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Why should I choose a step-through bike? [Guest Post]

Why should I choose a step-through bike?

By Andrew Mathon

With the escalation of technology, the world is seeing more variety in the area of e-bikes. E-bikes are providing a convenient and decent method to move around, and that includes electric step-through bikes. This is a positive development not only for the physical appearance of e-bikes but also their quality performance.

Even before e-bikes were invented, traditional step-through bikes were already popular among commuters. Step-through bikes come with a frame that makes them easy for mounting. You could easily step through the frame to access the pedal on the other side, whereas a standard bike requires you to reach over a bar in the middle.

As you can imagine, step-through bikes gave women the choice of wearing skirts and long dresses when cycling. Traditional step-over bikes made it challenging to be fashionable while commuting within the city, whereas step-through bikes were a more practical choice.

Why should I choose a step-through bike?

This is a question every biker will ask himself or herself. While step-through bikes started off as a convenient way for women to wear skirts while biking, it has many more advantages which appeal to men and women alike.

For example, while step-through e-bikes may sometimes be costly, companies such as Aventon Bikes have started introducing more affordable models.

Why should I choose a step-through bike?

Image: Aventon Bikes/ Saving Says

Popular models like the Level and Aventure e-bikes are made from high-quality materials, and you could even use Aventon discount codes for more savings.

Now here are some reasons why you should choose a step-through bike!

Mounting on and off the bike effortlessly

It is really convenient and effortless to mount on and off the step-through bikes. For ladies wearing skirts and long dresses, you no longer have to worry about your outfit getting stuck around the pedal and wheel areas.

Those who are shorter in height would also be relieved. In a traditional bike, it would be difficult to lift the leg high enough to reach the other side.

For the same reason, step-through bikes are particularly fantastic for those with certain disorders of the bone or muscle who experience difficulty in lifting the leg.

It can be used for carrying parcels

To carry parcels and to deliver things, a step-through bike can be an excellent alternative. For those who continuously ride in stop-and-go traffic with a load of bags and luggage, a step-through bike is more comfortable for dismounting towards one side.

It has a lower risk of stretching and ripping your clothes

To get on and off a traditional bike frame, you have to stretch your legs over the top tube. Chances are, if you wear a tight outfit, it could get stretched and ripped.

In contrast, a step-through bike has a low or absent top tube. Hence it has fewer chances for stretching and ripping your clothes than traditional bike frames.

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They serve well in your aggressive riding

Step-through bikes are made from durable, sturdy materials. These bikes are a little heavier than conventional bikes, as they do not have the top stand to support the front and back of the bike.

Comfort and safety in commuting

Commuting with a step-through bike is generally safe and comfortable. Being able to quickly mount and dismount allows you to respond quickly to traffic conditions.

Moreover, with the durability and sturdiness of the frame, it is great for riders who are less confident and afraid to fall.

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