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Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet Review

Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet

Whether you are a rookie or a veteran on choosing the right bicycle helmet, the things you will always find yourself looking for in a helmet are its quality, effectiveness and the comfort it provides. Protecting your head in case of a misadventure is undoubtedly the highest priority but can come as a bonus if you bag an outstanding-looking helmet without causing a massive change in your bank account.

To help you choose a suitable helmet, we are always working hard to provide you with the most authentic and insightful information on bike helmets, and remaining true to our recognition, this time we have brought forward one of the best helmets in the market, Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet, which will not only protect your head during a heavy collision but also grant you a comfortable riding experience whether you use it for daily commuting in a busy urban area or take it along with you in an adventurous road-trip.


Extremely Lightweight and Strongly-built: As you can already assume from the name of the helmet, it focuses on maintaining a good balance between the weight and the sturdiness. For occasional riders, the weight may not always be a prominent issue but for regular or professional bike riders, comfort and great fitting come along with the safety factors.

 Considering these key points and keeping them in mind, Zacro has designed this extremely lightweight helmet which weighs just about 225g or 9.8 ounces and can provide similar effectiveness compared to other heavier helmets within this price range. For its superb lightweight design, the helmet is also preferred by many young riders and used respectively.

In case you are wondering about the base materials of the helmet, you will not be disappointed in this matter. Sturdiness is a serious concern when it comes to safety helmets and the manufacturer of this helmet undoubtedly excels in this sector. Zacro offers for its users a PVC and PC built strong outer shell with breathable EPS foam liners inside the helmet. Its rock-solid structure remains firm and resists heavy impact in case of a road accident. The helmet is also immune to severe damage or breaking, thus providing a strong protection to its user at times of hazards.

Great Quality and Excellent Performance: Even though it comes at a pretty cheap price, it does not negotiate with the quality whatsoever. Zacro’s intricate layout with honey-comb like air vents and solidly-built structure has long been recognized and has already turned this helmet into one of the best-selling products for BMX riding. As BMX is generally considered as a risky sport, this helmet had to come a long way to earn its favored position among the users with its durability and performance and prove its worth. Thus, you can already imagine its effectiveness for casual or less dangerous road trips.

The helmet also has a CPSC certification, so you can easily rely on its quality and effectiveness. It has a relatively low return rate than its other competitors within the price range and excellent reviews from authentic users who have been using the helmet for a long period of time.

Additionally, you get an 18 months warranty which is the manufacturer’s liability period for any defect, and a 24-hour active customer help service team to ensure the maximum benefit you can gain from this highly acclaimed bike helmet.

Outstanding Design with Respective Equipment: If you are already familiar with the vibrant and often heavily painted helmets which are more common on the roads, you will realize the logic behind Zacro’s mono-colored helmet. The helmet comes in a dark gray color with tiny white dots on top which make it classy and eye-catching at the same time. Those who do not prefer the brightly colored helmets may find themselves mesmerized at Zacro’s elegant layout which is specifically designed for people with a taste for classic helmets.

Along with a good ventilation design, the helmet also has a great strap management system. Moreover, it features a visor that can be removed and reinstalled as per the user’s needs.

If you order the helmet online, you will receive an instruction manual of the usage and maintenance of the helmet. This manual is especially beneficial for novice users who are new to bicycling and can learn the proper method of helmet adjustments. An additional item included in the package is a seat cover which is water and dust resistant and can protect the seat from dust and water during summer and rainy seasons.

Secured Fitting for Versatile Head Shapes and Sizes: As Zacro lightweight bike Helmet is designed for adult users on mind, it offers a universal adult head size (54-62 cm) which can also be used by young riders on a growth spurt. It also offers a well-fitted adjustment system with multiple straps in different sides of the helmet which allow it to sit comfortably on the user’s head and remain firmly placed even during a particularly bumpy ride.

The front strap is 54-62 cm long so that it can be used or shared by multiple riders with different head shapes and sizes and can be adjusted for the maximum ease of the user. The locking system is also quick and effective as you can buckle and unbuckle the helmet in mere seconds.

Moreover, people who do not prefer the full-face or tight helmets may also find this helmet highly comfortable as it merely touches the user’s head and doesn’t trigger a headache or any other sort of pain due to a relatively long journey.

Aerodynamic Ventilation System: Like almost all other features that highly focus on the comfort of the user, Zacro lightweight cycling helmet also sports a high-quality aerodynamic ventilation system. It has a large number of vents which are elaborately placed on different sides of the exterior shell and guarantee an excellent ventilation process while riding. Consequently, the user will also experience an improved air flow with the increasing of speed.

The vents also help to maintain the resistant ability of the helmet as the impact expands over the whole helmet in case of a crash or accident. With a robust visor to be adjusted to and removed from the helmets, the user will also be able to protect the eyes during extreme solar radiation or heavy rainfall.

Overview – Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet

Zacro lightweight bike helmet has some noteworthy features which make it stand out from its competitors and is chosen by many riders for maximum riding satisfaction. For your convenience, we have also summed up some pros and cons of this product which you can check out to learn more about what the hype is about.


  • Affordable price range.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Long-lasting and solidly-built.
  • Compatible with users with different head shapes and sizes.
  • Easily adjustable straps which can be buckled and unbuckled quickly.
  • Aerodynamic ventilation system.
  • Proven to resist heavy impact and collision.
  • Extra water and dust resistant seat cover included in the package.
  • Comes with an instruction manual.
  • 18 months warranty.
  • 24-hour customer response service.
  • CPSC Bicycle certified.


! Not eligible for international shipping.
! No reflectors on the helmet.


The Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet is a complete package providing quality, comfort and style at the same time. Its outstanding design and complementary fitting system is sure to provide you with a pleasant and satisfactory experience in many upcoming journeys. It is undoubtedly a great deal considering the amount you are paying for and has the potential to become your favorite bike helmet in no time.