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How to Fix a Cracked Bike Tire

How to Fix Cracked Bike Tire

Have you ever noticed that your bike tires have little cracks along the side? If you have, you need, or will eventually need, to do something about it. Ride through this article to see what a cracked tire means, what to do about it, and even ways to prevent them from cracking.

Why Do Tires Crack?

Most of the time, you can’t blame yourself for having a cracked tire. These rubber accessories are exposed to different and even extreme conditions. Excessive heat, direct sunlight and dry air, or sudden changes in weather may cause tiny cracks to form.

But it’s not all about the weather when it comes to this phenomenon. Let’s not forget that tires are in constant contact with the roads we choose to ride on and, even though those cracks tend to appear at the sides, the pressure of us bikers and the soil affects tire elasticity, contributing to cracks. In addition to this, cleaning chemicals also damage the material.

Last but not least, age is also a key factor. An old tire, even in disuse, can show signs of cracking. Time is a big factor in tire degradation, no matter how careful you may be when riding.

Dangers of Cracked Tires

One of the most dangerous consequences of tire cracking is a blowout. However, even if you do not experience a blowout, cracked tires will affect the control you have on your bike. Your tire may start to get slightly deformed from cracking.

Regardless, there’s no need to panic, as a cracked tire is only the first symptom. As long as you take proper measures in time, you’ll be out of danger.

How to Prevent Tires from Cracking

So, what now? Does this mean you can’t ride on rough soil, or on a rainy day? Of course, it doesn’t! Even though we said extreme weather or soil conditions might be the cause for a cracked tire, this does not mean it will always happen.

We obviously can’t stop a tire from aging, but we can help it age better. Keeping our bikes away from direct sun exposure when we are not riding them, or even indoors if possible, is an excellent way of doing so.

Make sure you use tire-safe products when cleaning them. Finally, the periodic use of your bike is also a great way of preventing tire cracking.

How to Fix Cracked Bike Tire

You can fix a cracked tire with an elastic cement. It is very important to first clean the surface where the fissure is. Make sure it is dirt-free and dry, and then apply the elastic cement.

Use your fingers to spread the cement completely into the crevice and around it, too. After letting it dry, you can hop on your bike again. Remember to check the repair once in a while, just to make sure it’s working.

There are other homemade ways of getting out of this issue. For instance, Park Tool’s TB-2 Emergency Tire Boot is a good solution when you are on-the-go.

Check this video on different DIY ways to fix cracked tire sidewalls (credit to Seth’s Bike Hacks):

Bottom Line

We hope you’ve benefited from today’s article on fixing your cracked bike tire. Make sure to maintain your tires well, and change them when they eventually become too worn out to use!