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How to Lace a Brooks Saddle

How to Lace a Brooks Saddle


Biking is more fun if you are riding a bike that has a comfortable saddle. If you find that the saddle that comes with your bike is not comfortable, you can opt for a Brooks saddle. Brooks is an established brand, and their saddles are made of leather.

A unique thing about Brooks saddles is that it has holes in the sides, which allows laces used for preventing sides from curling up. The laces also help to give the saddle more structure. Everything you need to know about how to lace a Brooks saddle is stated below.

How to Lace a Brooks Saddle

When you buy a new Brooks Saddle, you need to lace it to give you the comfort and support you need on the bike. If you notice that the leather of your saddle starts to sag and gives you less support, then it is time for you to tighten your saddle.

Here is a video explaining how you can lace a Brooks Saddle (credit to Enough Enough):

Tie a Knot at One Side of the Lace

Before you start lacing your Brooks saddle, you will need to tie a standard knot at one end of your lace. The knot will help to prevent the lace from pulling through the hole when you start lacing the saddle. You will then put the other end of the lace that is without a knot on the inside of the saddle from the starting hole.

You can select holes further back to put the lace through if your lace is short. You have to ensure that you hide the knot inside the saddle.

Start Lacing the Saddle On Both Sides

You will then pull the lace out and put it back into the next hole and out on the other side. Continue lacing the holes of your saddle towards the back until you reach the last hole.

Based on the size of the saddle and the length of your lace, you may have to skip some holes so your lace can get to the end. You can also skip the area where the seat clamp would sit so that the lace will not be rubbing on the clamp.

Tighten the Laces

You should also make sure that you tighten the laces as you go with needle-nose pliers. You can use your thumb to hold the lace tight against the exterior of your saddle, until you get to the last hole. However, avoid making the saddle too tight to so that you will not break it when seated.

Tie a Knot at the Other End of the Lace

Once you have laced the seat as you want, you can then tie it off at the end of the lace. After tying the lace, there might still be some string remaining- you can tuck it into the laces.

Finally, fit your saddle on your bike and enjoy comfort through your biking adventure!