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CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet Review

CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

Coined as one of the best cycling helmets in 2018, CCTRO is bringing you a durable and high-quality cycling helmet for adults that is stirring up a lot of hype.

Whether you are just out and about, casually strolling around the neighborhood on your bike, or even going on a mountain ride with your fellow cycling pals, you want a heavy duty helmet that will ensure your safety and protection. Well, this stylish helmet from CCTRO is set out to do exactly that and more.

Constructed with EPS foam and sturdy plastic, the helmet features an adjustable strap that makes for a more customized fit. It is lightweight and prevents sweating, making it an ideal helmet for all. It is designed for both men and women, and the helmet comes with endless color options to choose from!

CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet – Product Specifications:

• 18 vents
• Constructed of sturdy material and EPS Foam
• 10 colors to choose from
• Weighs 225 grams
• Head size: 21.67 inches to 23.64 inches (55 cm to 60 cm)

Included in the package are a snap-in detachable visor, and the CCTRO adult bicycling helmet itself.

Features of the CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet:

The CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike helmet has many features to boast about. Here are some of the more significant ones:
• Has a customizable and adjustable fit
• Resistant to impact
• Well ventilated
• Detachable Visor
• Extremely Lightweight
• Unisex helmet with various colors to choose from

Now, let’s have a more detailed look at each of the features. These are what really makes the helmet such a loved one.

1. Adjustable and customized fit via adjustable straps and an easy dial system:
The CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike helmet features a knob, an easy to use dial system, at the back to help with adjustments. Despite it being a standardly sized helmet, the helmet has the ability to fit around various heads making it a pretty versatile helmet. Apart from the dial system, the straps are also made so that easy adjustments can be made possible. Despite it being specifically targeted as a helmet for adult bike riders, the adjustment system allows for an effortless and perfect fit for younger cyclists as well.

2. Resistance to shock upon impact due to inner foam lining:
The Adult Cycling Bike helmet by CCTRO is constructed out of a durable and tough polycarbonate (PC) material to keep the helmet sturdy. But what makes the helmet such a good choice for adult riders and to prevent accidents, is the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam embedded in the CCTRO, and is there to help absorb shock upon any impact, protecting the head effectively.

3. Well Ventilated due to 18 vents and a specialized aerodynamic system:
The CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet proudly features the aerodynamic ventilation system. As mentioned above, the CCTRO helmet proudly features 18 vents which enable amazing circulation of air. This ultimately means, you can go on long rides without having sweat dripping down your face due to the helmet having such a tight and airless grip around your head. Having cool air flow through the 18 large vents which are set up in a honeycomb pattern, allows for an enjoyable ride, keeping your head cool and even help increase your riding speed.

4. Snap-in detachable visor:
You will find that the visor, made of a sturdy material and proving to be of very high quality, makes for a great addition to the overall usage of the helmet. While it may take a couple of tries at first, it clips of fairly easy and once you get a better hang of it, you will appreciate it a little more.

5. Extremely lightweight but does not compromise with the helmet’s durability:
Many customers have voiced their apprehension when it comes to the weight of the helmet and how it affects the quality and durability of the helmet. Well, you will be happy to know that the helmet’s weight does not compromise with its build quality and lifespan. So, you will not have to choose one for another with the CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike helmet. This is quite suitable for longer rides as the helmet feels so comfortable to wear due to its lightweight. You will barely feel it on your head!

6. Can be used by both men and women, comes with many color combinations to choose from:
The color options that are available:
• Black
• Blue
• Orange
• Red
• White
• Black and Blue
• Black and Pink
• Black and Red
• Black and White
• Black and Green
• Black and Yellow
• Blue with Black
• Blue and White
• Green and White
• Pink and White
• Red with Black
• Red with White

Other than that, the CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet is also coined as an eco-friendly helmet.

Pros and Cons of the CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet:

Why should you buy it?
• Extra padding on the adjusting straps, making it comfortable to wear and protects the chin and cheek area.
• Easy dial system for adjusting – a knob at the back of the helmet to easily locate
• Resistant to impact – EPS foam used
• Well ventilated – has 18 honeycomb vents with aerodynamic specialization
• Detachable Visor – easy to snap in and out whenever you wish to make use of it
• Extremely Lightweight – you won’t even feel it during riding, extremely comfortable
• Breathable and comfortable inner pad used for lining
• High build quality and durability – Tough Polycarbonate materials used

Why you might want to look for other options?
• Can be tricky to change the adjustments initially
• The visor seems to not snap in properly and break

The Final Verdict: A Highly Recommended Helmet

Overall, the CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet is a great one to have. Its durability and superb build quality ensures a safe and protected ride each and every time. The helmet is very lightweight with breathable inner padding which ensures comfort.

While many have complained of receiving a faulty detachable visor, the people at CCTRO were extremely cooperative and sent them a replacement. Having said that, not all customers were left unsatisfied. Many were extremely happy with the quality and function of the visor.

Have a customized helmet in terms of both sizing and style with CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet!

Vigho - March 20, 2018

Thanks for the insight in this post. This looks like quite an affordable helmet.

    Ryan, Gear For Venture - April 5, 2018

    Hi Vigho, yes, we think it’s a good helmet for the casual cyclist. Thanks for your comments!

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