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Best Bike Rack for SUV Without Hitch

Best Bike Racks for SUVs Without Hitch – Overview Planning to drive out for a weekend getaway or a camping trip? Packing all the gear you need to enjoy the wide, open spaces will most probably be foremost on your list of preparations. If you are planning to do some mountain biking on the trip, […]


Best Cycling Shorts for Big Thighs

Cycling shorts are designed to be comfortable during your bike rides. A good pair of cycling shorts typically comes with padding at the areas that need them most, and are made of breathable and flexible material, such as Lycra and spandex. Besides breathability, , distribute road vibration, and prevent chaffing. One problem faced by some […]


Best Suspension Fork Under $200

Best Suspension Forks Under $200 – Introduction Without suspension forks, riding bikes would be treacherous and painful; but thanks to the invention of suspension forks, you can enjoy riding your bike on potholed roads and rocky tracks. A suspension fork enables you to tackle difficult terrain with safety and confidence by improving control and traction. […]


Best Mountain Bike Tires for Loose Sand

Whether you are an expert bike rider on sandy terrain or have never ridden a bike before, you probably know that the most important feature on your bike is your tires. In loose sand, the right kind of tires will give you the grip you need, allowing you to have a great ride despite challenging […]


Best Full Face MTB Helmet under $100

Best Full Face MTB Helmets under $100 – Introduction There is something so exciting about being on your bike, challenging yourself to tackle the hardest courses. If you are an avid biker, you must know how important it is to have the right gear. A full-face MTB helmet will keep your face safe from the […]


Best Bike Saddle for Big Guys

Finding a Bike Saddle – Introduction The pros of staying physically fit are hard to deny. Getting your body moving keeps it strong, helps it fight off illness and can even be beneficial to your mind and stress levels. Research shows those who keep their bodies physically fit are at a lower risk for heart […]


Best Mountain Bike Shoes for Narrow Feet

Introduction- Best Mountain Bike Shoes for Narrow Feet If you have narrow feet, then you already know that not all shoes are created equally. It can be a struggle to find shoes that fit just right, especially when looking for something as specific as shoes for mountain biking. Mountain bike shoes are made specifically for […]


Shimano R500 vs Mavic Aksium

Shimano R500 and Mavic Aksium are two popular models of road bike wheelsets. For those who are starting out with road bikes, it is normal to compare these two models when considering an upgrade. Shimano R500 Features   . It is targeted at bikers who require wheels for basic training and daily commutes. The R500 […]


Best Cooling Helmet Liner for Mountain Bikers

Mountain biking is a rigorous activity that is guaranteed to make you sweat. That’s expected, considering that it’s basically a form of exercise. When it comes to biking, you might have a sweaty head due to the need for wearing a safety helmet. That’s where helmet liners come into play. What are bike helmet liners […]


Best Mountain Bike Flat Pedals Under $100

Why You Should Buy Flat Platform Mountain Bike Pedals Whether you’re hitting the trails or commuting to work, “flats” can help. It’s an affordable and smart upgrade that can be applied to nearly every type of bicycle. You can ride them with street shoes (although a shoe with a flat, hard rubber sole is ideal), […]

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