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Buying a Road Bike- It Should Feel Good [Guest Post]

Road Bike Click Bike

By Vaishali

There will never be a better time to purchase a new road bike. In case you are thinking of purchasing a new bike or you have just started exploring road bikes, we have some valuable tips here to make your purchasing decision easier.

Road Bike Click Bike


Bike Material

With regards to road bikes, there are some basic components you can keep in mind during your purchase:

  1. Bike Outline/ Frame Material
  2. Bike Frame Work/ Geometry
  3. Bike Parts/ Components

Bike frame materials will generally include the options below:

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Titanium


Before purchasing a road bike, you have to decide on your budget. Your budget may influence the type of bike frame material you would get.

The most prominent bike frame is aluminum as it is lightweight and hardened. Aluminum casings will flex less under their heap, which thus converts a greater amount of the bike’s strength into forward movement. Aluminum bicycles have a quick, coordinated feel, in spite of the fact that the firmness of the aluminum can make it a somewhat bumpy ride on rough streets.

Steel material has been used by bicycle manufacturers for a very long time. Steel frames will give you an effortless and stable riding experience. Despite its hardness, it is more comfortable on uneven roads. Steel is a stiff material compared to aluminum or carbon fiber. It is also repairable with most damages. The downside is that steel bikes are heavier than aluminum and carbon fiber ones.

Carbon fiber bikes are more expensive than most other materials. This material is flexible compared to the others, but may not be as resistant.

Titanium is probably the most extraordinary material of all. A titanium edge can be as light as aluminum yet solid as steel, making it a magnificent material for bikes. Its resistance is also a tough match, and its cost is usually the highest.

Choosing the right size

Picking a correctly-sized bicycle is the basic requirement when purchasing your first street or road bike. Accept guidance from the bike store. Do not go for a bike that is excessively small or feature-packed just because it is sold at a discount. It is in your interest to benefit from a bicycle that is just right for your height!

Take a look at the size graph on the manufacturer’s site, and sling your leg over any bicycle you’re thinking about purchasing. In the event that you can get to try out the bike, ride it a short distance to see how it feels. As a rule of thumb, once you are seated on the bike, your feet should be able to reach the pedals while fully stretched, and your arms should be able to reach the handlebars.


If the bike fits

There are a few pieces of the bike that you can change to customize your riding experience. A genuine bike shop will advise you for free. The height and forward-backward position of the seat can be adjusted. Handlebars can be raised or brought down with spacers on the steerer tube. Stems arrive in a scope of lengths with 10mm augmentations to enable you to get the correct reach.


The wheels make the bike

The next vital region of your new bike is the wheels. Wheels intensely impact how the bicycle rides, feels and reacts. Lighter and quicker tires feel more responsive.



Bike segment producers gather their parts into gearsets — systems of brake and gear parts coordinated for quality and ability, and intended to work well together. Bike producers purchase gearsets to incorporate with their bikes. There are three noteworthy brands that you’re probably going to come across: Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. For most entry level bikes, Shimano is the most common gearset.

As you can see, the world of road bikes offers a myriad of possibilities. For exploring more, you can read up on tips at Good luck and enjoy your new ride!


Photo by Philipp M from Pexels.


Author Bio

Vaishali is the content manager of Click Bike (, a simple online store offering bicycles, bike parts and accessories.