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Do I Need a Speed and Cadence Sensor?

Speed sensors and cadence sensors are two common gadgets used to keep track of performance. However, have you ever wondered what their differences are? Should you get a speed sensor, or would a cadence sensor suit your needs better? Do I Need a Speed and Cadence Sensor? As suggested by their name, speed sensors or […]


How Often Should A Bicycle be Serviced?

If you have not experienced any kind of malfunctioning in your bike as a cyclist, it is because you are not cycling enough! From a strange creaking sound to a snapped chain, we have all gone through red flags that told us our rides were shouting out for assistance. The cure? Servicing! Whether you do […]


Bike Shorts vs. Leggings vs. Tights

Bike Shorts vs. Leggings vs. Tights Choosing an outfit for a party, a job meeting, a family reunion, or a nightclub is not an easy task. This decision may become even more complex if you have to do exercise during the day. For years, and possibly for years to come, the debate between bike shorts, […]


Can You Turn A Fixie Into A Road Bike?

Introduction- Can You Turn A Fixie Into A Road Bike? Gears usually help to increase pedaling efficiency of a bike by maximizing the mechanical advantage of a biker based on the terrain. Most bikers prefer using bikes with a gearing system when they want to cover the greatest possible distance to avoid stress. However, a […]


Can You Change the Wheel Size On A Bike?

Introduction There are numerous reasons that you may decide to change your bike’s wheel. You may want to change the wheel size on your bike because of your weight, road or trail conditions, how much braking you do, and lots more. However, there are numerous bicycle wheel sizes out there, and you may be wondering […]


How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter [Guest Post]

Ways to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter- Introduction By Johnson Charles It is very annoying to ride a motorcycle for a long time with so much noise constantly coming into your helmet. So, what are the best ways to make a motorcycle helmet quieter? Just like how mountain bikers would sometimes encounter wind noise, motorbike […]


Workout Shorts for Guys with Skinny Legs [Guest Post]

By James Wilson Summer season is just around the corner, and everyone is feeling sweaty just by the thought of it. Most people love to stay cozy while working out, so they wear trousers and  to keep their legs warm. However, as the summer arrives, everyone tries to get away from the coziness and look […]


What to Eat When Cycling Long Distance- 7 Energy-Packed Choices! [Guest Post]

By Martine Stoker If you want to cycle long distances, you have to fuel up yourself with various digestive foods that contain many calories. Having food with enough energy is important before you hit the road with your road bike. Foods like sweet potato, fatty fish, and brown rice have dense calories that take longer […]


What Is the Best Spin Bike for Home Use?

There are different things to take into account when choosing a spin bike to use at home. But first, one thing must be set clear: the difference between a spin bike and a bike trainer. The main characteristic that makes them so different is their look and thus, the intention in using them. A bike […]

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