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How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter [Guest Post]

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter

Ways to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter- Introduction

By Johnson Charles

It is very annoying to ride a motorcycle for a long time with so much noise constantly coming into your helmet. So, what are the best ways to make a motorcycle helmet quieter?

Just like how mountain bikers would sometimes encounter wind noise, motorbike riders would also frequently encounter many different noises while on the highway. You may experience road, engine, and wind noise that can cause severe damage to your hearing.

Any noise that exceeds 70 dB is dangerous for human hearing, and a motorcycle engine alone can produce a noise of 95 dB. When wind noise is added, the noise level could exceed 115 dB at high speed.

That does not mean you should stop riding a motorcycle. Today you will learn how to make your motorcycle helmet quieter, or in other words, block external noises. While the helmet won’t be completely silent, if you follow these methods, you’ll be able to minimize noises.

There are many motorcycle helmets available in the market, but not all helmets are equal. Some motorcycle helmets are louder than others, while some are quieter.

Before we get into how to make a motorcycle helmet quiet, let me briefly describe the types of motorcycle helmets.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

There are two common types of motorcycle helmets.

  • Open-face helmets
  • Full-face helmets

Open-Face Helmets

As the name implies, these motorcycle helmets only cover the back and top of your head, leaving your face open. Further, there are ¾ helmets and half-face helmets that fall under open-face helmets. Because these helmets are open, they are more exposed to wind noise.

Full-Face Helmets

The second type of motorcycle helmet is a full-face helmet, which completely covers your face. These helmets are less ventilated as compared to open face helmets but are quieter.

Now let us look at ways to make a helmet quieter.

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter

1.     Invest in a Quiet Helmet

The easiest way to reduce wind noise is to invest in a quiet helmet. You will find many quiet motorcycle helmets that are safe, comfortable, and at the same time do a great job in blocking wind noise.

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter

Image: Pexels/ Sourav Mishra

2.     Choose a Properly Fitted Helmet

You can reduce road and wind noise by choosing a properly fitted motorcycle helmet. A helmet that is too tight can irritate you, whereas a helmet that runs larger than your head may drag at high speed.

Each person has a unique head shape, and this is true for helmets. Always measure your head circumference before purchasing a helmet to ensure it fits you snugly.

Air will start flowing through your neck if there is just a little extra space inside the helmet, so it will make the helmet noisy. Spend on headwear that fits perfectly around your head to protect your head and ears.

3.     Use Earplugs

A simple yet effective way to quiet your helmet is to buy some earplugs. Most earplugs fit any size ear and are easy to carry.

These earplugs will block the harmful noises, thanks to the silicon. Using these earplugs, you can still hear what’s happening around you, but the harmful frequencies are filtered out. One of the best things about earplugs is that they will keep you comfortable during longer rides.

If you buy earplugs, wash them regularly or replace them when necessary, to stay safe from ear infections.

4.     Wear a Balaclava

The next way to keep your motorcycle helmet quiet is to wear a balaclava. A balaclava will prevent the wind from entering your helmet around your neck.

You can wear it in any weather condition as it will keep you warm and wick moisture away, preventing the visor from fogging up.

5.     Adjust the Windscreen

There is a strong correlation between motorcycle windscreen and wind noise. Studies have shown that by increasing the height of the motorcycle windscreen, you can significantly reduce the wind noise.

When you are riding a motorcycle at high speed, you are going against the wind, resulting in buffeting. The wind hits your helmet with a huge force that shakes it and sometimes blurs the helmet visor.

It is possible to lower the wind pressure by increasing the windscreen height. But keep in mind that if you do this, you may experience a decrease in speed.

Adjust motorcycle windscreen reduce wind noise

Image: Unsplash/

6.     Close the Helmet Visor

Motorcycle helmets are either open-face or full-face. Almost every full-face helmet comes with a visor that can be adjusted for different rides. The visor protects your face and eyes from dust and debris.

Riding with an open visor results in a lot of wind noise. When there is an opening in a helmet, there will be turbulence. Try to ride with a closed visor, especially at high speeds, to minimize wind noise.

When closed, the visor of your helmet should be sealed. There must be no space in the helmet for wind to pass.

7.     Use a Wind Blocker

Since most noise enters the helmet from underneath, choose a helmet with considerable padding. It’s also a good idea to wear a wind blocker while riding.

The wind blockers will fill in space around your neck below the helmet to reduce wind noise. You can easily take off and put on the wind blocker and even wash it.

8.     Use Earmuffs

Another effective method of reducing wind noise is to wear earmuffs. They form a close seal around the ears, keeping them warm and reducing the wind noise.

Listening to music is also possible in some earmuffs. You can adjust the volume to cut out the wind noise. Not every motorcycle helmet is compatible to use earmuffs with as they need some extra space.

9.     Wear a Scarf

One affordable solution to make a motorcycle helmet silent is to wear a scarf. Many people are already familiar with it, and you can combine a scarf with a motorcycle helmet to keep wind noise to a minimum.

Most of the noise enters your helmet through space beneath your chin, between the helmet and your neck. Wear a scarf and fold it around your neck inside the helmet to help keep the air out of the helmet.

You can choose any scarf, but this method is not recommended during summer.

Motorcycle riding position reduce wind noise

Image: Unsplash/ Sam Balye

10. Riding Position

Finally, you can minimize the wind noise by improving your riding position. The way you ride your motorcycle has an impact on how much noise enters the helmet. Whenever you ride a motorcycle, vibrations occur, causing additional noise.

To experience fewer vibrations during the ride, you should sit on the comfortable part of your motorbike. Avoid upright posture to minimize air drag and wind noise.


Now, you have ten different ways to make your motorcycle helmet quieter. You can use any of the methods you prefer, but remember you won’t ever be able to get 100% noise removal.

No matter which method you choose, make sure that you stay safe and comfortable. You could also experiment with combining a few of the methods above for the best results!

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Johnson Charles is a professional content writer, blogger, and digital marketer. He is an engineer by profession and a bike rider by passion. You may find him at