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JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet Review

JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet Review

JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet – The Ideal Cycling Helmet for Adults

JBM International is known well for their protective and outdoor friendly sports gear. Their main focus is to develop gear that are safe and stylish, while providing their customers the best quality products.

Having said that, one of their best-selling products, the one that cyclists cannot stop raving about, is the JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet which is specialized for both men and women. This particular product has a lot of hype surrounding it, and for good reason too! With its endless feature for customization to make it fit better, hence allowing for more protection, the JBM helmet is truly an ideal option for adults.

This has the most sought out features in a helmet and is a great value for the price you pay.

The Features:

1. Can be adjusted to fit securely on all head shapes and sizes.
The helmet sports an easy-to-use adjustment dial system that makes it easy to have a secure and customized fit around your head. The side straps are made to be adjusted according to your need, and coupled with the modifiable buckle, the helmet is guaranteed not to slip off. This nutcase helmet by JBM international is specialized for both women and men.
Size: 20.5 inches to 22 inches (small-medium)

2. It is capable of resisting shock and breaking upon impact.
The helmet itself is constructed out of PVC and PC, which are tough and durable materials ensuring safety of all adult riders. It is also lined with EPS foam, which enables the helmet to effectively absorb shock and protect the head from impact forces during any unfortunate accidents.

3. Very good air ventilation.
The JBM adult cycling bike helmet sports an aerodynamic ventilation design that is specially curated to allow air to flow through the bike, keeping the head cool during rides and contribute to an increase in speed.

4. Incredibly lightweight.
The materials used into designing this supreme helmet is unbelievably lightweight in addition to being extremely heavy duty. As mentioned above, the inner lining consists of EPS foam which allows it to be very comfortable to wear, not to mention breathable.

5. Available in multiple color combinations.
Never go out of style with the multiple colors available for purchase. There are 17 designs to choose from, among which you can also find combinations of two colors to make things more interesting.

The colors and designs available are:

Pink & Black
Blue & Black
Black & Pink
White & Black
Gradient Blue
Dark Blue and Orange
Gradient Green
Gradient Red
Green & White
Light blue
Light red
Orange & white
Purple & Yellow
Red & Black
Yellow and Black

You absolutely cannot go wrong with choosing the one that truly speaks to you and matches your personality. You can even have it match with your bicycle. With these amazing colors and styles, you’re surely going to have heads turning wherever you go!

6.Warranty: Guaranteed one year.


  • The straps are easily adjustable and can be done with one hand.
  • Features a well-ventilated belt.
  • The visor features a snap for ease of use.
  • Able to resist impact and breaking.
  • Aerodynamic ventilation design
  • Extremely lightweight and cool
  • CPSC Certified


  • The straps tend to be a bit loose and may easily break off if not careful.
  • There’s a tendency for the straps to slip off
  • This helmet may not be suitable for someone with a relatively large head as the straps are quite short.

The Verdict

All in all, the JBM adult cycling bike helmet is the ultimate helmet for adults that specializes in safety and protection, and is the perfect fit for both men and women. Not only is it sleek and stylish, but the numerous colors to choose from, only means that you will be able to go ride your bike in style and have a design that truly matches your personality.

Having said that, the JBM helmet is definitely more than its looks. Although the straps are nothing to write home about, they do their job pretty well and the easy to use adjustment dialing system helps to ensure a snug fit around your head and more or less makes up where the straps lack.

The materials used into making this helmet makes it durable and allows it to resist impact on the helmet, effectively protecting your head. Even then, it is surprisingly lightweight. In addition to all of that, the aerodynamic design surely seals the deal.

You’re getting all of this at a price point below $50- It’s almost too good to be true!

Collette - May 2, 2018

Seems like quite a deal

    Ryan, Gear For Venture - May 9, 2018

    Yeah Collette it sure is, let us know if you’ve tried it!

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