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How to Build a Mountain Bike Ladder Bridge

A mountain bike ladder bridge refers to a man-made surface usually made out of wood. Its primary purpose is to bridge a gap that might be unrideable or unsafe for mountain bikers. Ladder bridges may be built over streams, swamps, ravines, and fallen trees, enabling bikers to ride over obstacles. In this article, we will […]


How to Remove Grease from Brake Pads on a Mountain Bike

Have you ever heard a creaking sound when cycling? That squealing kind of sound brakes do when something is not working correctly? Do you feel your brakes are not responding correctly, too? Then, it may be time to check on your to see if they have accumulated any grease, and of course, remove it. Here […]


Can You Put Training Wheels on A Bike with Gears?

What Are Training Wheels Used For? We love biking. And as bike lovers, we want to transmit our passion to our little ones. There are several ways of doing so, and as we know (because we’ve been there too!), the first obstacle to beat is the fear of falling. That is where our two little […]


What Kind of Mountain Bikes Is Best for Kids? [Guest Post]

By Patrick Gray Most of us learn how to ride a bike while we’re still young, and while it has its fair share of challenges like scraped knees and some bruises here and there, it’s still an essential skill that every child should learn. There are many reasons why a kid should learn how to […]


How to Sand Down a Bike Frame

Tips on Sanding Down a Bike Frame There is beauty in the raw and unfinished material, which is often hidden by redundant layers of paint. Some bikers like the exposed metal look on their bike. Yet others are dissatisfied with the color of their bike frames, and would like to repaint them in another color. […]


How to Remove a Stripped Allen Head Bolt

What is a Stripped Allen Head Screw? An Allen head bolt is a screw with a hexagonal socket in its head. This screw could be installed with an Allen key (). A stripped Allen screw occurs when the screwdriver grinds away the drive part of the screw head. Once the drive part of the screw […]


How to Cut Shifter Cable Housing

What is Shifter (Derailleur) Cable Housing? Shifter cables and housing are among the vital part of a bike because they connect the shift levers to their respective . A typical shifter comprises of a . Although this might not look interesting at first, you should keep in mind that the type of housing and cable […]


How to Top Up Tubeless Tyres

The importance of using a right and secure tire (tyre) cannot be overemphasized as the type, and quality of tire you use for your mountain bike not only determines your safety but also affects the efficiency of your ride. are a type of tires which do not need a separate inner tube; this is because […]


XC Mountain Bike Climbing Techniques

Few things compare to taking your out for a ride through the wilderness, by the ocean or along a short- or long-distance trail. That feeling of being in nature is special. Additionally, some who do value that core essence of this sport also want to push themselves as close to their potential as possible, to […]


What is XC/ Trail Mountain Biking?

Cross Country (XC)/ Trail Mountain Biking is a competitive Olympic biking sport that was established in 1996. It is the only official mountain biking event in the Olympics. XC Mountain Biking focuses on two things, distance, and endurance. The winner is the fastest biker to make it through the varying terrain in the shortest time. […]

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