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Best Cadence Sensor for Turbo Trainers

Introduction- Best Cadence Sensor for Turbo Trainers Bicycle computer technology has advanced quite a bit in a short time. Bikers are always looking for ways to optimize performance, so it should come as no surprise that there are many gadgets that could help with this. A cadence sensor is a gadget that, as its name […]


Best Bike Trainer For Apartments

Introduction – Indoor Bike Trainers If you don’t think you can train on your bike at home because you live in an apartment, think again! For any number of reasons, it is not always possible to take your bike outside to exercise. Whether it’s due to bad weather or public health restrictions, we all should […]


Workout Clothes That You Can Wear To Work – Athleisure [Guest Post]

By James Wilson Our disorganized and casual lifestyle has made us robotic. In modern times, we run after success and try to earn a better living, but fitting in wellness and fitness is always a challenge. Waking up and going to work has become a lifestyle in itself and when we come home, we usually […]


5 Best Multisport Watches for Cyclists and Endurance Athletes [Guest Post]

By Tyler Tafelsky Unlike mounted bike computers that are limited to cycling, multisport watches enable athletes to track many of the same bike-specific metrics, like distance, speed, and GPS, but without restricting its use to riding bikes. Today’s multisport watches can be used for swimming, cycling, running, hiking, paddling, or simply tracking one’s fitness throughout […]


How Do I Choose a Bike Computer?

As you move forward in your life as a cyclist, it is normal to want to improve your experience, your performance, and your feedback. You start making modifications to your ride, look for better components, and start comparing perks in order to make your ride as comfortable and efficient as possible. But when it comes […]


How Do You Train During the Winter Months?

Introduction- How Do You Train During the Winter Months Training plays an essential role in cycling. It helps us keep up and improve our performance. We always want to stay fit and healthy to get the most out of each and every ride, and even outplay our last one the next time we get on […]


What Are the Differences Between a Road Bike and a Triathlon Bike? [Guest Post]

By Tyler Tafelsky One of the most common questions asked among beginner triathletes is, “what are the differences between a road bike and a triathlon bike?  For those just entering the multisport world, such as triathlon, duathlon, or even quadrathlon – the bike leg makes up the largest segment of the race. In fact, the […]


How to Create a Resistance Band Workout for Cyclists [Guest Post]

By Barbara Fernandez Introduction to Resistance Band Workouts Resistance bands are an excellent way to build strength, flexibility, and balance. By adding resistance band workouts into your training, you’ll be able to cycle more efficiently and for longer distances. There are many different sorts of resistance bands, but generally the thicker the band, the stronger […]


Surprising Health Benefits of Cycling to Work

By Alex Bristol When offices reopen, and the world returns to normal, it’s true to say that now is as good a time as any to practice great, renewed habits. One of these habits includes caring for ourselves a little more kindly than we may have before. Of course, intensive new hobbies and perfecting each […]


How to Set Up Bike Rollers

How to Set Up Bike Rollers – A Brief Overview Many people dread the thought of indoor cycling, as it could only mean that weather conditions are unfavorable, or you are an athlete recovering from injury. However, indoor cycling is gaining momentum in today’s world, and many coaches recommend it as a form of bike […]

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