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How to Remove Look Keo Pedals

How to Remove Look Keo Pedals

Are you planning to change bike pedals, or even pack your bike for a long trip? Are you unsure about how to remove your Look Keo pedals? Don’t worry; there is a way out of this bumpy road. Hold tight, breathe, and enjoy the ride – removing the pedals may not be as difficult as you thought after all!

How to Remove Look Keo Bike Pedals – 8mm Hex or Pedal Wrench

There are two ways to remove bike pedals. Older Look bike pedal models may be removed using a pedal wrench, similar to other bike pedals in the market.

However, many of the newer models, such as the Look Keo series may only be removed by using an 8mm Hex.

Regardless of which type of bike pedals you have, the tools required are not expensive. All you need are a pedal wrench or 8mm Hex, grease for lubricating the threads, and a piece of rag cloth for wiping off dirt.

Bear in mind that most pedals come with the inscription “L” or “R” for you to know which side you are dealing with.

It is always essential to have a general overview of what you have in front of you before putting your hands at work. Once you have started, it may be challenging to go back if you have made a mistake, and dealing with this will probably be more expensive than getting it fixed at your local bike store.

Safety First

Mount your bike in a repair stand so that it does not move around. Shift your chain to the largest chainring, so that the sharp teeth are covered. Thus, you reduce the probability of getting cut while working.

Check for any other potential risks, and try to reduce them as much as you can. Remember, you are working with grease, too. Stay as clean as possible, or wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty – it is not necessary to suit up when fixing your bike!

Removing Pedals with a Pedal Wrench

Place your pedal wrench in position. The right pedal is removed counter-clockwise, so move your pedal forward while pulling the wrench back. For the left pedal, it is removed clockwise, opposite from the right.

This video by Park Tool shows you the process:

Removing Pedals with an 8mm Hex

Adjust the hex wrench in a 90-degree angle with the crank to maximize leverage. Some bikers prefer using an Allen key with a long handle, precisely because of the leverage it offers. You can also help yourself by grabbing the opposite side of the crank.

Similar to using pedal wrenches, the left side pedal is removed clockwise, whereas the right side is removed counter-clockwise. Once it is loose enough, you can finish unscrewing it with your bare fingers.

Repeat the same steps for the right pedal. Remember that you will have to change the direction of your leverage for this one.

This video by BikeExchange shows you how to do this:

Adjusting Look Keo Pedals

Over time, your pedals may become slightly loose due to impact or knocks. In order to tighten and adjust Look Keo pedals, you will have to use leverage opposite to what was described before. Left pedals adjust counter-clockwise, whereas the right pedals adjust clockwise.

How to Install New Pedals

Remember to identify which pedal you’re dealing with so as not to find yourself in the necessity of re-doing your work.

If no letters are found in them, follow the pedal thread to see the difference. If the threads slope upward to the left, you’re dealing with the left one. If, on the other hand, they slope upward to the right, it’s the right pedal you’re about to install.

Before adjusting the threads into the pedal, use your fingers to generously apply grease all around them. In this way, it becomes easier to install the pedals and remove them in the future.