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How to Choose a Road Bike Chain

How to Choose a Road Bike Chain- Introduction Guest contribution by Redwan Bicycle chains are one of the core elements of your ride. As you become a more experienced cyclist, you might want to get a better chain to enhance your riding experience and performance. But how should you choose a suitable bike chain for […]


How To Charge An E-Bike Battery Without a Charger

Introduction- How To Charge An E-Bike Battery Without a Charger Guest Contribution by Joe Marino Electric bikes are fast becoming a great option to get around town. They are usually fast, perfect for short commutes, and easy to ride. One of the biggest challenges that most bike owners face is how to charge their e-bike. […]


How To Choose A Torch Light for Your Home

Introduction- How To Choose A Torch Light for Your Home Guest Contribution by Victor Nicholson Torch lights have become one of the most valuable tools to have at home. It is true that nowadays, most places receive a stable electricity supply. Having a torchlight may not sound as necessary as it used to. However, they […]


How to Select a Flashlight for Camping

Introduction – How to Select a Flashlight for Camping Guest Contribution by Victor Nicholson A flashlight is arguably the most well-used of all camping tools. Even if you have a to use for your camping, you could still use a good flashlight, as you never know when your light bulbs would fuse or when you […]


How To Balance A Motorcycle Tire At Home – A Step-By-Step Guide

Guest Contribution By John, Motorcycle wheels should always be balanced to ensure the rider’s safety. An unbalanced set of tires affects your motorcycle’s performance and can eventually lead to major accidents when ignored. Balancing the tires is not a difficult process but may require a substantial length of time.  If you do not wish […]


Adding Links to a Shimano Bike Chain

Can I add links to a Shimano bike chain? A bike chain is a component that requires the most maintenance on a bicycle. Chains can wear out, bend, break, stretch, and do a million other things – including being the wrong length. Sometimes the only thing that breaks is a small part of the larger […]


12 Tips to Make Your Road Bike Go Faster [Guest Post]

By Azhar Rahim When you begin cycling, you probably don’t think about purchasing the most expensive road bike. Instead, you first master the art of riding a standard bicycle before upgrading to something speedier. Then one day, you take it out for a spin and are amazed at how much faster it feels than your […]


How to Make Your Own Bike Chain Lube

Introduction – How to Make Your Own Bike Chain Lube To all bike fans: Are you tired of trying different bike chain lubes and not finding the correct one for your bike requirements? Or maybe you feel you are paying for an over-priced lube and want to save some money while keeping your ride healthy? […]


Chain Tensioners and Single Speed Vertical Dropouts

Chain Tensioners and Single Speed Dropouts When using a single-speed bike, there is no derailleur to keep your chain from becoming loose. This generates that bouncing effect while we ride, which can cause your chain to jump off and force you to stop to fix it. Fortunately, there are some solutions to this, such as […]


How to Convert a Coaster Bike to Freewheel

As experienced riders, most of us have probably ridden a coaster bike at some point in time. These bikes are ideal for kids because they are simple and easy to ride. Moreover, their braking mechanism – one of their most distinctive features – is not complex to understand and does not require a lot of […]

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