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How to choose a stationary recumbent bike? [Guest Post]

By Chris Herry Recumbent bikes are always welcome due to their flexibility in exercise options. Their lower and broader seats are a good change from those of a typical bike. The word ‘recumbent’ means to lie down or lean back, so this is naturally the position you take while using a recumbent bike. They are […]


Why Get Into Gravel Biking? And What Events Are Worth Racing? [Guest Post]

By Tyler Tafelsky Top Gravel Biking Races In the cycling world, gravel biking has gained popularity among all types of cyclists. Designed to allow wider tires, , and other off-road features, gravel bikes have picked up traction among cyclists looking to get off paved roads but enjoy going fast. Unquestionably fun and virtually limitless for […]


Workout Shorts for Guys with Skinny Legs [Guest Post]

By James Wilson Summer season is just around the corner, and everyone is feeling sweaty just by the thought of it. Most people love to stay cozy while working out, so they wear trousers and  to keep their legs warm. However, as the summer arrives, everyone tries to get away from the coziness and look […]


What to Eat When Cycling Long Distance- 7 Energy-Packed Choices! [Guest Post]

By Martine Stoker If you want to cycle long distances, you have to fuel up yourself with various digestive foods that contain many calories. Having food with enough energy is important before you hit the road with your road bike. Foods like sweet potato, fatty fish, and brown rice have dense calories that take longer […]


What Is the Best Spin Bike for Home Use?

There are different things to take into account when choosing a spin bike to use at home. But first, one thing must be set clear: the difference between a spin bike and a bike trainer. The main characteristic that makes them so different is their look and thus, the intention in using them. A bike […]


Do Bike Trainers Work with Any Bike?

Introduction- Do Bike Trainers Work With Any Bike? Even though we love hitting the road and testing our limits outdoors, we must keep ourselves inside on several occasions. Still, these limitations are not enough to keep us off our rides, and the solution to continue to train is just around the corner. Generally, bike trainers […]


Best Cadence Sensor for Turbo Trainers

Introduction- Best Cadence Sensor for Turbo Trainers Bicycle computer technology has advanced quite a bit in a short time. Bikers are always looking for ways to optimize performance, so it should come as no surprise that there are many gadgets that could help with this. A cadence sensor is a gadget that, as its name […]


Best Bike Trainer For Apartments

Introduction – Indoor Bike Trainers If you don’t think you can train on your bike at home because you live in an apartment, think again! For any number of reasons, it is not always possible to take your bike outside to exercise. Whether it’s due to bad weather or public health restrictions, we all should […]


Workout Clothes That You Can Wear To Work – Athleisure [Guest Post]

By James Wilson Our disorganized and casual lifestyle has made us robotic. In modern times, we run after success and try to earn a better living, but fitting in wellness and fitness is always a challenge. Waking up and going to work has become a lifestyle in itself and when we come home, we usually […]


5 Best Multisport Watches for Cyclists and Endurance Athletes [Guest Post]

By Tyler Tafelsky Unlike mounted bike computers that are limited to cycling, multisport watches enable athletes to track many of the same bike-specific metrics, like distance, speed, and GPS, but without restricting its use to riding bikes. Today’s multisport watches can be used for swimming, cycling, running, hiking, paddling, or simply tracking one’s fitness throughout […]

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