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5 Reasons for Using Bike Bells

5 Reasons for Using Bike Bells

By Rebecca White

Bike bells are undoubtedly a useful tool to have when cycling. If you are a kid, they also seem like lots of fun! Instead of shouting to warn others that you are coming, bike bells appear a lot cooler and provide an effective warning to nearby pedestrians.

Needless to say, bike bells offer lots of benefits to bikers. Here are five main reasons for using bike bells, especially for children.

1. Legal Requirements

In some cities and states, local authorities have enacted regulations to make it compulsory to use bells while riding bikes. This makes a lot of sense since the safety of road users is a concern of local governments.

If you anticipate a hazardous situation, such as when you approach a crosswalk, bike bells work far better than shouting and warning people to get out of the way.

2. Safety While Commuting

Every day, commuting by bike has its risks and challenges.

If you ride your bike in urban areas, a bike bell will let others know that you are coming towards them at tremendous speed. On the streets, there may be pedestrians or other cyclists moving slower than yourself.

Bike bells will help you avoid crashing into them, as they would have more time to react and give way to you.

Furthermore, think about how often you ride past a row of parked cars. All it takes is for someone to open their car’s door in front of you, for a collision to take place. Use your bell so that drivers (and passengers) will look out before opening their car doors!

3. Cool Designs

There are many bike bell designs available in the market. Who says that safety tools should look tacky? Just like bike helmets, bike bells may now be designed in bright, bold colors and with various unique patterns. To learn more about major brands and types of bike bells on offer, you should check out

4. Biking Trail Etiquette

While riding bikes on mountain biking trails, it is only good etiquette to ring your bell to warn people and leisure cyclists to move aside.

Speeding past clueless hikers is not cool, as you could put their lives in danger. All it takes for an accident to happen is for them to step into the path of an oncoming biker!

5. Avoid Highway Accidents

Related to point #2 is the avoidance of highway accidents. For commuters and bikepackers who are daring enough to ride their bikes on highways, make sure to keep an eye out for all kinds of vehicles.

Besides putting on your helmet, using the bell is also important when going around a sharp corner or when visibility is low. If you happen to chance upon a pedestrian or a stopped vehicle, you should also use the bell to warn them of your approach.

Bottom Line

Regardless of whether you are a professional cyclist or casual mountain biker, bike bells are essential tools that could save your life.

While children may find bike bells fun and cool, they actually serve a real and vital purpose. Whether you commute by bike regularly or go mountain biking for leisure, using a bell only makes you a responsible cyclist!

Featured image source: Pixabay/ Projekt_Kaffeebart

Author Bio

Rebecca is the editor of BikeInquire, a website specializing in reviews of bike accessories.