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Fox Metah Mountain Bike Helmet Review

Fox Metah Mountain Bike Helmet Review

When it comes to mountain trailing, having the best mountain bike helmet makes a big difference. Performance and comfort can be greatly affected by the kind of mountain bike helmet you use, so it’s always a good idea to choose the best mountain bike helmet you can find.

When it comes to comfort and performance, you can’t go wrong with a mountain bike helmet such as the Fox Metah Mountain Bike Helmet.

Features of the Fox Metah Mountain Bike Helmet

  • All-mountain helmet
  • Lower coverage at the back
  • 14 big bore vents
  • Fox Varizorb multi-density impact reduction system
  • Single-hand dial-actuated retention system
  • Premium quality EPS liner
  • Fixed Y-strap anchor system
  • Improved fit
  • Premium liner with sealed edges
  • Super lightweight
  • MX-inspired fixed visor
  • Comes in various colors
  • Item weight: 1.9 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 8 in.


The Fox Metah Mountain Bike Helmet is just made for style, it also has several features that make it a leader when it comes to comfort and performance. When it comes to performance, this mountain bike helmet offers superb protection for trail riding. For starters, it has a lower coverage on the back of the head so there is more protection in this area.

There’s no such thing as too much protection when traveling or going trail riding, so this added protection is a welcome feature for anyone. The more protection a mountain bike helmet like this can offer, the better it is for users.

Also, this mountain bike helmet’s 14 big bore vents are another good feature because aside from ventilation, the big vents also help to give the helmet a lighter weight when riding. First of all, the vents are important for ventilation because they allow airflow in and out of the helmet. This prevents heat and moisture from building up in the helmet.

The MX-inspired fixed visor plays a big role in directing the air within the helmet towards its vents so that there is no possibility of heat forming within the helmet. The vents are also instrumental in making the mountain bike helmet lightweight during travel because they reduce the helmet’s weight.

Fox Metah Mountain Bike Helmet Review

The Fox Metah Mountain Bike Helmet has style, comfort and performance

Another feature of this mountain bike helmet that you should look out for is its Varizorb multi-density impact reduction system with EPS liner. This particular feature allows the helmet to disperse energy created by a collision so that the impact on the head will be reduced. Head safety is a priority in mountain bike helmets, and this feature helps improve head safety a lot.

Fitting the mountain bike helmet on the head is not a problem with its fixed anchor Y-strap that makes it easy for the helmet to be put on and taken off, in addition to being adjusted for a perfect fit. The single-hand dial also helps make the fitting easy and hassle-free.

Comfort is another thing that this mountain bike helmet can offer. This helmet has a premium liner with sealed edges that help manage and prevent the creation of moisture. The lack of moisture helps make the helmet comfier. Another thing that makes this mountain bike helmet comfortable is its weight, and it becomes even lighter while riding with the help of the vents.


While it has lots of great features, there are a few issues with this mountain bike helmet that you should know about before buying it. For starters, this bike helmet can be a little tight. Adjustments might have to be made in order to get the right fit.

You should also be prepared for the fact that this helmet can look a little bulky. If you want a slimmer helmet, you should think twice before buying this one.


The Fox Metah Mountain Bike Helmet has its own share of pros and cons that all interested buyers should consider first before buying. However, despite the fact that this mountain bike helmet has a few issues, it cannot be denied that it is well designed for comfort and performance. You get what you paid for and more with this product.