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The History of Fixed Gear Bikes [Guest Post]

Introduction- The History of Fixed Gear Bikes By William Cypher Even though the single-speed road bike is considered “basic” by many today, bike history tends to be more contentious than most other technologies. Some assume Giovanni de la Fontana invented the first bike in 1418, identifying it as a four-wheeled human-powered invention with a rope […]


Workout Clothes That You Can Wear To Work – Athleisure [Guest Post]

By James Wilson Our disorganized and casual lifestyle has made us robotic. In modern times, we run after success and try to earn a better living, but fitting in wellness and fitness is always a challenge. Waking up and going to work has become a lifestyle in itself and when we come home, we usually […]


Can You Ride A Cruiser Bike On Dirt?

Can You Ride A Cruiser Bike On Dirt – Introduction Nowadays, some of the most popular bikes are the BMX, mountain, and road bike varieties. These types of bikes can serve a wide range of riding styles and paths. Riding off-road offers experienced bikers the chance to experience diversity and escape from the city’s hustle […]


Can You Lock Your Bike to a Handicap Sign?

Introduction If you are a biker that has ever pedaled to a new location in another part of the town, you would have experienced the situation where you wonder where you could park your bike. Although you may have lots of options to park and lock your bike, maybe to a sign or a tree, […]


How to defog a bike helmet visor [Guest Post]

How to defog a bike helmet visor- Introduction By Ryan Watling A helmet has become an essential part of your safety while riding on the road. It ensures the safety of your head, which is the most critical part of your body. However, many riders face fogging issues on the helmet visor during cold weather […]


How Do You Choose Road Cycling Shoes?

Introduction- How Do You Choose Road Cycling Shoes? If you are a regular cyclist, adding a pair of cycling shoes to your sports gear is a great investment. Unlike regular sneakers, cycling shoes provide balance, comfort, and ease of use. The amount of effort exerted in pedaling while wearing cycling shoes is reduced by a […]


How does a barrel adjuster work?

Introduction- How does a barrel adjuster work? Barrel adjusters are the little cups with holes at the bottom that can be screwed into your bike, used for adjusting cable length. You might find them at different places on your bike: the brakes, gear levers, derailleurs, or brake calipers. Barrel adjusters are used to . Since […]


What are Cycling Leg and Arm Warmers?

Cycling leg and arm warmers are clothing pieces worn by cyclists during long rides to protect against wind or cold weather. Leg warmers are worn together with bib shorts, and they cover from your thighs down to the ankles, while arm warmers are worn on the arms. Some of these pieces are made from lycra, […]


Can You Put Sealed Bearings in an Unsealed Hub?

What are sealed bike bearings? Seals commonly sold at bicycle stores are not typically built to be water-resistant. This kind of seal is instead simply modeled to prevent air from entering the bearing. Sealed bearings are then bearings safeguarded by seals, and these bearings are found in hubs and bottom brackets. Not only is a […]

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