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How to Make your Bicycle Look Like a Motorcycle

Bicycles aren’t motorcycles, but if you love the simplicity and low cost of your bicycle yet prefer the power and sound of a motorcycle, you are not alone. Bicycle riders have been using different hacks to make their bicycles look like motorcycles for a long time. This is especially common among kids – but the […]


How to Fix a Broken Presta Valve

Introduction – How to Fix a Damaged Presta Valve If you own a bicycle, one of the things you must know is how to re-inflate the tires whenever they lose pressure. In that case, you will need to know how to work a tire valve. While many bicycles use Schrader valves, others use Presta valves. […]


Can You Scrap A Bicycle?

Introduction A bicycle is made of rubber, cables, and metals that can be easily fixed when broken or repurposed. However, there are situations where you need to say goodbye to your old bicycle instead of just fixing them. Instead of just storing old bikes in a landfill, you can try to sell your bikes for […]


Mountain Bike Tire Pressure Guide [Guest Post]

By Adam Wilson Many bikers are always trying to find ways to enhance the performance of their bikes. From electronic shifters to lighter wheels, bikers tend to try them all. One aspect of bike performance that is sometimes overlooked is your tire pressure. Mountain bike tire pressure is about filling up your tires with just […]


How Often Should A Bicycle be Serviced?

If you have not experienced any kind of malfunctioning in your bike as a cyclist, it is because you are not cycling enough! From a strange creaking sound to a snapped chain, we have all gone through red flags that told us our rides were shouting out for assistance. The cure? Servicing! Whether you do […]


Can You Turn A Fixie Into A Road Bike?

Introduction- Can You Turn A Fixie Into A Road Bike? Gears usually help to increase pedaling efficiency of a bike by maximizing the mechanical advantage of a biker based on the terrain. Most bikers prefer using bikes with a gearing system when they want to cover the greatest possible distance to avoid stress. However, a […]


Can You Change the Wheel Size On A Bike?

Introduction There are numerous reasons that you may decide to change your bike’s wheel. You may want to change the wheel size on your bike because of your weight, road or trail conditions, how much braking you do, and lots more. However, there are numerous bicycle wheel sizes out there, and you may be wondering […]


Can You Put Sealed Bearings in an Unsealed Hub?

What are sealed bike bearings? Seals commonly sold at bicycle stores are not typically built to be water-resistant. This kind of seal is instead simply modeled to prevent air from entering the bearing. Sealed bearings are then bearings safeguarded by seals, and these bearings are found in hubs and bottom brackets. Not only is a […]


Can You Put Pegs on a Road Bike? All About Bike Pegs!

Pegs on a Bike If you’re thinking of adapting pegs to your mountain bike, make sure you understand what you’re committing to. Consider what pegs are for, and why they’re not typically found on most bikes. As a mountain bike frame already has a fair weight, any extra pieces may be unnecessary additions. The main […]


Can You Paint Bike Tires?

Can You Paint Bike Tires- Introduction Painting bike tires is possible – although it isn’t advisable – as the chemicals in some paints can damage your bike tires. There’s also no guarantee that the paint will not peel off, as even a single bump caused by a pothole can ruin your work. If you don’t […]

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