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Can You Use a Presta Valve Tube on a Schrader Rim?

Can You Use a Presta Valve Tube on a Schrader Rim?

Your bike has many parts that work together to make your journey successful. Some bike parts are large, while some components are small. All these components play a role in making your ride safe and enjoyable. The bicycle tube is a small component that is found on your bicycle rim, and the tube is inside the tire.

There are two basic types of bike tubes, the Schrader tube and the Presta tube. Both tubes have a valve, through which you pump in the air into the tire. The Schrader valve is more common than Presta valve, and it is similar to a car valve. It is used in most inexpensive bikes. Presta valve is used in most expensive bikes, and it is made for bikes only.

The bike rim is made of metals, such as aluminum and carbon, and it gives a circular shape to the wheel. You install the inner tube and tire on the rim.

Difference Between the Schrader Valve Tube and the Presta Valve Tube

The Schrader tube has a larger diameter than the Presta tube. Its circumference is the same throughout. Besides, you need to put the tube in rubber before you can use it on the wheel.

The Schrader tubes make use of a check valve to regulate the flow of air within the tube. However, the check valve only permits airflow in one direction. If you want to pump air into the Schrader tube, you need to insert pressure on the inner pin before air can enter the tube.

On the other hand, a Presta tube is smaller than a Schrader valve, and it is designed with metal only. Presta valve tube does not have a check valve. It uses pressure in the tube or tire to seal the system.

Both Schrader and Presta tubes have a valve located on the bike tire. Aside from that, Schrader fittings can also be found on suspensions, forks, and rear shocks.

Physical Benefits of Mountain Biking

Reasons Why People Prefer Presta Valve

Many bikers prefer Presta valves because of the following reasons:

  • They are lightweight.
  • They seal tightly using air pressure.
  • They don’t require the mechanical application of pressure with the check valve.
  • They need a smaller rim hole, which maintains rim strength.

Can You Use a Presta Tube on a Schrader Rim?

You can use a Presta tube on a Schrader rim, but it is advisable to do so only if you have no other option.

Suppose you want to use a Presta tube with the Schrader rim. You should secure the tube to the rim using a valve nut. Make sure that your bicycle tires have a low pressure before you insert the tube.

You can reduce the pressure by using a valve adapter to decrease the valve hole size. Before the insertion, ensure that tires are of the optimal pressure.

Potential Problems With Using A Presta Tube on A Schrader Rim

Since Schrader rims are wider than Presta rims, the Presta tube will not fit in tightly into Schrader rim. Before using Presta tube, consider the blowout that may occur at high pressure due to the movement of the tube through the wide space of the Schrader rim. Because of the rotation of the tube within the rim, the rim can tear the tube at the valve end.


Using a Presta tube on your Schrader rim should only be in cases of emergency. Where possible, try to ensure that the bike components you use are compatible with one another.


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