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Are Hybrid Bikes Great for Commuting? Facts You Need to Know! [Guest Post]

By Samuel Introduction to Hybrid Bikes Are hybrid bike great for commuting? Of course, they are! Hybrid bikes mix the benefits of a road, touring and mountain bike and are therefore more efficient and reliable for riding over uneven roads, hills, and almost any terrain. However, their purpose-built nature may make them pretty expensive compared […]


How To Bleed Shimano Brakes Without Funnel

Learn How To Bleed Shimano Brakes Without a Funnel Let’s imagine you’re on a ride. You’re feeling great, filled with an energy that makes you want to go even further. Weather conditions are optimal. All of a sudden, you see a fine spot to take a rest. But when you pull the lever, you notice […]


How to Use a Wrench Force Bike Pump

How to Use a Wrench Force Bike Pump – Introduction Biking is a fun experience, but it can turn dangerous if you ride on a flat tire. Although it may look fine to you if you have a flat tire, but can lead to a severe accident even when you are careful. This is among […]


How to Install PowerTap Hub

We all, as bikers, want to improve our performance when riding, but we need something to measure it to know we are riding through the correct path to do so. A great way to do so is by using a . Getting one is not a difficult task, just surf online, and you’ll find them […]


How to Convert Your Mountain Bike to a Gravel Bike

Do you have a mountain bike and plan to travel on softer or off-road terrain? We have good news for you! You don’t have to throw away your mountain bike to buy a gravel bike. You can still use your on softer terrain, such as pedestrian sidewalks and farmland. Before you could do this, you […]


How to Attach Bags to a Bike Rack?

What is a Rear Bike Rack? A bike rack is a unique feature of a bike that you can attach in order to carry loads. A bike rack can be in front or at the rear of your bike. , and it is essential for traveling, running, and carrying other accessories. How to Attach Bags […]


How to Install Double Toe Straps

Introduction The  is a popular tool for most bikers due to its numerous benefits. Toe straps help to get the most benefit from cycling, helps to ride efficiently, and also for keeping the feet on the pedals. It also offers a comfort level that is greater than using toe clips or cleats. Everything to know […]


Why is My Electric Bike Cutting Out? [Guest Post]

By Emily Drinks It’s every electric bike rider’s worst nightmare. You’re making your way up a steep hill when suddenly the motor cuts out, and you’re left trying to make up the slack as you power up the hill on your own. Why would your electric bike cut out on you while you’re riding it, […]


Rigid Fork vs. Suspension for a Hybrid Bike

Rigid Fork vs. Suspension Hybrid When acquiring a bike, there are several points to bear in mind. One of the most important ones -if not the most- is whether to get a rigid fork or a suspension hybrid one. So, let’s ride together through both paths, and see if we can decide which one adapts […]


How to Hang Bike Hooks in Drywall

You walk through miles of drywall every day. It’s at home, at the office, and in any store, you visit. Drywall has several names: . Despite the prevalence of drywall in our daily lives, very few people know how it is made.   What is Drywall? Drywall is a building material that is used to […]

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