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How to Remove Surly Decals

How to Remove Surly Decals

You want a neat bike that suits your taste with perfect color and structure. There are options: you can buy different models, and you can also design a bike locally with the help of some experts in your area.

In either case, either you or the manufacturer can add decals to various parts of the bike, such as the front fork and the seat tube, to suit your taste. Decals serve as a way for you to personalize your bike.

However, some bikers want their bike to be free of the logo and advertising by the manufacturer, or change their mind about their old decals. Surly, in particular, sells decal kits for people to customize their bikes.

From time to time though, bikers may want to remove the decals and tidy up their Surly bike.

Don’t Coat the Decals

Ensure that you don’t apply a clear coat over the decals because this can scuff up your bike in the removal process and add to the project cost. Getting your bike scuffed up is a pain to fix, and this may cost you more money in the long run when you want to remove the coat.

Materials Used in Removing Decals

Decal removal should be easy with just a little effort, and the process should leave a befitting look to the bike. When you want to remove decals, avoid hot paint thinners and certain adhesive removers such as:


  • Acetone
  • Naphta
  • Oven cleaner
  • Paint strippers

Materials like acetone can get hot quickly and may bubble on you. Bubbling acetone is dangerous to your health. Also, try to avoid using Goo Gone because it may discolor the paint on your bike.

Mineral spirits and similar products are preferred in the process because they afford greater protection to your bike.

Tips on How to Remove Surly Decals

Effective removal of decals from your Surly bike depends on how much you know about the process and its requirements. The following is an introductory guide on how to remove Surly decals from your bike safely:

Here’s a helpful video explaining the process (credit to The Life):

If you are not confident of doing a thorough job, or still think that removing your decal is unsafe, a final option is to take your bike to an auto body shop for professional removal.