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How to Install a Water Bottle Cage on a Bike Without Holes

A water bottle cage is a device that is used to affix a water bottle to a mountain bike. It is made up of materials such as stainless steel, titanium, plastic, or carbon fiber. are typically affixed to the main frame of a bike, the handlebars, behind the seat (saddle), and sometimes, the fork. Most […]


How to Get On A Bike with A Child Seat

Learning to ride a bike is a fun initiation ritual for most kids, but if you’re an enthusiastic bike parent, learning to teach and carry your little ones between the ages of six months and about four years old by bike can be a bit daunting. Everything has to do with security and pragmatism; hence, […]


Electric Bike 24v or 36v – What Voltage Should I Get? [Guest Post]

By Emma Lewis are a means of transportation that are becoming more popular with time. The many benefits are contributing to this rise in popularity. Among the usual questions about electric bikes, many people frequently ask about the . To understand how e-bike batteries are rated, you need to know the concepts of power, including […]


How To Carry A Cable Lock On Your Bike

Safety and security first, they say. But when we say this, we mustn’t limit our minds to just our safety and security, but also include our bikes! We know how much we have invested in them, and even though it might not have been a significant amount, we don’t want anybody to take our favorite […]


Do I Need a Chain Guard On My Bike?

It comes a time when we as bikers start asking one of two questions -and even both sometimes: Do I need everything I have on my bike?; and, do I need what others have on their bikes? Chain guards, as an accessory, are no exception to this rule. So let’s go in-depth and get things […]


How to Convert Friction Shifter to Index Shifter

Converting a Friction Shifter to  an Index Shifter The gear shifter is the component that is used for controlling the gearing mechanisms and also to choose the desired gear ratio. Gear shifters are among the crucial part of a touring bicycle because of its reliability. If your bike does not have a , it means […]


How to Clean Rust off Bike Rims

Bike rims, spokes, and other parts of a bike can quickly get rusty if they are stored in humid conditions or left for a while. This is common on older collector bikes with carbon-steel spokes and rims that are plated with zinc or chrome. Some of the best ways to clean rust off your bike […]


How to Paint a Bike Seat

Why Should You Consider Painting Your Bike Seat? Although they do not have any influence on our performance, we as bikers like to keep our bikes neat. It is a fact, too, that we love them to have an impact on those who share this hobby with us, or who see us pass by on […]


How to Crimp Bike Cable Ends

How to Crimp Cable End Caps Mountain bikes typically contain two types of cables in their construction, namely the shifter cables and brake cables. Purpose of Bike Cable Ends There are two parts of bike cables: 1. The internal wire made of braided steel wire. 2. The outer housing also made of flexible steel, generally […]


Functional Exercises to Develop Strength for Mountain Biking [Guest Post]

By Deyvi Mardelli Mountain biking or cycling is fundamentally about creating force over and over again, one leg at a time. But beside legs, it also needs a strong upper body for climbing on your bike. Incorporating some simple strength exercises can be a great addition to your training routine when you are biking. Moreover, […]

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