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Top 12 Cycling Clothes Brands You Need to Know

Top Cycling Clothes Brands You Need to Know

Guest Contribution by Tom Fortune

Cycling apparel is an important category in the world of athletic gear. It must not only meet the exact requirements of sportswear, such as keeping you dry and cool, but should also fit snugly enough to avoid causing drag.

Much has been said about mountain bike brands on Quick Stuffs. In addition to this, it is also important to know where you can get cycling clothing in order to bring your performance to the next level.

Thankfully, many top-quality brands are available to bikers. In this article, we will explore some of the best brands of cycling apparel, covering items such as shorts, shirts, and socks.

#1 Baleaf

Baleaf is the place to go if you want workout clothing to keep you comfortable and relaxed without breaking the bank. It has garnered thousands of excellent reviews and has many bestsellers. They are also constantly expanding their product line.

Baleaf was a brand I found while searching for cycling shorts. While I loved their cycling shorts, it was their running shorts that ended up being my favorite, as they have the perfect balance of comfort, style, and function.

In short, Baleaf’s clothing is very breathable and comfortable, and the customer service has been very accommodating.

Top cycling clothes brands

Image: Unsplash/ Angel Santos

#2 Sigr

Swedish brand Sigr promotes equality and sustainability. The brand started off producing mountain bike clothing. The Ocean Collection is also made entirely from recycled plastic, which is great for those who are concerned about environmental impacts of fashion.

Sigr’s range of cycling clothing is free from large logos and decals. Instead, it offers a variety of vibrant designs and patterns that provide a refreshing alternative.

Even more, the urban-oriented dress is available from Sigr, such as the Commute collection. In addition, Sigr offers premium products to riders of all levels in a variety of construction tiers. It makes a very functional future for cycling.

#3 POC

As time passes, the look and feel of cycling apparel have changed a lot. Some brands use bright, bold colors, while others go back to simpler, more traditional designs. POC tends to adopt the latter approach.

POC is a Swedish brand that produces classic clothing and protective gear, and has been in production since 2005. It focuses on competitive cycling. Each piece is made with scientific precision.

In addition, the brand has partnered with Olympic athletes to develop many of its products. All resulted in some of the best activewear for cyclists from one of the leading names in the sport.

#4 Rapha

The brand has evolved from a one-month-long exhibit in a London brewery to become one of the world’s most respected cycling clothing brands. Simon Mottram, Rapha’s founder, is passionate about sport and shows it in every stitch.

The brand’s influence extends beyond the product realm and embraces the cycling lifestyle in all its forms.

Rapha is a brand that pays a lot of attention to style. Their jerseys, bibs, and kits all have a fun, unique look. They use Swiss and Italian fabrics to ensure that it performs flawlessly.

#5 Endura

The brand started producing cycling apparel in 1993. Given the Scottish climate, it’s no surprise that they have developed performance clothing that can withstand all weather conditions.

In addition, the company makes technical clothing for road and off-road. One of their better-known product lines, the FS260 range, was developed with input from Endura’s professional racing team.

Further, the MT500 mountain bike clothing range is our most loved performance clothing. It offers warmth and comfort for those who prefer to travel off-road.

#6 Soomom

Soomom was built in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and has been tested and refined over time. Soomom uses top-quality materials and a comfortable Chamois pad for their shorts. That ensures you’re always comfortable no matter how long or strenuous your ride.

Made for Australia’s varied conditions, their kits are lightweight and specifically designed for each season. They offer standard express shipping, free returns, and exchanges, as well as a crash replacement guarantee.

#7 Gore Wear

Gore cycling clothing is high-performance, weather-resistant gear that has been in use for decades. Other clothing brands license the technology regularly and create entire ranges around fabrics like Shakedry, Wind Stopper, and Gore-Tex.

The current road range offers a good mix of consolidation and innovation. It is a combination of classic design and the evolution of some newer introductions. Fabian Cancellara, a cycling legend, has provided input.

There are many colors to choose from. Gore Wear has gained many loyal customers over the years, and outdoor enthusiasts would have come across their products multiple times.

Top Cycling Clothes Brands You Need to Know

Image: Unsplash/ Hannes Glöckl

#8 Attaquer

The heterodox nature of this young Australian startup is what has made it so distinctive. Instead of making bibs or jerseys that blend in with everyone else, they invite anyone from street artists to trained fashion designers to create their unique kits.

All their designs are made by hand in Italy. This brand’s designs are minimalist, but their bold color blocking and strategic interlining lines bring out the garment’s beauty.

#9 Siroko

Siroko, a Spanish brand, is most well-known for its diverse and versatile range of cycling glasses. These glasses enhance vision and protect against the sun and UV rays while biking. They also offer jerseys, bib shorts, and vests.

#10 Pearl Izumi

Kinji Shimizu was an avid cyclist who had a strong entrepreneurial spirit when it came to producing clothes. Kinji Shimizu founded Pearl Izumi in Tokyo, Japan, 70 years ago. Kinji was astonished by the quality of his son’s professional racing jersey, and decided to make his own cycling apparel using the best materials.

Pearl Izumi sponsored the US Olympic Team in 1984. Today, the company produces clothing for mountain biking and road cycling. It is also credited with several world firsts in cycling apparel. For example, the company was the first to produce fully welded shorts for cyclists and use BOA on bicycle footwear.

#11 Twin Six

Twin Six was founded because the design of cycling apparel was becoming more predictable every year. The team behind Team Six wanted to create a stir by creating unusual designs with no ‘brand identity. Each cycling jersey, for example, is unique.

The fit is the only thing that remains the same. It’s essential to check out the most recent collections as designs change frequently.

Twin Six offers free returns and a two-year warranty. Their sponsored athletes have won many medals at Olympic Games and World Championships.

#12 Sportneer

Sportneer is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-quality pair of shorts for cycling. It’s designed to fit and feel soft on the skin.

Sportneer’s exceptional performance and versatility are their main strengths. Some also love the reflector on their logo, especially for those who love riding at night or dawn.

I liked the fact that they developed shorts for people who require extra cushioning. This built-in cushion is highly resilient and has excellent air permeability. It also fits great around your hips and protects your hip bones.

Top cycling clothes brands

Image: Unsplash/ Martin Magnemyr


The above-mentioned cycling clothes brands are all doing their best at researching and designing quality cycling apparel. Comfort, performance and aesthetics are all top priorities. When choosing apparel for your next biking trip, you could count on them to enhance your riding experience.


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