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How to Fit A Bike in A Car Trunk

How to Fit A Bike in A Car Trunk

How to Fit A Bike in A Car Trunk- Introduction

A bike’s importance cannot be overemphasized because it serves as a source of leisure during cycling and sports activities. While your bike is important, you would also not wish to damage your car with scratches whenever you carry your bike in your vehicle.

If you go on road trips regularly and wish to take your bike along, it is essential to know how to fit your bike correctly in your car’s trunk. Going on a trip with your bike should be both comfortable and fun.

Fitting your bike into your vehicle is a fast and straightforward process. Compared to using a rear mount rack, it also has the advantages of reduced risk of damage from other vehicles and protection from elements of the weather.

Prerequisite for Fitting Your Bike in A Car

Before you place your bike in your vehicle, you must consider the size of your bike. Ensure that the bike is reasonably clean. If it has gained a little bit of dust since the last thorough-clean session, you could use a wet wipe over the wheels and frame. This process is necessary to minimize the amount of dirt in your car.


Useful Tip: How to Fit a Bike in a Car Trunk

This video shows you how you can fit your bike in the trunk (credit to Global Cycling Network):

It would help if you place your bike effectively in your car trunk by ensuring that the bike is clean before you carry out the following steps:

  • Fold the rear seat. This is necessary to free up more space (in length), especially for longer bikes.
  • Remove the wheels. Remove the front wheel first, and this is easier with a quick-release lever. Ensure that the chain had the lowest tension by shifting to the lowest gear, such that the rear wheel is more comfortable to remove. You may also choose not to remove the rear wheel.
  • Place the ‘dry’ side up. The dry side refers to the side where the chain, brakes, and derailleurs are situated. Always place this delicate part up whenever you are packing your frame into the trunk.
  • Use the wheels as a cushion. Once your frame is adequately packed into the car trunk, place the wheels at any convenient space. Ensure that you cushion portion of the frame that is likely to rock with the removed wheel’s aid. You can also place the wheel on the rear seat.

You can also fit two bikes in your trunk. Use the wheels as padding and place them in between the frames.

If you are still unsure how to fit your bike in a car, it is always a good idea to ask someone who has experience in doing this. Enjoy your biking trip!