The […]

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