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Top 25 Cycling Blogs to Follow

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As more and more people become health and environment conscious, there is a significant rise in demand for bikes and an increase in passion for it as well.

Whether you are an avid cyclist or a recreational one, here are 25 cycling blogs you must absolutely follow!

1. The Inner Ring

A blog about cycling and pro cycling, the Inner Ring strives to do more than just go about looking at this sport the mainstream way. They want a different perspective to look closer on the things that may be mostly overlooked by other bloggers.

A blog about cycling and pro cycling, the Inner Ring strives to do more than just go about looking at this sport the mainstream way. They want a different perspective to look closer on the things that may be mostly overlooked by other bloggers.

In addition to that, the Inner Ring tries to stimulate a lot of interaction with the readers by encouraging them to comment, share their opinions and exclusively take advantage of the chat feature on their site. Moreover, the anonymous author of the blog is very active on Twitter which makes him very easy to get in touch with.

This is a laid-back blog, mainly focusing on putting out ideas into the world and seeing the responses of its audience. With that being said, the Inner Ring has made many contributions to Cycle sport,, Bicycling and Pro Cycling magazine.

The blog features everything you need to know about which routes to take, tour dates of races for both men and women and give you a list of all the brands including where they operate and their shareholders. They also recommend and review books geared towards cycling and sell their own merchandise.

2. Bikes-n-Stuff

The author of Bikes-n-Stuff, Juliet Elliot, is said to be the ‘most influential women in cycling’. She is a former pro snowboarder and a model and her love for outdoors has led her to love and take cycling as her passion.

The author of Bikes-n-Stuff, Juliet Elliot, is said to be the ‘most influential women in cycling’. She is a former pro snowboarder and a model and her love for outdoors has led her to love and take cycling as her passion. Juliet and her blog are supported by big companies such as Assos, Vans, and Fox.

Not only that, Bikes-N-Stuff was crowned the cycling blog of the year and was listed as one of the top ten bike blogs by Cision.

Her blog mainly features her experiences on different races and the added pictures create a nice visual for better understanding. She assembled her own bicycle and has a detailed walkthrough of the whole process, listing all the gear that she used with clear pictures and even a video for a quick overview of the final result. Moreover, she hosts a lot of training posts, writing a lot of How-Tos.

3. London Cyclists

London Cyclist

The London Cyclists blog helps you find the best cycling gears and discover great cycling routes. It also helps develop oneself as a cyclist and connect cyclists by sharing tips and ideas as well as stories.

Apart from appearing on Guardian, BBC Online, BBC News 24 and BBC London News, The London Cyclist has also made an appearance on Londonist, Independent, and RoadCC.

To make things easier for cyclists, London Cyclists has created an app, Bike Doctor, which guides one through repairing a bike. Moreover, there is also an eBook, 35 London Cycling Routes, which is updated frequently and is published on the blog.

The blog also features reviews of the best clothing, accessories and other cycling services and also has detailed updates on upcoming cycling events.

4. Challenge Sophie

Challenge Sophie

To learn more about how cycling can help make your life a better one, follow Challenge Sophie.
Some of her popular posts are ‘Dealing with stress’, ’10 cycling challenges that can change your life’ and ‘How to deliver the performance of your life, today’.

It is no doubt that Sophie’s posts steer more towards the development of a healthier lifestyle through cycling.

5. Total Women’s Cycling

Total Women's Cycling

Total Women’s Cycling is a blog that covers a plethora range of topics regarding cycling. Starting from providing tips and advice to buying guides and product reviews, this blog has everything that you would need.
There are dedicated sections for commuting with bikes, mountain bikes, road cycling, and even training and nutrition.
Along with safety and maintenance tips, there are specific buying guides based on your budget, and previews and reviews of clothing and gear needed for a bike commute. In addition to that, there are endless tips, advice, information, events, skills, and routes mentioned for both mountain biking and road cycling.

6. That Cycling Chick

That Cycling Chick

Karolina Vicart’s blog, That Cycling Chick, is a fun and inspiring blog to follow. This summer, she challenged herself to cycle across the US without any money. The challenge started on the 15th of May and lasted till the 03rd of October 2017, when she completed it in front of Times Square, New York, with 0 USD spent and 8600km cycled in total.

She has detailed posts documenting each of her days during this challenge including very appealing pictures, perfect for a sense of motivation.

7. Average Joe Cyclist

Average Joe Cyclist

Average Joe Cyclists blog is exactly what its name suggests. It is a blog about average people who love cycling and does it just for fun. The blog is run by a lovely duo, Maggie, and Joe, who are both extreme lovers of cycling, and apart from the basic bike maintenance posts, they also share inspiring stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things on bikes. Moreover, they also talk about fun activities and routes to take, and benefits of bike commuting such as weight loss.

Mrs. Average Joe (a.k.a. Maggie) focuses her posts to be more beneficial for women cyclists such as how to commute on the bike and still look great for work and suggesting great jackets to cycle in for women.

As someone who really cares for cycling, they both feel that it is really important for children to bike and also ensure their safety. Which is why they have posts featuring safe cycling for all ages. They also feature product reviews, so that you get the best value for your money and even fun posts like riding with your dogs!

Average Joe Cyclists have been recognized by Cycling Blog as one of the “10 Must Read Cycling Blogs” and by I Wear Spandex as one of the “Six Awesome Fantastic & Must Read Cycling Blog”.

8. Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic

If you love fashion and cycling then this is the blog for you. This blog documents the average people as they cycle around grey Copenhagen going about their average day to day lives.

A very simple blog with no bells and whistles but perfect if you want to get inspired and have a look at the cyclists in Copenhagen.

Cycle Chic was recognized as one of the “Ten Best Fashion Bloggers” and won the title “The Sartorialist on Two Wheels” by Guardian.

9. The Cycling Blog

The Cycling Blog

The author of The Cycling Blog, Barry, has cycled over 100,000km till now and has traveled most of Europe and Australia, including some parts of the world in between, in addition to 44 of the 50 States of America.
The purpose of starting this blog was to entertain and bring together all types of cyclists and inform them of any knowledge that he himself has regarding cycling.

He loves sharing his experiences and stories as a cyclist as well as sharing some helpful tips and hints for fellow cyclists. Apart from his How-To and Top 10 posts, he also reviews equipment for his audiences with pictures for a better idea of them.

10. The Bike Noob

The Bike Noob

Even though he has been cycling for years, Ray Niekamp, always believed that there are countless of opportunities to learn something new in cycling. So, according to him, he is still a newbie. Hence the name of his blog, when he started it back in 2008.

The Bike Noob was taken over by Scott Jangro in 2015, who has cycled 10,000 miles since 2012. The Bike Noob features a range of posts, starting from fitness to commuting, covering everything that you can possibly know about cycling. They also have a list of their favorite rides and any equipment and accessories that they recommend using. Moreover, Niekamp documents his traveling adventures cycling around England with pictures.

Other than that, Scott also posts content from a psychological perspective, such as his post about finding a balance between work life and his passion.

11. Ordinary Cycling Girl

Ordinary Cycling Girl

The Ordinary Cycling Girl is all about an ordinary girl exploring her new found love of cycling and taking full advantage of the body and mind benefits that it brings.

Apart from sharing her adventures and experiences in cycling, she sometimes dips her toes in health and fitness posts and tries to relate how yoga can benefit all cyclists. Apart from the wellbeing posts, she also talks about why one should book a cycling holiday, as well as recommending mountain bike destinations, and cycle around in Rio.
Not to mention, in July 2015, Ordinary Cycling Girl was nominated as the Bike Blog of the Month by RoadCC.

12. The Path Less Pedaled

The Path Less Pedaled

It all started when Russ and Laura sold off all their belongings and went traveling throughout the USA and New Zealand on their bike. The more they traveled the more destinations they discovered and hence more stories they had to tell. Hence the blog, The Path Less Pedaled was born.

If you like bicycle tourism then you are going to love this blog. From a bunch of video tutorials and gear reviews to choose from, there is no end to learn something new from here. Apart from that, they feature their stories and experiences, as well as behind the scenes which make it really inspiring.

13. The Human Cyclist

The Human Cyclist

The Human Cyclist blog is a fun one to follow as according to the author, it’s his love letter to cycling. The author, Simon Mac, talks about his experiences and lessons that he learned through cycling shares them on his blog. His goal is to inspire others to bike and make them smile while reading his parables.

Other than that, Simon also strives to write content on already familiar topics on biking yet making them stand out by adding a spin to it.

Some of his best work is ‘Cycling in the rain’, ‘Early morning cycling – The beauty, the benefits’, ‘Get faster without training or spending money’ and ‘The joy of cycle touring – Ride, sleep and repeat’.

14. BikeHacks

Bike Hacks

If you are devoted towards cycling as a sport, you are really going to appreciate the existence of this blog. The blog BikeHacks holds true to its name by featuring every possible hack to make a cyclist’s life easier.

Not only do they review products and share hacks, they also feature bike hacks sent by their audiences.

15. Bike Commuters

Bike Commuters

Initially created by RL Policar and Moises (Moe) Ramirez, Bike Commuters is where you will get every news and information possible regarding commuting by Bike. There are product reviews, articles and a plethora of tutorial posts by the team at Bike Commuters.

Some of their posts under bike commuting are ‘How Riding Can Be a Part of Life for You’ and ‘To ride or not to ride’.

16. Bike Hugger

Bike Hugger


The Bike Hugger is a beautiful site with gorgeous pictures accompanying short and sweet articles that are easy to read. Their mission is to spread the joy of cycling through their blog.
If you want more in depth of their articles you can always check out their Bike Hugger magazine. To sweeten the deal even further, they have phone apps so you can easily follow them on the go.
This blog is a must for anyone who loves photography and cycling.

17. Cycling Challenge

Cycling Challenge

12 years ago, Cycling Challenge was created to motivate the author to get into the healthy habit of cycling. Every year he made a challenge for himself, a list of things to check off throughout the year with his bike. This became an annual tradition on his blog. Every year since 2005, he has documented his progress on the challenge on his blog.
If you want, you can do the challenge yourself! The challenges itself is a great way to get motivated oneself to avidly start cycling.

Other posts regarding mountain biking are also featured on the blog as well as maps. Some of his featured posts are ‘Twenty-Five of the Highest Unpaved Cycling “Roads” in the Alps’, ‘The Twenty Highest Paved Cycling Climbs in France’, and ‘The Ten Twenty Highest Paved Cycling Climbs in Switzerland’.

18. Vamper


If you are looking for unbiased opinions and reviews on biking gears and cycling kits then Vamper is the blog to follow.

Both Victoria and Matt, authors of Vamper, strive to make the blog as personal as it can get while recommending products, and sharing tips, and their experiences of cycling.

With both a male and female voice, their blog is targeting both female and male cyclists.

19. Red Kite Prayer

Red Kite Prayer

Red Kite Prayer is repetitively said to be one of the best bike blogs of all time. The team behind the blog is made up of former racers and journalists.

Red Kite Prayer is the place to go to if you are looking for an analysis of all the best in the world of biking. The blog also features detailed reviews of biking gears such as helmets, shoes, gloves etc. Their posts are divided into three main categories: Body, Mind, and Machine.

20. Bike Portland

Bike Portland

According to the 2016 Willamette Week Reader’s Poll, Bike Portland won the “Best Local Blog” title. It covers the day to day news and events of the bikers in Portland. Jonathan Maus started this blog in July 2005 to inspire his community and share his love for cycling.

Some of his recent posts are ‘PBOT adds bike lanes, crosswalks to tricky SE Holgate intersection’ and ‘Cyclocross Crusade will feature adaptive bike race on Saturday’.

To be up to date with all the happenings and latest news of the bike world, keep your eyes on Bike Portland.

21. Bicycling


Bicycling will go back to the basics of cycling and build you up as a cyclist. From their ‘How to start cycling’ to ’10 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid’, Bicycling will have you covered everything you need to know to start cycling.

After that is done, you can read all their reviews of biking gears and decide what to get from their recommendations. With the holidays coming up their recent post ‘Great Cycling Gifts for under $30’ is a great way to start shopping for all the cyclists in your life, or even for yourself!

In addition to that, there are many posts about healthy eating to keep you in shape throughout the year.

22. Bike Rumor

Bike Rumor

Bike Rumor is another reliable resource to find amazing reviews of a variety of accessories and products. You can also find various content ranging from tutorials and training to industry news and interviews.

To make things for interesting, Bike Rumor has content geared to kids’ bikes, so you can have your kids follow your passion immediately! It recommends solutions and bikes perfect for young cyclists.

23. VitalMTB

Vital MTB

Whether you are looking for all the rider interviews or race updates, VitalMTB is your definite go-to place. You can also shop directly from their website for all kinds of biking products.

With photos and videos of all races and bikers, visiting VitalMTB will surely be worth the while.

24. Loving the Bike

Loving The Bike

The name doesn’t disappoint while being associated with this site. This blog is there for bike lovers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are the occasional biker on the weekends or tearing down the roads racing on your bike, there is something for everyone here.

From a delicious recipe of honey applesauce to tips on how to transfer your bike by a car, there is always something new to acquire.

Loving the Bike never gets boring as they have countless of content to share to continually inspire, motivate, and make biking and life better for their audience.

25. Bike Shop Hub

Bike Shop Hub

If you are a looking to go family cycling but don’t know how or what to do to ensure safety and ease for everyone, then you might want to take a look at Bike Shop Hub. All of the authors of the blog share their experiences and stories traveling with bikes and kids!

In addition to that, you can read more about “bikepacking” and commuting by bikes.

The blog also features their own shop where you can directly purchase biking gears and accessories.

The Top 25 Cycling Blogs to Follow – Round-up

So there you have it, the top 25 cycling blogs as we promised – remember to bookmark this page and share it with your cycling buddies/ partner!

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This is a very useful list, get’s you different perspectives from average cyclists to more experienced pros. And the kind of things that some of them have done- simply insane!

    Ryan, Gear For Venture - March 17, 2018

    Yes I agree, the kind of long adventure trips that some of these cyclists have done is incredible!

May - April 7, 2018

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I love biking. So I always addicted to blog about biking. Bikes-n-Stuff is one of my favorite blog

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    Thanks for stopping by, Martin!

Johnie, Rookie Cyclist - May 15, 2019

Definitely a decent list. A good mix of both big blogs with tons of information, to smaller blogs with good insightful info on personal experiences.

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