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Smith Optics Forefront All Mountain Bike Helmet Review

Smith Optics Forefront All Mountain Bike Helmet Review

From the way it looks to its features, a lot of things make the Smith Optics Forefront All Mountain Bike Helmet stand out from the competition.

It looks like a normal helmet, but is made with a better material than the regular polycarbonate used in most helmets. The manufacturer chose to use a Koroyd tube structure involving the process of extrusion. The helmet comprises of these copolymer tubes that can absorb 30% more shock and impact during a crash, which is something EPS foams cannot offer. Aside from this, the tubes are naturally hollow, allowing airflow and keeping your head cool and dry.

Because of these natural qualities, there is a less need for other materials. Thus, the helmet is lighter. In fact, it only weighs 285 g. It will securely fit on your head through the easy-to-use VaporFit retention system.

Furthermore, the product also boasts of an AirEvac system that releases hot air from the glasses for fog-free vision. Meanwhile, there is also a visor that serves to shield your eyes from the sun.

Features of the Smith Optics Forefront All Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Bicycle helmet that features a Koroyd structure that absorbs shocks and impacts better than polycarbonate material
  • Aerocore lining and includes 21 air vents that allow the flow of cool air
  • AirEvac system that moves hot air from the glasses or goggles
  • Ideal for mountain biking, road cycling and other outdoor activities
  • VaporFit retention system for keeping the helmet fit to your head
  • Removable visor for sun protection
  • Lightweight microstructure, weighing only 285 g.
  • Ready for Go Pro, motion lights and other types of attachments
  • Available in 12 different colors: fire, matte white, neon orange, matte black, white, matte acid ombre, matte black ombre, matte fire insomniac, matte mustard, matte neon orange, mate white, matte trail camo
  • Includes a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


It’s easy to leave the Smith Optics Forefront All Mountain Bike Helmet off your list if you’re just judging it on its aesthetic appearance. But if you give it a try, you will be convinced that this model is not your ordinary bike helmet.

This helmet deserves to be tagged as one of the best bike helmets available today because of its features and quality. Take a closer look at this amazing product as you read below.

Smith Optics Forefront All Mountain Bike Helmet Review

The Smith Optics Forefront is no ordinary helmet!

The manufacturer chose to depart from the conventional style of creating bike helmets to build a better one with better safety features. Instead of polycarbonate, they used copolymer tubes that were made through an extrusion process. The result is a honeycomb-like structure that they call Koroyd tubes. This absorbs more impact and can therefore protect your head better in the event of an accident.

Aside from this, the helmet also uses Aerocore lining with polystyrene for the interior. This, combined with the 21 air vents, naturally allows airflow in the helmet. There is no EPS foam, but you can feel the same comfort wearing this helmet.

Some people consider this the most comfortable type of helmet for extreme biking adventures. Furthermore, it also features an AirEvac system that removes hot air from goggles, which is also found in the brand’s line of snow helmet.

Since it uses fewer materials, this helmet is not heavy on the head. It is lightweight at 285 grams.

If you plan to record your whole journey, you can attach an action cam to the helmet’s mount and still feel comfortable. The helmet will stay well fitted to your head with the VaporFit retention system whether you cycle up or down the terrain. With so many colors to choose from, you can rest assured that you will be pedaling in style.


Unsurprisingly, this high-end bike helmet isn’t cheap. It is much more expensive than conventional helmets because of its cool features. So if you are just an occasional rider, this might not be a good investment.

Aside from this, there are also complaints about its ability to allow airflow. Some reviews say that it isn’t great at keeping you dry as you sweat.


There’s no doubt that the Smith Optics Forefront All Mountain Bike Helmet is a great brand, but its price is a little too high for most people. If you can afford it is a great choice, as it is made with better shock and impact resistance than other helmets.