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How to Choose the Best Retro Cycling Jersey [Guest Post]

How to Choose the Best Retro Cycling Jersey

By Tom / Montella Cycling

Retro styles have dominated the clothing markets in recent times, including cycling clothing. Like its vintage counterpart, there are many slightly “old” clothing styles you may choose as a fashion statement while doing sports.

Tips for Choosing the Best Retro Cycling Jersey

There are many retro cycling jersey styles to choose from. San Pellegrino has become one of the most popular retro styles for cycling jerseys. After all, many people already recognize the brand’s presence in other supporting products— one of the examples is the San Pellegrino mineral water


La Vie Claire is another retro cycling jersey style you can choose if you consider being colorful to be your middle name. There are at least five bright colors in this cycling jersey style, along with matching geometric shapes around the jersey’s surfaces.

Other retro cycling jersey alternatives include Mapei Clas, 1965 Campionato Mondiale, and local variants of cycling jerseys in each country.

Mapei Clas has bright colors, just like La Vie Claire. The 1965 Campionato Mondiale has a solid black color with red lines at some parts that accentuate the strong and brave vibes of the wearers. Places such as Amsterdam, Italy, and France have also produced best-selling cycling jerseys.

How to Choose the Best Retro Cycling Jersey

Comfort Should Be #1 When Choosing A Retro Cycling Jersey

Before diving into the style, comfort should be your #1 priority when shopping for a cycling jersey. If a jersey’s colors appeal to you, but you do not find it a good fit, look for another one.

Style and Fashion

Retro is all about the dominant style that the wearer has chosen, just like vintage, preppy, the 1980s, or other themes. So, matching colors between different fashion items is one of the elements we’re talking about.

You can choose to have the retro style only on the top part. Alternatively, you can even do the same for the cycling bibs. Bear in mind that colorful retro cycling bibs are not only for women – men could also pull off the look well.


Finding a jersey of the right size may be a challenge, especially if your body does not fall into the “average” size category that most brands carry.

Montella Cycling offers collections for bikers of varying sizes, including cycling jerseys for bigger guys. Sizes and measurements run up to 3XL or 4XL for cycling jerseys, suitable for big and tall riders.

These big and tall or large-size cycling clothing collections were designed for cyclists with above-average heights. In addition, having 3XL and 4XL cycling jerseys in retro designs means that you do not have to be restricted to a standard look.

How to Choose the Best Retro Cycling Jersey

About Montella Cycling

Montella Cycling is an initiative by two cycling enthusiasts who wish to provide complete cycling kits for all bikers. You could even find large-size cycling clothing collections, in 3XL and above.

The company is committed to eco-friendly fashion, and offers long-lasting products which also wick away sweat. Their retro-styled cycling jerseys feature colorful designs which can accentuate the wearer’s style.