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How to Assemble Hiking Poles [Guest Post]

How to Assemble Hiking Poles


By Carmela Smith

Hiking poles are handy. Many hikers and backpackers use them for several reasons. If you are hiking in any part of the country and plan to hike all week long, the hiking poles will give you a comfortable and safe experience.

Moreover, hiking poles are beneficial if you love hiking in the mountains. This article will explain how to assemble a hiking pole quickly and easily.

Hiking Pole Length

Many hiking poles have a centimeter mark, so you can keep your pole 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) shorter when you go uphill. The same goes when you descend. Sometimes you may have to stay on an uneven diagonal trail for a long time, which would require you to adjust the poles such that they are of unequal length.

Most hiking poles in the market have a range of lengths designed for individuals five to six feet tall (152-183 cm). However, if you are short, you may use a kids hiking pole. For taller hikers, hiking poles of lengths up to 57 inches (145 cm) may be needed.

One nifty trick is to make sure that your hiking pole is kept in your preferred length so that you would not have to readjust it each time you go for a hike.

How to Assemble Hiking Poles

Image: Unsplash/ Mche Lee

Hiking Pole Size

To enjoy the full benefits of hiking, you have to have a pole of a consistent size. If you choose a pole meant for hikers taller than yourself, the pole could push you back as you walk and cause severe discomfort to your shoulders.

If your hiking pole is too small, it will tilt you forward as you walk, putting a lot of pressure on your back. Your elbow should be at a right angle when holding the pole beside you; this posture is the most comfortable one and ensures full functionality.

Length Adjustment

To be able to modify the length of your hiking pole, you must first learn a few tricks. You must bend your elbow 90 degrees to stand up straight and then adjust the height, so that the pole’s grip fits easily in your hand.

If your preferred trails contain a lot of grassy or rocky terrain, and you frequently need to lift the pole over grass or rocks, you could consider using the best splitboard poles instead.

If you have three sections in your hiking pole, set the upper part in the middle and adjust the lower section to the length you feel comfortable with when walking on level ground. Whenever you need to adjust the length of the pole during a hike, you would only need to adjust the upper section without changing the bottom section’s length.

Grip Adjustment

It would be best if you held the grip of the hiking pole very loosely. This pole can rotate between the thumb of your hand and your forefinger, both front and back. The handgrips of hiking poles are usually attached, making them easy to use. If you hold your grip loose, it does not take a lot of effort to push the pole forward each step.

There is no need to tighten the grip as it will make your wrists and hands tired. You need to stop the grip with your fingers and learn to hold the grip using the thumb and forefinger. This way, you will not get tired quickly.

How to assemble a hiking pole?

Editor’s Note: This video by Product Peeks shows how you could assemble hiking poles easily:

A hiking pole has three sections. You will see a white pull tab there that opens and closes. You should let the pole hang naturally, then join the sections together.

  • The first thing you have to do is close this white tab and check the thumbscrew on the back. Then you have to rotate it to the right and tighten the screw.
  • The next thing you have to do is hold the pole tightly with one hand and pull down the second silver tab, which will easily slide down, and when you get to this point, the pole will line nicely.

Using Hiking Poles While Seated

Hiking poles could help you sit down and get up from a seated position. Place the tips on the hiking pole at the back and use them to get up. You may also use hiking poles for added balance when sitting; just remember not to put your hands inside the straps.

Using two hiking poles together to sit or stand can give excellent stability on both sides.

How to Assemble Hiking Poles

Final Thoughts

Hiking poles give you many benefits. They help support your joints while hiking and also provided added balance while in challenging terrain. With proper adjustment and assembly of hiking poles, you will be able to cover more ground and get more out of your hikes!

Author Bio

Carmela Smith is an outdoor enthusiast who cherishes nature and culture. She makes every effort to review outdoor products on with accurate and in-depth analysis. She believes that everyone could have a pleasant experience while spending time outdoors.