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What Are the Differences Between a Road Bike and a Triathlon Bike? [Guest Post]

By Tyler Tafelsky One of the most common questions asked among beginner triathletes is, “what are the differences between a road bike and a triathlon bike?  For those just entering the multisport world, such as triathlon, duathlon, or even quadrathlon – the bike leg makes up the largest segment of the race. In fact, the […]


How to Create a Resistance Band Workout for Cyclists [Guest Post]

By Barbara Fernandez Introduction to Resistance Band Workouts Resistance bands are an excellent way to build strength, flexibility, and balance. By adding resistance band workouts into your training, you’ll be able to cycle more efficiently and for longer distances. There are many different sorts of resistance bands, but generally the thicker the band, the stronger […]


XC Mountain Bike Climbing Techniques

Few things compare to taking your out for a ride through the wilderness, by the ocean or along a short- or long-distance trail. That feeling of being in nature is special. Additionally, some who do value that core essence of this sport also want to push themselves as close to their potential as possible, to […]


Is Mountain Biking Better Than Running? [Guest Post]

By Selena Sports enthusiasts have many options to lose weight and become stronger. With busy schedules and all kinds of rising and falling trends, people often ask me “Is mountain biking better than running? Do I have to do both? ” and running both have advantages and disadvantages and with both you can achieve your […]


Physical Benefits of Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Benefits There are a lot of benefits when it comes to most forms of exercising. Mountain biking is no exception – is great for your health. According to the British Medical Journal, those who choose to commute either partially or fully by biking on a daily basis can lower their risk of suffering […]