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How to Paint a Bike Seat

How to Paint a Bike Seat

Why Should You Consider Painting Your Bike Seat?

Although they do not have any influence on our performance, we as bikers like to keep our bikes neat. It is a fact, too, that we love them to have an impact on those who share this hobby with us, or who see us pass by on them.

Having said this, our seats are not a minor aesthetic aspect. Besides, if your saddle has started to wear out, buying a new one can be either too expensive or not a result as comfortable as the one you are used to.

Recommended Paints to Use for Different Materials

If, when you first read the title of this article, the first thing that came to your mind was that there is no specific paint type for bike saddles, you were correct. But don’t get disappointed by this! There are some paints that you can use, and that won’t rub off to your pants when you ride your bike.

The best option to do so is vinyl spray paint. It is the same that is used for car interiors. It is of high importance that you make sure it is vinyl paint and not the regular one since it will rub off from the saddle and stain your trousers for sure! Though limited, they come in a variety of colors that’s wide enough for you to choose from.


How to Paint a Bike Seat

Setting Up Your Work Station

Once you have your vinyl spray paint, you must, of course, remove your saddle entirely in order not to accidentally spray paint on any other undesired part of your bike. Before applying paint, rub your seat with the softest sandpaper type (P600 is a good option), just for the material to absorb the paint correctly.

Fasten your saddle to a secure surface, and spray! To let it dry, you can hang it so that the paint doesn’t come out as it dries up. You can even use duct tape if you want to combine two different colors.

Alternatives to Painting a Bike Seat

If you find this process too difficult or risky to follow, or you can’t find the artist in you to do it yourself, there are other alternatives. The first one is purchasing a new seat, which may come across as too expensive.

Instead of changing your bike saddle altogether or painting it, there are saddle covers you can purchase, which will make your seat look brand new. They come in different colors, patterns, and models. Some are even waterproof.



In conclusion, the decision to paint your bike seat or purchase a new cover or even saddle is entirely up to you. More importantly, make sure to stay well-protected during your mountain biking sessions!