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Can I Use Tektro Mineral Oil in Shimano Brakes?

Can I Use Tektro Mineral Oil in Shimano Brakes?

Introduction- Tektro Mineral Oil in Shimano Brakes

Due to the increasing need for bikes, the production of bicycles has been increasing to meet the demand.

Examples of activities people use their bikes for include sports, relaxation, exercise, and training. Each manufacturer creates a unique type of bikes, so their bikes can be distinct from those of other companies.

The great thing about bike makers is that most of them have a particular name for each type of bike they produce and thus create a lot of diversity. The variety gives the majority of bikers a wide range of bikes and parts to suit their taste.

In the pursuit of relevance, many industries make bike parts with different models, and they name the bike with a particular name. Among the parts that differ is the brake of the bicycle, which is vital for controlling movement.

The most popular types of bicycle brakes are the rim brakes, disc brakes, and drum brakes. However, the famous names for these brakes types are Shimano, Tektro, and Magura. These brakes are lubricated using oils, which could be either mineral oil or DOT fluid.

What Is Tektro Mineral Oil?

Tektro oil is a hydrophobic mineral oil that does not absorb water, contributing to its long durability. It is hydraulic oil and is compatible with a wide range of bike models.

Tektro oil is used on various bicycle parts, and it is mostly used for the brake because it helps to enhance the brakes’ performance. Tektro oils come with your Tektro bikes when you buy them, and they can also be changed when there is a need for that.

Why Do You Need Tektro Mineral Oil?

Can I Use Tektro Mineral Oil in Shimano Brakes?

When your brake feels squishy during a ride, you will need Tektro oil to bring the brake back to normal. You could also use this oil when bleeding your bike to remove air bubbles.

You would also need the oil after a long journey, or whenever your brake is hard or spongy and does not work well.

Moreover, if you break your brake cable due to the hoses’ working action, then it is time to change the oil.

Can I Use Tektro Mineral Oil in a Shimano Brake?

Hydraulic brakes such as Tektro and Shimano brakes work well with mineral oil, especially Tektro oil. Tektro oil works with all varieties of Shimano brakes since it is mineral oil.

However, it would be best if you were careful not to use DOT fluid for Shimano brakes. If you use DOT fluid for Shimano brakes, your brake sealing might break, especially if it is made of rubber.

If you are still unsure about using Tektro mineral oil for your Shimano brake, make sure to consult your bike or brake manufacturer.