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How to Protect Your Bike From Salt

A Brief Guide to Protecting Your Bike from Salt Winter comes with many worries for your bike. While some are oblivious to performing routine maintenance, others are probably doing more than the required maintenance. Either way, this guide will address your worries. During winter, it is normal for salt to be applied to roads in […]


Difference Between All-Mountain and Trail Bikes

Just as we have different types of vehicles specially designed for certain terrains, manufacturers develop bike models for handling different types of terrain. When you use the appropriate bicycle for a path or trail, you get the best riding experience. Bicycles come in various shapes and sizes; tires, frame materials, gears, and other basic physical […]


Attaching Wald Basket to the Front Rack

Introduction- How to Attach a Wald Basket to Your Bike’s Front Rack Bicycle baskets and racks provide a great deal of functionality for bikers. Bike baskets are simple to install, and it helps bikers carry more stuff while pedaling around. It helps to keep the hands where they belong while you balance and pedal around […]


Adding Braze-Ons to a Bike Frame

Many of us may have had our first riding experience as a kid. Kids’ bikes typically come with lots of details, such as a bell, bottle cage, and a rear bike rack. However, if you have purchased a budget bike as an adult, you would likely have received a very . This is where you […]


Threadless Fork on a Threaded Frame

Assuming you’re new to the world of bikes, there are a few important components to be aware of in the event that you need to replace pieces of your bike. Sure, there are the wheels and brakes to consider, but your bike is a finely-tuned machine with intricately-connected parts that must work in sync for […]


Can You Use a SRAM Crankset With Shimano?

Once upon a time in the biking community, transmission parts used to be as interchangeable as mix-and-match accessories. Nowadays, it’s become increasingly more difficult to find compatible components to replace older bike parts as more off-brand products endlessly flood the market. Still, not all transmission components are created equal as the biking giants such as […]


“My Bike Front Wheel Is Not Centered!”

Introduction- Bike Front Wheel Not Centered While checking your bike, you may notice that your bike’s front wheel is not exactly in the center of the fork, but leans toward one side. There are a number of possible causes for an off-center front wheel. It is possible that you have turned one of the quick-releases […]


Can I Use Tektro Mineral Oil in Shimano Brakes?

Introduction- Tektro Mineral Oil in Shimano Brakes Due to the , the production of bicycles has been increasing to meet the demand. Examples of activities people use their bikes for include sports, relaxation, exercise, and training. Each manufacturer creates a unique type of bikes, so their bikes can be distinct from those of other companies. […]


Carpal Tunnel Bike Handlebars

About Carpal Tunnel Bike Handlebars Not all bikes look alike. There are mountain bikes, urban bikes, and racing bikes, among others. And within each category, there are thousands of variables we can find. Some of them are esthetic, others for comfort, and we can also find bikes that are designed for users with underlying medical […]


“My Brompton Rear Frame Clip is Loose!”

Introduction – Is Your Brompton Rear Frame Clip Loose? The constant modifications made by Brompton to their bikes give them an excellent edge over other bike manufacturers. Before August 2007, most Brompton bikes had a small space in between the mainframe and the rear, and this free space caused the bike to dangle in the […]

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