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Bicycle Helmet Aerodynamics and Cooling

Bicycle Helmets Aerodynamics and Cooling

Why should I bother about bicycle helmet aerodynamics and cooling?

People in the past used to wear those mushroom-shaped helmets that were extremely hot to wear. They’re also a bit to the heavy side, so there’s little aerodynamics left in the helmet’s design. As a result, you can get your hair soaked in sweat after riding your bike for a few miles.

Other than the sweat issue, there’s also a higher demand these days for helmets that have better head protection to withstand any impact from a riding accident. It would also be nice to have a lot of features and modern designs to choose from. In this article, you will learn some of the many factors that you should consider when purchasing a bike helmet. Further, we will discuss bicycle helmet aerodynamics and cooling, and why these are important in choosing the right bike helmet. Let’s start.

The Importance of Bicycle Aerodynamics

A bicycle’s aerodynamics is essential in improving or sustaining the level of speed that a rider can drive with the bicycle. If the helmet is not calibrated to give the right amount of drag and aerodynamics, it may be hard for you to achieve your target speed limit.

Bicycle Helmets Aerodynamics and Cooling

Aerodynamics affects your cycling speed

Bicycle helmet aerodynamics & cooling also prove necessary for a biker to get the right comfort they need when riding the bike, especially when they’re racing. In fact, some of the most critical factors that should be considered when picking the right bike helmet would be how the aerodynamics of the helmet is designed, and the level of cooling it provides. But how do you pick the right one? Let’s find out below.

When you’re checking for bicycle helmet aerodynamics and cooling, consider getting the helmet with aero road designs. Aero road helmets used to be for pro bikers, but now they’re mass produced to give people like you the chance to cheat air and increase your bike speed.

Another good tip to ensure that you get the right bicycle helmet aerodynamics & cooling for your helmet is go for a fully-vented standard helmet. You don’t need expensive helmets to do this. The standard helmet that you could buy in your trusted bike store could already help you in this regard.

The Best Bike Helmet Aerodynamics and Cooling Systems

If you’re looking for the most professional type of bike helmet that guarantees the right amount of comfort and aerodynamics system, you may want to buy the Giro Air Attack or the Specialized Evade bike helmets. The designs in each helmet will offer you a value for money that you can’t seem to get elsewhere. With its features that you can find in the best full-time trial helmet today combine with the ones you find in a standard helmet with vented road design, you won’t go wrong with this type.

Tips for Buying The Helmet

It may also be helpful for you the next time you buy a helmet to pick the ones with the right cooling features that suit you specifically. Not all helmets are made with your specific head’s shape and size. Find a good helmet store that may be able to offer you the most customized and varied helmet options. You should also factor in your shape and riding position when choosing the right helmet. The helmets you buy today may have different design structures and approaches, and certain designs may not be a good fit for you. There are helmet designs that are intentionally made rotund, and there are also others made with a certain elongation. Choose the one that suits your head best and that fits snugly in your head.

Another good tip to reduce your aerodynamic drag in your helmet is to go for a long-tailed aero helmet. This type of aerodynamic helmet is certainly going to give you a faster bike speed compared to the stubby type of bike helmets. It’s also good to know that the tail of this helmet type can sit neatly on your back, giving you a comfortable fit that won’t hassle you when you’re riding your bike.

Having said that, in choosing the best helmet specific to your unique head shape, you may also want to consider short-tailed helmets. You shouldn’t write them off completely. The short-tailed helmets may not be able to give you the fastest speed that you want, but they are more forgiving in that they can enable you to perform better in certain wind angles or positions. There are certain angles in biking that would prove problematic in long-tailed helmets but would especially be advantageous with short-tailed helmets.


Before buying a helmet, you should also be aware of the fact that measuring and managing the issue of aerodynamics in bicycles may be more complicated than you think. In this article, you learned some of the factors to be considered before picking the right bike helmet with just the appropriate amount of aerodynamics and cooling system. It is important that you get the right helmet by considering the factors mentioned earlier!