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Leadtry HM-1 Bicycle Helmet Review

Leadtry HM-1 Bicycle Helmet Review

Bike helmets are not just for kids learning how to pedal, they are also for adult thrill-seekers who want to stay safe. If you are into mountain bikes or road bikes, one of the best helmet brands to consider is the Leadtry HM-1 Bicycle Helmet.

This helmet will protect your head as you explore the great outdoors, making you feel safer and more at ease. It is made of durable polycarbonate and PVC. Meanwhile, the inner lining is made of EPS foam. These materials are guaranteed grade A to provide you with best possible protection and comfort. They are combined to withstand shocks and absorb impacts during a crash.

Furthermore, this helmet also has an amazing aerodynamic design, allowing airflow in the helmet through the 21 air vents. There are even cool pads for added safety. The helmet is available for people with a head circumference that measures 57 cm to 62 cm.

This helmet is complete with a dial system as well as side straps for easy adjustment to fit the size and shape of your head, whether you’re male or female. It is also available in a choice of 4 colors.

Features of the Leadtry HM-1 Bicycle Helmet

  • Bicycle helmet made of high-quality PVC and a strong polycarbonate material for better head protection
  • Includes durable EPS foam in the lining, great for reducing impact force during a crash
  • Ideal for mountain biking, road cycling and other outdoor activities
  • Includes easy-to-use release buckle and rear lock adjustment
  • Adjusts from 57 cm to 62 cm head circumference, ideal for adult men and women
  • Includes a chin strap for added protection
  • Aerodynamic design: Features 21 air vents that allow airflow and keep the rider’s head cool, dry and comfortable
  • Lightweight construction: 7.3 oz.
  • Available in 4 colors: blue, black, red and white


When it comes to outdoor activities such as road biking, safety should not be compromised, and the most important part of your body that needs to be well protected is your head. If you want optimal protection while pedaling on difficult and challenging terrain, whether on the road or in the mountains, consider buying the Leadtry HM-1 Bicycle Helmet.

Leadtry HM-1 Bicycle Helmet Review

The Leadtry HM-1 Bicycle Helmet is great for challenging terrain

This brand has been gaining popularity among cyclists because of its innovative construction and durability. It has obviously been designed with safety and protection in mind.

The outer shell of the helmet is a combination of PVC and a strong polycarbonate material while the lining is made of EPS foam. This will absorb shocks and minimize the impact on your head during a crash. Also, rest assured that it won’t break or crack even though the helmet only weighs about as much as 4 eggs according to the advertisement. To be precise, it weighs 7.3 oz, so you can easily bring it on any of your bike tours. It is also not burdensome to wear as it will feel really light on the head.

When it comes to head circumference, this helmet is made to suit those who have sizes between 57 cm to 62 cm. It is also adjustable using the easy-to-use dial system as well as the side straps so you can enjoy the perfect fit.

Aside from this, there’s a choice of 4 colors that both men and women will like. You can opt for red, black, blue or white. This way, you can ride your bike in style.

Another amazing feature worth mentioning is the aerodynamic design of the helmet. Not only will you look cool on the road, you’ll feel cool as well. There are a total of 21 air vents that allow air in and out of the helmet to keep your head dry even if you are biking under the heat of the sun.


While it has lots of great features, this product isn’t without some drawbacks. One of the complaints it has received is about its sizing. According to some buyers, the sizes run small, so it’s better to go for a larger helmet size. Aside from this, the manufacturer also needs to use a better strap as some buyers have complained that it broke too quickly.


Despite a few flaws, the Leadtry HM-1 Bicycle Helmet is still a better pick compared to most other brands today. Considering how lightweight, durable and affordable it is, you will surely be happy with your purchase. It is great for everyday use and other outdoor sports aside from biking.