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How To Get Your Friends Into Cycling

How To Get Your Friends Into Cycling

How To Get Your Friends Into Cycling- Introduction

Guest contribution by Heather Clinton

When you engage in a hobby with numerous advantages, you naturally want to spread it to your friends and family. It does, however, need a little more effort when you try to persuade someone for something. To add some ease, you must also serve as an example by demonstrating how to accomplish it.

Making plans for a picnic or going to a movie is much easier than encouraging your friend to ride a bike. If you love cycling and want to have the company of your friends, do not worry. Just learn the following tips to make them your partner in cycling!

Share The Health Benefits of Cycling

With many indoor activities, the lives of humans have become somewhat static. Spending all day working in the office, sitting on a chair, and even in their leisure time, people devote themselves to the internet, scrolling social media, or playing video games.

You do not always see people in the gym training and keeping themselves fit.

Spread such thoughts among your friends that there are outdoor activities which are fun and aid in fitness. For instance, riding can help you stay healthy. It is an aerobic workout that improves the health of your lungs, heart, and blood vessels.

Moreover, it improves your mental health and gives you a multi-purpose workout.

Instead of running on a treadmill, you could also go out and get a bike to roam around and breathe fresh air.

Let Your Friends Know About Its Cost Efficiency

How To Get Your Friends Into Cycling

Even when you are not an expert, certain things can be addressed by yourself. The same is the case with having a bicycle.

So, another way of getting your friends into cycling is by letting them know how cost-effective it is when it comes to minor touch-ups. Moreover, purchasing and overall maintenance of a bike are also incredibly affordable compared to other options.

Pro Tip: For added benefit, you can buy useful products for your mechanic buddy that will come in handy in different situations, allowing more independence with getting tasks done.

Encourage Your Friend by Lending A Bike

It would be best if you do not make it difficult for your friend to decide what to do. Don’t expect your close friends and companions to be easily convinced to take up cycling seriously. In the beginning, you may lend them your bicycle for them to get a feel of it.

Even if your friends are not fond of cycling, your act of generosity could lead them to at least consider it as an option.

Make them ride it once or twice to get the feel of things. Do not try to travel too far or very quickly. If it gets too hectic and tiring, it may be discouraging, especially for someone whose fitness level is not great.

Take small steps and make it a habit to follow in a daily routine.

Choose A Suitable Riding Area

Choosing where to take your friends to ride is also essential as it requires some skills and fitness. First, determine your friend’s riding abilities and whether your buddy is an accomplished cyclist.

If not, you must encourage them and allow them some time to learn. Then, take your friend to a short and easy track that is not crowded and easily accessible. Going to such places for riding will make it comfortable for a beginner.

Meanwhile, practicing in such a way will automatically improve their body fitness. Once they get used to cycling, then you may explore different tracks at different times and enjoy your experience.

Persuade Your Buddies With Good Communication Skills

 Apart from setting an example, communication is one of the best tools to persuade anyone to do anything.

Therefore, when you meet your buddies, bring up chats about cycling. Describe your individual experiences. Tell them about the advantages and how they have also affected your life.

As word-of-mouth spreads, communicating with more friends can add to the community of cyclists and create a sense of healthy competition among friends.

Reassure To Make Cycling a Part Of Daily Routine

 Nothing is better than cycling becoming a part of your daily routine.

As you try encouraging your friend about cycling, do not let it hang in the middle of nowhere. Instead, try to make it a part of their daily routine. Suggest cycling to fulfill daily routine tasks and to get to nearby places.


Cycling is not only a habit but a passion. It is one of the healthiest activities that you can adopt in your daily life.

Doing such activities with your friends will enable you to share a stronger relationship with them. Moreover, it can become much more fun if you have great company compared to riding alone!

Image: Pexels/ Brett Sayles

Author Bio

Heather Clinton is a writer who aims to give readers comprehensive pointers on how to improve their lives, and strives to share knowledge on lifestyle topics. Heather works for Inspire Uplift, in the Tech and Electronics department.