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How to Install Bar End Shifters

How to Install Bar End Shifters

Perhaps you plan on taking up biking as a serious hobby. You might even be planning to compete in an upcoming triathlon. Either way, bar-end shifters can help you transition into a more active lifestyle due to their enhanced ergonomic benefits.

However, adding bar-end shifters to traditional handlebars can be a bit tricky. Here’s how you can get started!

What are bar end shifters?

Bar-end shifters are essentially extensions that can be added to compatible handlebars for better accessibility. This factor is probably why they happen to be very popular among dedicated athletes such as triathlon competitors.

The traditional models have bars that extend upward from the handlebar; yet, there are even drop-style bars for improved aerodynamics. These bars also offer a variety of shifting modes.

How to Install Bar-End Shifters

If you desire to trade up your old handlebars for bar-end shifters, you must aim to internally mount the bar end shifters to the handlebar of your bike.

Here’s a useful video on the entire process (Credit to Joey Mesa):

The shifter’s bolt is generally a conical end that pushes into a set of wedges that then expand and tighten with the handlebar. Shifter sets will have right and left shifter controllers and the installation process is the same for both.

Push the conical end of the bar end shifter into the hollow end of the handlebar, making sure to angle it so that the small hole on the shifter’s body, called the cabling housing stop, is at the bottom. Use a wrench to stick into the hole in the center of the bar end shifter, then turn the tool clockwise to fasten the shifter.

Next, run the lever boss through the hole in the bar end shifter and place it so that the narrow end of the lever boss is oriented inward in the direction of the bike. Place the positioning washer of the bar end shifter over the narrow end of the lever boss while verifying that the projection side of the positioning washer remains downward.

Afterward, install the lever grip on the lever boss’ narrow end to ensure that the lever grip will point downward once in position. Place the screw through the hole in the lever grip, using your hands to tighten as much as possible before utilizing a screwdriver to sever the lever grip to the body of the bar end shifter.

Lastly, you’ll only need to re-install the cable housing and then you should be back on the road in no time!


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