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Can You Scrap A Bicycle?

Can You Scrap A Bicycle?


A bicycle is made of rubber, cables, and metals that can be easily fixed when broken or repurposed. However, there are situations where you need to say goodbye to your old bicycle instead of just fixing them. Instead of just storing old bikes in a landfill, you can try to sell your bikes for scrap metal.

This helps to give the material a new purpose and also from taking up limited space. In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about selling your bike for scrap.

Can Old or Broken Bicycles Be Recycled?

You can recycle old or broken bicycles. However, you need to consider the state of the bike before you take it to the recycling facility. It is best if you can donate bikes that are still in working order or that could be easily fixed up instead of recycling them. You can opt to sell a bike for scrap if the bike is at the end of its lifecycle.

Some companies recycle scrap metal bike frames, chains, and brake pads into a brand-new product. The old bike part can then be reused and even used to build a new bicycle.

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Can You Scrap Bicycles?

Bicycle frames comprise several metals and materials like titanium, aluminum, and carbon fiber that can be sold at scrap yards. You can scrap bicycles for cash as the bikes will be broken down, and the materials will be separated by type to be sold or further processed.

You should also know that a whole bicycle’s scrap value may not be worth the hassle sometimes, because scrapyards don’t always pay very much for them.

Here is a video showing how you can scrap bicycles (courtesy: Moose Scrapper):

Can You Sell Old Bikes For Scrap Metal?

You can sell your old bikes for scrap metal at any scrapyard. Furthermore, the old bike does not even have to be functional before you sell it as scrap. Lots of old bikes that you may find at scrapyards are usually made of Chromalloy steel. Chromalloy steel is used for making frames of smaller bikes as it is stronger than regular steel.

Scrapyards will also accept larger mountain bikes. The scrap metal bike frames of most larger mountain bikes that you will find at scrapyards are made of aluminum alloy. Many manufacturers use aluminum as it makes the bike lighter in weight.

You can also break down the bike before you bring them to a scrap metal recycling yard. The rims of bikes are usually made of aluminum, while the spokes are made of stainless steel.

Why Should I Scrap Rather Than Sell?

It can be hard to find someone that will pay for a decaying bicycle even when they know that the metal is still in perfect condition. However, by scrapping the metals, you save yourself from having to find a potential buyer, and you get to sell your old bike at a reasonable price.

Bicycle Scrap Value And Prices

The scrapyard is going to decide the amount they will pay you for the type of metal that you bring. However, the table below will help you to get an insight into the metals that will give you the best return.

Note: the prices of each metal type can change daily and can be different based on several factors like market trends, location, the shape of the metal component, and so on. You can search online for the real-time bicycle scrap value whenever you want to scrap your old bicycle.

Metal Type Price
Steel $0.50 to $1.30
Aluminum $0.65 to $1.07
Copper $2.13 to $2.43
Stainless Steel $0.32 to $1.64
Brass $1.59 to $1.76
Lead $0.41 to $0.73


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