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How To Carry A Rear Pannier Without Eyelets

How To Carry A Rear Pannier Without Eyelets

How To Carry A Rear Pannier Without Eyelets- Introduction

We usually need a place to carry our elements when we ride our bikes. Whether they are an emergency kit, a backpack, or items such as keys, a wallet, a separate pair of shoes, or clothes, we must take them with us. However, using a backpack results in sweaty, uncomfortable riding. Sweat is the result of a lack of ventilation. And, in time, it becomes pretty annoying.

Many riders prefer using a rear pannier to transport their stuff or equipment. Now, what happens if it doesn’t have the appropriate eyelets? Does that mean we have to buy a new one? Don’t rush to your store and waste lots of cash on a new bag. The one you have is wonderful, and we’ll tell you how to fix it for your ride.

How To Carry A Pannier?

Before jumping on our tips to carry a pannier without eyelets, you should consider some things when attaching anything to your bike. Whether it is on your back or the rear part of your ride, remember that weight is relevant.

Before you jump on your ride, ask yourself if you need everything you take with you. The more you add to it, the less efficient your performance will be. Thus, you should always carry essential items.

How to use a rear bike rack

A great way to achieve this is by planning your ride. Consider all factors in general. Think of riding time, stops, terrain, and what could go wrong during your cycling time. For example, if it’s an urban ride, it may not be necessary to take a puncture kit with you, as you may come across a bike shop more quickly.

Another crucial factor when carrying things for your ride is stability. Taking things in a backpack may seem the easiest way to achieve stability. However, it is also possible when using a pannier.

Try to balance things to make things as stable as possible. Unstable riding may -or may not- cause you to fall. However, other consequences, such as premature tiredness, may arise if you don’t get this right.

How To Carry A Rear Pannier Without Eyelets

Now that you know what to carry and what to consider when doing so, we can go into different solutions to take a rear pannier without eyelets while riding.

Fortunately, there are various ways to solve this problem. Moreover, they are not expensive, so you will simultaneously take care of your back, your performance, and your pocket.

One way of fixing your pannier to your bike without eyelets is by adding clamps to it. These come in different measures, so you should pay attention to your specific frame size to match them correctly. Here’s a video on installing clamps to your bike frame (Credits to Electron Surfer):

There are different options for you to choose to adjust to both your ride, your pannier, and your budget. Another way to do so is by acquiring a bike rack with integrated clamps. You can find these racks online.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s unnecessary to change your pannier -nor your frame!- when facing an obstacle like this.